How To Take Care A Stray Adult Rabbit At Home

Imagine this, one time you’re doing your routines outside and suddenly you find a stray rabbit with no house or food. Bet the first idea that flash in your mind is taking it to your home and take care of it. But then you might think to yourself, how you can take care a stray adult rabbit at home? Don’t worry, we will give you splendid tricks to take care stray rabbit at your place. Here are some amazing tricks of how to take care a stray adult rabbit at home, it’s very easy to do so better pay attention to the trick!

What stray rabbit looks like?

Stray rabbit is completely different with wild rabbit. It is a domestic rabbit that escaped from its shelter or home. Meanwhile wild rabbit is a rabbit that born and lived in the woods. Wild rabbits never interacts with human. Stray bunny tends to get more familiar with human, while wild rabbit thinks human is a threat just like other predators. You can see the difference when you find a homeless bunny. If it’s not hopping away from you then it likely a stray one. But, if it hops away then it’s a wild one. Now, after you know the difference and decided to take stray rabbit home, here are some tips and tricks to keep your bunny feels safe and happy at its new home!

  • Gentle approaching

Since stray rabbit is already outside for no one knows how long, it might get stressed when you approach it. Try to do a gentle approaching, and if the bunny runs away then you have to be patient. The bunny is still adjusting with your presence, so if it’s running away then just let it be. Eventually it will come to you after it got used with your presence. Or if you bring some snack bunny loves, you can lure it with the snack to make it come closer to you.

And when you already have the bunny into your grip, try to hold it gently but firm at the same time so it won’t run away from you. It’s best to immediately put it into the safe and quiet area, better that you’ve prepared it first before you catch any stray bunny. You can make the safe space in both outside or inside your house, please choose wisely which one is safer for the bunny so it won’t get too stressed up.

  • Set a comfy hutch

A comfortable hutch or cage is a very important thing once you had a stray bunny in your area. Set the hutch or cage in a safe and quiet area, in a place where there’s no other animals can come around and also a quiet space. Don’t forget to put some hays inside the hutch. It will be used for a place to let the bunny rest. Or, you can also put a wooden board inside the cage so the bunny’s feet won’t get hurt. Rabbit’s feet are soft so you want to make sure that the cage or the hutch is quite comfy for it to hop around. You can also cover the cage with some cardboard so the bunny will feel safer. Make sure you did this when you have stray bunny around! If you still confused, you can check on 10 steps to build a comfy cage for your rabbit for further references.

  • Provide good diet

A good diet is a crucial factor at how to take care a stray adult rabbit at home. Because, they mostly eat various things when they were straying before. Stray rabbit loves the usual diet as pet rabbit. From usual vegetables such as carrot, cabbage, chicory, until fruits like apples and berries. It’s better to make various diet everyday so the bunny won’t get bored, but make sure that it also consumes hays since it provides fiber so the bunny’s metabolism will stay healthy. Bunny isn’t a picky eater so as long as you give the right diet, it will gladly enjoy the meal! You can also read more at 6 effective method to treat rabbit that won’t eat to get more information about their diets.

  • Give toys

Though stray bunny had stayed outside for quite some time, that didn’t mean it had lost the ability to play around. Rabbit is an active animal, and it tends to explore its surroundings. To keep it in a good health, you can put some toys for the bunny. That way, it won’t just stay still inside the hutch or cage. It’s not that expensive to make some toys for your stray bunny, you can make tunnels with cardboard, or willow ball to make the bunny keeps on working with their always-growing teeth. But when you give some toys please make sure that the toys are all clean so it won’t make the bunny sick due to some bacteria in the toys.

  • Avoid the dislikes

Stray bunny is quite similar to pet bunny, it has likes and dislikes. Try to know what it likes and what it doesn’t like. It helps you in knowing the bunny to avoid any damages in both the bunny or in your environment. Because when you make the bunny does something it dislikes, it might turn aggressive. In the end, it able to attack anything that it recognizes as danger. And an angry, stressed stray bunny is really a bad sight so make sure you check what it likes and dislikes to avoid such situation.

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Consult with the experts

It’s better if you consult the situation with the experts. Even if you feel that the bunny is comfortable enough to live around your property. You can visit the vet nearby and ask about how you should take care of a stray bunny. There are still some stuffs you should know. Even though maybe there aren’t too many differences with pet rabbit. It might have different mental situation from pet rabbit which caused some unusual behaviors. Therefore, discussing the issue with the expert will give you great information.

And that’s all about how to take care a stray adult rabbit at home. There are lots of options to take care of stray bunny. But, those steps above are the simple and easy way that you can do yourself. Key to keep one in your property is make sure they bunny doesn’t get stressed. Don’t forget to provide comfy hutch with good-quality diet. Make sure to keep them happy with toys. And last but not least, consult your condition with the experts. If you do those thoroughly, there’s no way you will have difficulties to pet a stray bunny in your house. Good luck with your hopping buddy!