3 Cats’ Behaviors without their Owners at Home

Leaving pet for a long period of time is stressful decision. All sort of thought would flow and covered our minds – especially all the negative thoughts: will dog feel abandoned, what will dogs do when they miss their owners, and others. Well, yes we take a dog as example; but, actually there are some preparation for your pet dog before leave him for vacation or other business and for your note, this preparation is applied to cat as well.

Not only physical preparation, you need to prepare cat emotionally before you go travel. “Don’t worry, my cat is a very independent individual. She would be just fine to be alone for couple of days.” Nope, sorry to say, but this is totally false, my dear friends. Yes, your cat might seems very independent and ignorance – like she doesn’t need you at all; but, the truth cats was one of the social animals. They need to be connected with other individual as companionship.

Therefore, it is vital to make a very well planning if you really about to leave your pet cat for several days – physically and emotionally. Although most of the people decided to bring their cats in cat care, but you, my friends – as the owners must know how long can you leave your cat without your presence. There’s a thing called separation anxiety that is commonly strike dog which turn out, this type anxiety also able to infect cat pet.

You must note that every anxiety problem is dangerous; it’s a sign that something was wrong – mentally, in particular individual. But, however, aren’t you curious what would cat do without the presence of her owner at home? Did cat would behave the same way during the absence of her owner? These are 3 cats’ behaviors without their owners at home!

What Possibly Cat does if you’re not at Home

Today, people, we would learn about 3 cats’ behaviors without their owners at home. Cats are fun animals, they could be very sweet but at the same time they become very chaotic. Well, I guess all the cat person already know about this and those are the reasons why we love cat so much. So, we would make a list of possibly behaviors that cats’ exhibit without the presence of the owner. Without further do, here we are!

1. Looking Out the Window

No one could ever know what exactly cat thinking while they look out the window. But, surprisingly, this behavior become number one behavior exhibited by cat that leave alone at home. Well, actually, I believed that some of you people, quite frequently see this behavior on your cat. The fact is we would never know why cat do this.

Perhaps, more than we ever thought before, cat has a sentimental feeling like human; perhaps she has a little bit romantic side on her, and love to be on her own, pondering something on her mind – or, maybe she just relieve that finally, you are out and now she has a piece and quite time alone. I know, that’s a little bit cruel, but who knows, right?

2. Searching for Companion of Other Animals

Another common thing your cat would do if she left alone at home is searching for companion of other animals. Cats are social creatures, people, they need another companion just to be hang-out with or to play with. Therefore, many times you would notice your cat would wander around your house looking for another moving creatures to play with.

In another option, your cat would simply jump up of your gate and meet her friends and chill out with them until she gets bore. However, the two options was the most common behavior occurred by most of the cats.

3. Playing with Toys

Cats love to entertain themselves. Therefore, as you give your cat an absolute right of the house (while you’re gone) she would make your house as her own castle. She would spend all her day entertaining herself with all the toys or things surround her which sometime you disallowed her to play with.

In this case, you should expect chaos happen upon your house. Don’t get too mad, my dear friends; there’s nothing we can do, though. It’s just cats’ thing and the way they entertain themselves!