Is it possible to do feeding Dogs by Giving Vegetables? What to Know?

Keeping dog as pet at home was one of the most incredible experience. There’s so many things about dog that make people love this particular animal, they were perfect obedience pet and let’s talk about dog’ loyalty to their owners – there’s no pet animal that could ever compared to this lovely creature. Furthermore, although dog is easy to managed, no matter how you get her (adopted dog or not), dog still need adjustment. They need to be comfortable around her new family.

Once this animal was comfortable with you, she would settle down with you until she becomes an older dog – in short, for the rest of her life. Furthermore, dog nursery is fairly easy (although the train is a little bit complex). Schedule routine bath (the schedule need to be more frequently if your dog have long fur), and give them proper healthy food for their main diet. What most fascinating about feeding dog is that you can cook your own recipe for your dog!

So, what is the main diet of dog? A lot of people thought that dogs are carnivorous animal, that’s mean meat is number one source of food needed by dogs. But, you know what, that is not true – and the truth is dogs are omnivorous animals. Therefore, there’s an idea that considered by dog’ owner to feed their dogs with vegetables (considering that vegetables hold beneficial substances need by living creatures). So, it is possible to do feeding dogs by giving vegetables? What to know?

Feeding Your Dog with Vegetables

Is it possible to do feeding dogs by giving vegetables? What to know? The answer of this question would surprise you – but, yes it is! You could offer vegetables for your adorable creature pet! Actually, there’s a lot of people think that dog didn’t need vegetation in their diet; but, my dear friends, I hope you would change your mind about this. You need to remember that vegetables was one of most the healthiest source of foods on this earth.

Not only people, animals need it too! Some experts explained: although is not necessary to give your dog with vegetables but this diet habit won’t hurt your dog either! For the example, potatoes are good to fulfill the need of dogs of carbohydrate. Not only potatoes, you could use grains and rice as the source of carbohydrate. So, yes, although become a side dish, vegetable hold essential role to support overall health of your dogs.

Varieties of vegetables could be add as occasional treats for your dog; many people – in fact, gave these vegetables to their pet dogs, included: broccoli, green beans, and carrots. Those three vegetables are contained with low calories, but still, overfeed dogs with vegetables could imbalance the dog’s digestion system. What you need to remember is the vegetables proportion must be ten percent from total diet of your dog a day.

Vegetables could be a good diet to solve overweight in dogs. You might hear so many experts suggest the owner of overweight dog to mixing their dogs’ diet with varieties of vegetables to kibble But, it is recommended to soften the vegetables before you offer it to your dog; use steam method to do it Why, because sudden diet change on dog might be too though for this animal. So, soft vegetables would smooth the transition of the diet menu.

Moreover, there are several vital reasons why – at least – you need to make vegetables as routine treats for your beloved pet from now on. The reasons would be explain here:

  • Vegetables hold a role to alkalize the body. Alkaline is important substance that support vital organs inside your dog, included: kidneys, pancreas, hormones, liver, heart, and gallbladder. But, remember, too much acid leads to inflammation which cause some chronic diseases.
  • The most basic knowledge that vegetables are the riches source of nutrients. Like you already known, people, vegetables contained with fiber, lipids, phytonutrients, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrate, and fats. But, it is a good idea to limit overfeed of grains and legumes because those two foods could lead to number of diseases.
  • The third reason is vegetables are rich of water. Yes, vegetables are excellent source of water which could prevent your dog from dehydration.