Home Remedies to Prevent Hair Loss in Cats

Most cat species excluding sphinx, always have fur covering their bodies. The fur is to protect them from cold as well as trademark of race. Persian cat, for example, has longer fur compared to others.

Taking care of the fur can be very tricky since it is vulnerable to hair loss. However, cats also like collecting their furs and make it to be a ball to get rid of dirts on their bodies.

What Causes Cat Hair Loss?

There are several conditions that can make hair loss in cats occur as stated below:

  • Skin Allergies
  • Parasite effects
  • Ringworm infection
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Genetics

Some causes are harmless given cat itself love making fur ball. However, if hair loss is due to illness, it is a sign to take the medication more seriously.

Home Remedies to Prevent Cat Hair Loss

There are some home remedies you can try at home.

  • Catnip Cleansing Soap

Catnip is a natural insect repellent. It is also good to treat any parasites that stick in your cat’s fur. However, to use catnip, it is better to make it a a cleansing soap where you can use it to bathe your cat.

Crush catnip and mix it to your cat’s soap. To prevent irritation, use organic soap that does not contain much chemicals. Use the catnip cleansing soap by rubbing it thoroughly to your cat’s fur. Use it regularly to prevent further damage to your cat’s fur. You may also need to know some ways to remove maggots from kitten with home remedies.

  • Chamomile Oil

To make your cat’s fur even healthier and shinier, use chamomile oil to add to your cat’s soap. Chamomile has several benefits for cat’s fur including preventing dandruff, preserving nutrition in your cat’s coat, as well as making the skin’s healthier.

In order to use chamomile oil, all you need is to mix chamomile oil in your cat’s bath. It can be in the soap or the water itself. Chamomile oil is gentle to cat’s skin and its natural benefits do not cause any side effects. If you bathe your cat using chamomile oil in regular basis, you can prevent hair loss in your cat.

  • Salmon-Based Food

Another home remedies to prevent hair loss in cats is by feeding your cat a salmon-based food. Salmon is rich in protein and vitamin. Vitamins needed to prevent hair loss includes vitamin B and vitamin E. Some benefits of giving vitamin E to your cats are vastly needed to prevent hair loss. While most fish usually already rich in protein, salmon is one of a kind that has better and more balanced nutrients for cats.

You can feed your cat raw salmon or half-baked salmon (to prevent bacteria infestation) directly or mix salmon to your cat’s food. Even though salmon may be a frivolous food to give to a cat, giving it for healthier coat once in a while does not hurt.

  • Warm Coconut Oil

Aside from chamomile oil, another one that will help to prevent hair loss is coconut oil. Coconut oil has enough nutrients and benefit of vitamins to improve your cat’s skin to strengthen the root of your cat’s hair. Moreover, it is generally safe since it is a nature-based oil. You can find pure coconut oil easily in drug store. Make sure to buy only licensed product to ensure the safety of the oil since wrong kind of product may make the case even more severe.

To use coconut oil in your cat’s coat, first thing you need to is to warm it up by pouring oil in your palm and then rub it with your another palm in circular motion. Use the oil in your palm to massage your cat. Make sure you massage your cat thoroughly until you reach your cat’s skin. You can also apply coconut oil after your cat takes a bath.

  • Epsom Salt

Another natural home remedies to prevent cat hair loss is Epsom salt. Epsom salt helps to neutralize the ph in your cat’s skin. Sometimes fleas infestation or allergies occur due to the acidity in your cat’ skin. This is why human shampoo is not recommended for cat because it is more acidic thus does not suit cat.

Epsom salt ia easy to find in drug store. To use Epsom salt as cat’s hair loss prevention, apply the salt using cloth or towel, and then rub it gently to your cat’s fur and skin. For fur near feet area, make your cat soak its feet in a water-mixed Epsom salt. By adding Epsom salt, it will reduce the probability of fleas and bacteria infecting your cat. Be careful not to use it against wounded cats, you can treat them with home remedies to treat cat wounds.

  • Marshmallow Treat

More often than not, the cause of hair loss in cat is due to allergies. It triggers your cat to continuously scratching its body and causing fur loss. Your cat may even develop habits of excessive scratching, which is not healthy at all. One of the causes of allergy is sweets that have glucose and calories.

Cat treats often includes sweets that have a lot of sugary ingredients. To make home remedies to prevent cat hair loss is simply by changing the treat to something less sugary like marshmallow. While cat itself does not necessarily love treat as much as a dog, giving low calories food is effective to prevent allergies as it does on dog.

  • White Vinegar

Ringworm infection often causes hair loss in cat. If not treated properly, your cat will gradually lose hair and become hairless cat. Fleas that infested themselves in your cat’s skin will make it harder for your cat to grow hair. A simple home remedies to easily grow your cat’s hair back is by using white vinegar.

Mix white vinegar with water and then put the solution into a sprayer. Spray your cat’s fur and skin with this, as well as your cat’s bedding. The formula in vinegar helps to kill fleas that will infect your cat.

As some cats do not like taking a bath properly, do not force the remedies through taking a bath, you can also give vitamins to make cat hair grows faster and healthier. You can damp a cloth or spray them to your cat’s fur. If further problems arise that may endanger your cat, visit veterinarian for more thorough treatment.