3 Most Common Fleas That Will Affects Your Dog

Fleas are one of the most annoying little pests that commonly infesting any hairy mammals like cats and dogs. Fleas might not be very dangerous, and mostly just like an annoyance pests, unlike the ticks that can cause Lyme disease or lice infestation, fleas might be just a mere annoyance for human and their pets.

It is very common for a dog to have fleas on their furs. Fleas thrive in the humid and hot environment, in a tropical country, and summertime in the temperate region. Although not as dangerous as other pests, fleas can also carry many dangerous diseases, and one of the most annoying things about fleas are they are can be very surprising in number, and resilience.

There are many kinds of fleas disease that can be transmitted dog to dog, or even dog to human. There are also many kinds of fleas that can be very dangerous for both dog and their owner. Do you know what kinds of common fleas for a dog? Now, we are going to give you a list of the most common fleas that will affects your dog. Sit back, and enjoy reading for the list of common fleas that can attack your dog so you will be well informed and be aware of a nuisance of fleas for your lovely pooch.

Common flea type and fleas disease that can be harmful to you and your dog

Flea is a parasitic animal that thrives on the fur or hair of mammals like human, dogs, or cats. Fleas alone can’t really harm their host, just a mere annoyance. However, the bacteria and virus fleas can carry is much more dangerous, and can be contagious to other creature around them. Fleas can carry several diseases such as mycoplasma haemofelis, tapeworms, murine typhus and many more.

If you see your dog constantly scratching their body, and you think that your dog might have fleas infesting on their body, you need to be careful. Here, we are going to give you a list of common fleas disease that can harm not only your dog but also everyone around them.

  1. Mycoplasma haemofelis

Mycoplasma haemofelis is a disease that is transmitted through fleas bite, mosquito and also tick bite. M haemofelis is also affecting cats as well as dogs. This disease infecting red blood cells inside your dogs or cats. There is a chance that this disease can also infecting human, during the contact with infected pets, and fleas are jumping to a human host.

This disease can lead to severe anemia, causing a loss of red blood cells level. The symptoms can also be followed by a loss in appetite, and resulting in weight loss. Infected dogs or cats need to be treated properly and carefully, as the prolonged infection of this disease can result in severe disease that can be resulted in death.

Veterinarians should give some antibiotics medicinal to treat the infected animals. Sometimes blood transfusion for a pet is also required to save your pets life. Just a mere bite of fleas can results in severe disease, so you need to be careful.

  1. Tapeworms

Tapeworms are one of the parasitic organism that thrives on the infected soil and then transmitted through fleas. If cats or dogs accidentally swallow the infected flea while self-grooming or licking their fur. Infected fleas will transmit their disease orally, some cats can get infected when eating infected mice too.

It is very rare for tapeworms to be transmitted to a human, however, children can also get infected by swallowing the infected flea accidentally.

Tapeworms can cause a slight appetite loss, weight loss, in some infected human children it can cause fever, and also a headache.

Treating tapeworms now is very easy, as there are now many drugs that can help prevent any severe damage from tapeworms. To treat infected human and pets, there is a praziquantel drug, a drug that is ingested orally for a human. For pets, they can inject the drug to clean up your pets from annoying tapeworms.

  1. Murine typhus

Typhus is a disease that transmitted through fleas, carried out by rodents, and pets that come in contact with. Typhus bacteria can be found in fleas and can also be transmitted via dogs urine and feces too. If a human comes in contact with infected fleas, and swallowed infected fleas, it will mostly end up in typhoid fever. Murine typhus is a very common disease in a developing country due to the lacking of a sanitary facility, low hygiene environment, lack of proper medicinal facility, and cramped living space.

Although it can be cured pretty easily, you will need to notice on this disease quickly before it turns out to be more severe. If treated properly, typhoid fever caused by contaminated dogs fleas can be cured within a few weeks, but if we ignore it, it can become quite dangerous for the patients, resulting in severe more than a month fever.

There are already antibiotics that can help to cure out this disease. For the patients, staying hydrated and well feed, while getting a dose of antibiotics like penicillin and amoxicillin can help to alleviate this disease.

So, in conclusion

Although most people might think that flea is just a mere annoyance little pests, fleas can carry out many dangerous and contagious disease that can affect both the dog and the owner. If you don’t take good attention to your dog hygiene and sanitary, fleas infestation can swarm on your dog body, and there will be a high chance you can get many contagious diseases from your beloved dog. It is also very unhealthy to keep our dog infested by fleas, so if you notice your dog is constantly scratching and there are fleas on your dog, consider to use anti-fleas shampoo to clean your dog.

The best way for both of you and your dog is to prevent your dog from getting fleas infestation on their fur. That’s it from us, hope our article on Most common fleas that will affects your dog will help you to become a lovely master for your dog.