How to Naturally Treat Chicken’s Legs Bruises

Hello there, fellow poultry farmer! How’s business doing? We hope your business will always be profitable every day, more, and long lasting that you can feed 7 generations from this business. Recently, we have discussed about bruises on chicken’s leg. We know that this bruises regardless whether they are few or invading your chicken legs, still it has a very devastating impact in the long term. Probably, we never realize that our flock has suffered a great deal of pain because of complicated bruises, which is why today animallova would like to give you the best treatment which comes naturally, to treat the bruises properly. This natural treatment indeed will help your chicken to be treated properly as natural remedies have zero chemical agents that could harm your chickens eventually. So, please put your attention and read carefully as we will discuss How to Naturally Treat Chicken’s Leg Bruises.

Identifying Symptoms

The first thing that you need to do in order to cure it, that you must able to know which chicken that has been suffered with bruises on her legs as there are few symptoms that you could spot easily.

Routine Check

Before you go checking on your chicken specifically, you must know that this inspection should be done regularly for at least once a week. Why? Of course, in order to prevent degradation of chicken meat quality you must able to spare one day in one week to check them regularly.

Scanning the Chickens

You don’t need to check every chicken in your farm one by one as it would be completely waste of time. Yup, this is just like a simple anti virus who checks not specifically every file but only those who shown strange activities. Yup, in term of scanning the chicken you just need to find them who shown strange activities such as lameness and lost appetite.

Chicken is not like any other ‘lazy’ animals such as pigs, cows, etc who rarely wandering around, they only move when there’s not enough food around them; chicken can’t stay on the same spot for hours, especially back yard chickens. They usually try to wander around finding for food or just simply interacting with others. In the case of broiler farm, they indeed have limited space to move but they still love to wander a bit for example after eating they love to wander around towards another flock and interact with them. If by any chance you see one or few chickens whom isolated herself from the rest of the crowd could be a sign that she is suffering from lameness which cause by bruised legs. Yup, it is indeed hard to move for her especially if they have bruises on their legs.

From this lameness, we know moving is hard and to reach the feeding section for them. Imagine you want to go to the dinning room and you can’t move because your feet are sore as hell. Yet, because of that situation you lost your appetite. Hence, it would be troublesome if you are not eating for days, right? Same goes with chicken who got bruises on her legs then lost her appetite. Her meat quality would be terrible, even she can get a sudden death that will indeed be a bad news for your business.

The Treatment

Well fellow poultry farmers, there are indeed many natural treatments that can be used in order to heal bruises in your chicken legs. However, we would like to focus on one most efficient natural remedy for bruises of all, The Epsom Salt Water which has been proven by many poultry farmers all over the world. Don’t worry, this treatment is indeed easy and bruises will be gone, if repeated frequently, in no time.

The Ingredients

Of course, the first thing that we are going to tell you is the ingredients of the treatment. The ingredients would be:

  • A small pool of water
  • Warm water
  • 500 grams of Epsom salt water; depends on how many chickens that you will treat.

Well, that is indeed very easy ingredients, yes? You just need to prepare some small pool which could be just a bowl or washbasin. However, you might need a bigger one if your entire flock has been suffered with bruises all around their legs. Also, you can buy Epsom salt water at nearby general store. Easy treatment for such threat, right?

The Treatment

Remember, before the treatment process, you must able to identify which chicken that has been suffered with bruises, and if you think there is a flock that needs remedy, then you are going to need a big washbasin. Also, remember this treatment need to be done regularly until the bruises gone. Well, let’s get started

  1. Boil water until it reaches for at least 30 to 34 Celsius.
  2. Prepare the washbasin and pour the warm water into it
  3. Pour the salt on the washbasin and stir it well enough
  4. Prepare your chickens and put them on the washbasin for at least 5 to 10 minutes
  5. Repeat the process twice a day until the bruises all gone

Well, that is indeed an easy method to heal bruises, right? You just need to prepare some warm water, mix it with Epsom salt water, and let your chicken’s legs bath on it. The treatment indeed is easy enough. However, we want to remind you once again, that you should never underestimate bruises although the treatment is easy as cake; if you once underestimate it then you will find a great economical loss waiting ahead; if you still want to argue about it, still it is better to keep your chicken mean quality at topside and make sure your customers will always be satisfied. Remember, once you lose their respects and trusts, it would be hard for you to stay in the business and stay profitable. So, good luck!