16 Effective Ways To Keep Stray Cats Out Of Your House

Cat is a common animal that can be found anywhere. But some people don’t like when the stray cat just get inside or be around their house. This is because the cat usually just love to stay and ask for food to the stranger, and this is definitely a thing that not all people love. 6 Home Remedies to Treat Stray Cat’s Bite on Children can help you in order to treat the bad act from a stray cat.

To overcome this problem, here is the article of 16 effective ways to keep stray cats out of your house.

1. Don’t feed

Usually, the cat’s main attraction continues to come around the house is food. Either because you have fed, or those who easily find food in trash cans. The step you have to take is to close the house’s access such as doors and windows. In addition, also close the trash can tightly.

2. Eliminate food waste around the house

This is what is done for hungry wild cats looking for food. Hiding houses from food waste, because it is a family that likes to lie to our houses. 4 Ways to Do When An Adult is Bitten by A Stray Cat is a good reference in order to help the victim of a stray cat’s bite.

3. Remove the trail left behind

The next way to get rid of cats is to erase the trace. Maybe the cat has moved to the floor or other parts of the house. If that happens, you should quickly clean the places clean and if necessary add air freshener spray.

4. Install an anti-cat fence

For those of you who have more funds, planting a fence so that cats can’t enter is a way that can be done so that the cat is deterred. The cat will struggle to climb the fence and finally despair, then ask for the body leg or give up.

5. Spray the water

That said, the cat was said to be anti-water. So, when we spray water on cats that come to the house, the cat will run away. in order to make the house not get wet by water, lead the cat into the yard. Take a hose to water the plants and spray on cats. Do this every time the cat arrives until he is deterred.

6. Put a pungent odor

Aside from being anti-air, the cat is also very sensitive to strong odors. You can use ways to get rid of wild cats from house. The odor that is not suitable for cats, the stinging aroma is lemon, orange, garlic, and lemongrass. At present there are also many repellent paint products marketed, namely odors to repel cats.

7. Spread Pepper

The Nose cat is very sensitive, you can sprinkle the cat without betting and leave immediately.

How to get rid of cats in the ceiling of the house

Expelling a cat in a room in a house and yard may still be easy – it’s easy. Another case if the cat is on the ceiling or roof of the house. They could just poop even give birth there. However, do not worry about that, because we have tips or ways to get rid of cats on the roof of a unique and effective house.

  • Place food

Besides being an attraction for cats to come house, you can also use food as a way to get rid of cats. The trick, understand the access point of the cat to the roof of the house.
If you already know the route, you can put cat food on the road. When the cat is enjoying his meal, catch him with a sack. 5 Human Foods That are Safe for Cat is recommended if you wan to give a food to the stray cat.

  • Turn on the cat’s voice recording

Based on a forum, the fake voice of a cat “meowing” can be the next lure for the cat to come down from the roof
When you hear the voice the cat will respond quickly to him because maybe he thought that it was his friend.
The method is to record the voice of the cat under the roof where the cat is to be heard clearly and play it repeatedly until the cat goes down.

  • Close access to the roof

If the cat has come down from hiding, it’s time you act to close access to the roof of the house. Usually cats use tiles that are less sticky with others.

  • Throw something

Try not to rock, but rather soft objects. For example, bundles of paper, plastic cups and any other soft thing. Remember not to hurt the cat, but to expel it from your house.

How to get rid of cats defecating

Next, is how to get rid of cats that defecate carelessly. The presence of wild cats around the house in addition to looking for food is to dispose of their waste. How to Make a Homemade Cat Litter Easily is a good choice if you want to provide a litter box for the stray cat. The smell that is very stinging certainly will disturb the atmosphere of the house. To prevent and overcome this, we can do several ways, including:

  • Put the smell

The smell around the yard that is often visited by cats.

  • Put water in a bottle

Bottles around the house and yard because the cat hates water. This turned out to be commonly applied in the Japanese cherry country, and the results were effective.

  • Scare with a broom stick

Broom sticks can also be used to repel cats. Not to hit a cat. Swing the broom stick on the wall, floor or other object so that it can make a sound that can scare the cat.

  • Throw it with a paper ball

Use newsprint, then wrap it with masking tape. Boom, you can throw wild cats.

Although the cat’s behavior disturbs calmness and cleanliness, as human beings, we must still look for ways to keep stray cats out of your house. Remember to keep the cat from your house gently, and don’t hurt them. Home Remedies to Treat Cat Wounds can help you to treat any cat’s wound. I hope this article can help you to get the information about the way to keep stray cats out of your house in a correct way.