How to Stop Cat Excessive Yowling by Yourself

If you are a cat lover, you must be familiar with cat’s voice. They tend to use meowing voice to communicate either with each other or with human. While meowing is something you are familiar and probably tolerate well, there is one condition where cat produced sound called yowling.

What is Yowling?

Yowling is a sound that cat produces with generally louder and higher in pitch. It is often sounded like crying or wailing. Moreover, yowling usually is longer in duration compared to meowing. Unlike meowing, your cat may yowl due to some circumstances such as feeling pain, distressed, searching for mate and many more. Frequent yowling might be alarming and disturb you.

Here is how to stop cat excessive yowling by yourself.

  • Play with Cats Before Sleeping

Cats tend to yowl a lot during the night and you might have experienced poor sleeping quality due to this very reason. Cats yowl at night are very common especially if they have so much energy. An easy way to stop cat’s yowling at night is by playing with them before the cats goes to bed. By playing with your cat, it will help to drain their energy to eventually sleep due to lack of energy.

You can play using cat toys or take your cat outside to walk around together. These activities will surely take out some excessive energy, thus helping the cat to have appropriate rest at night.

  • Give Cat Attention during Quiet Time

If you spent time interacting a lot with the cat or petting them while they make a sound, they may get used to the habit, resulting your cat to always yowl to get your attention. If you know basic ways to take care of cats at home for beginners, you have to know not to give in to this behavior as it will encourage them to yowl even more. Instead, pet your cat and give your attention when it is quiet.

Cat gradually will learn that you will only appreciate their presence when the cat is not too noisy. More so, your cat will try to be quiet to get your attention instead of yowling through the day.

  • Do Thorough Body Check Up

Not every of your cat’s excessive yowling is because they have too much energy. Sometimes it can be the opposite. A cat can produce a crying sound with a long yowl because they are in pain. Do not ignore your cat if it yowl sounded painful. Try to do thorough body check up to see if there is any wound or problem in the cat’s body.

Do not press on to strongly, instead tub your palm around your cat’s body. If the source of the pain is indeed because of wound or psychical problem, the cat will respond by yowling when you touch the right spot. The first to deal with sick cat is by doing ways to treat sick cat with home remedies.

  • Send Them Outside

Aside from yowling at night, some cats love to yowl at early morning. There is no particular reason aside from habit. The intensity of yowling is also more than usual meowing. The worst case is your cat may yowl for more than an hour as a morning exercise. If your cat stays with you by sharing the same bedroom, try to learn how to get your cat stop sleeping in your bed and send them outside.

Your cat will respond by going to the roof to continue yowling. By training them to know when to leave bedroom, you will also get more quality sleep. However, it is best not to do it by force or else you will hurt your cat.

  • Feed The Cat Before Yowling

Another simple way on how to stop cat excessive yowling is by feeding your cat before yowling time. Carefully notice which hour your cat usually will yowl. After that, make it a routine to feed it during certain hours. Feeding routinely helps to set the cat a habit. You can also make how to make homemade cat food. With feeding the cat before yowling, it will know that it does not need to yowl to have food.

If you cannot feed the cat during that specific time due to working or other activities, there is an automatic feeding machine that you can easily find in your nearby pet store. By doing so, hopefully your cat will know when to be quiet.

  • Separate Your Cat from Other Cats

More often than not, cat tend to respond to cats nearby by yowling. Whether it is an invitation to fight or to mate, your cat will likely yowl to join them, even when it does not necessarily have to go outside. This moment can be ear-deafening as not only you will hear your cat yowl, you will also the rest of the cat do it too.

Hence, separate your cat from other cats, especially at night. If your neighborhood happens to have a lot of stray cats, learn ways to keep stray cat out of your house to make sure they are not around your house too frequently. For example, you can take your cat to upper floor where it will not hear other cats’ yowling.

  • Get Your Cat A Mate

As said before, a cat yowl to attract the attention of potential mate. Then, isn’t it best to find the cat a mate? This is one of the trickiest way on how to stop cat excessive yowling. Because the cat will stop yowl if it finds the right mate, however, if the mate isn’t right, there may be some discord that will result in an even more aggressive yowling.

To make sure your cat find the perfect mate, bring them to prt store or cat teahouse so your cat will socialize with other cats. This way, your cat will eventually find its own mate.


Stopping your cat from excessive yowling is not a one night task. It requires patience and consistent effort. Furthermore, if the cause is because of health problem, you might need to consider giving the task to veterinarian instead. Nonetheless, befriending your cat in the right way will prevent this behavior.