8 Ways You Should Do When Your Hamster Won’t Eat

It seems your hamster won’t eat at these several days? Oh, what’s the matter? Please to calm down, below here there are several ways and reasons why your hamster won’t eat.  Below these are ways and reasons why your hamster won’t eat. These are the 8 ways you should do when your hamster won’t eat.

1. Learn why your hamster won’t eat

Sick is the most reasons why your hamster won’t eat. Please look at your hamster, are there any common symptoms of your lovely hamster? If you cannot find any common symptoms at your hamster, so just look at his habits.  You look at your hamster, he is pale, not happy, always hide in his house and he looks thin. These are the common symptoms of your hamster is sick. What should you do while your hamster sick and he won’t eat yet? You allow giving your hamster honey mix with some water. Place this honey water in his drink bottle. Your hamster’s appetite will be increasing continuously.

2. He gots diarrhea

Diarrhea is the most disease why your hamster won’t eat well. The behind reasons are might be the cage of your hamster is dirty, then his foods are spreading it everywhere. The foods that eaten by the hamsters are why your little fella gots diarrhea. How to check if your hamster got this? Check his tails, if his tails are wet. He might get diarrhea. What you should do are, clean his cage properly, you can see on how to clean your hamster cage easily these several tips it can help you, then, give him healthy food and give him a supplement such as a fluid-replacement powder and mix it with water. Your hamster will be better soon.

3. Respiratory problem

Check on your calendar, are you have done to clean his cage and his bedding? Clean all over his cage is important. Why? Because the health of your hamster depends on this. If his environment is dirty, there are lots of bacteria that can threaten your hamster. Your hamster will get a respiratory problem. The several common symptoms shown are usually the hamster looks tired, and sometimes when he is breathing there is a sound like “ngik”. Therefore if you already have done to clean his cage, but your little fella still likes this. You might change his bedding. Maybe your hamster is allergic with wood shavings. What you should do is renew it with the paper bedding.

4. Your hamster is not feeling well

You have done very well as the good owner, but now you seem worried because your hamster is not feeling well.  The temperature now is limit extreme, so that why your hamster is not feeling well and he won’t eat. You should do this, keep it the temperature of your hamster’s cage warm. You can try to stand in front of your hamster’s cage by carrying a hot water bottle. With this, your hamster will get the heat.

5. His cheeks full of foods

Hamster really has lots of habits that can make them very adorable. This is why the reasons you should choose hamster as your pet. Hoarding is one of the hamster behaviors that always you as the owner will see this. Hoarding is like safe lots of foods in the mouth of the hamster. His cheeks will look like a balloon, it is bloom. After the hamster throws in his foods on his cheeks. Usually, he will throw out and keep all the food safe in a safe place that he made before. He does this many times until he feels enough to hoarding the foods. The hamsters do this at night, both female and male hamsters. Maybe they do this to make sure that the food storage is fine while the weather is changing to be colder. So, to make your hamster eats again, you should check as always that the food is available every day. Make a schedule of the food list, maybe he needs another treat, now.

6. Plays with new toys

Give your lovely hamster a new toy is permissible, but it can be a bad effect if the new toys make your hamster won’t eat. So, what you should do are; first, give your hamster a little time, maybe he is very excited about his new toy. Second;  if your lovely hamster still won’t eat you can treat your hamster with your hands. Put some foods, in your hands and wait until your hamster goes to your hands. The last, you can treat them with chew toys, another information about chew toys you can read it on the several of chew toys for a hamster to Play outside the cage. Chewing toys besides it can be healthy for the hamster’s body, it will make the hamster’s teeth are not overgrowth.

7. It might be he is stressed

Next, your hamster won’t eat because your hamster is stressed. So, what are the cause of stressed hamster? There are many reasons he can stress; first, he can stress if in his cage there are no one toys in his cage, second, lots of loud noises; this noise can frighten your lovely hamster, then, your hamster is feeling unsafe from predatory such as dog and cat and the last reason is his cage is dirty. You should do this if your hamster is stress. You can clean his cage if his cage is dirty, then give them some new toys that he loves so much, place his cage in a safe place and there are no loud sounds.

8. Your hamster is old

The last ways you should do when your hamster won’t eat, your hamster now is old. So, what to do on the old hamster? Hamster life is getting old between one and a half year to three years at most. While your hamster is getting old, you will find the different habits and behavior of your hamster. A hamster that has already old, he does not do many activities, and his appetite will decrease continuously. The best treatment to make your old hamster still healthy is giving honey water. It will make your old hamster healthy and it will decrease his appetite. However, if your hamster still won’t eat, do not to worry. Your hamster is old now, just do what your hamster really need. Make your hamster comfort and have a good time with him, like to play outside the cage with some chew toys.

Hopefully, the above 8 ways you should do when your hamster won’t eat, it can be useful for you. Do not let your hamster is sick. While he is sick, he will lose his energy, so as the good owner you should do the first aid that your hamster really needs it. May your hamster always in good condition as always.