Easy Diy Cat Toys: Make One For Your Baby!

Having a playful pet should make you thinking faster on arranging some dynamic daily routine every day for your beloved animal. Especially such playful pet like cats. They barely can’t calm and still (unless they tired) wherever they are. Nay, many times they leave us overwhelm caused by their unstoppable action. Cat really love to turn everything around them as a playground no matter how many times we try to stop them.

They often caught do something weird yet funny such lying in the litter box, or sleeping on the sand (even though we already set a proper bed for them). At first, maybe this act seems cute and funny, but admit it – it becomes annoying if you face it every single day. Many reasons caused your beloved furry creature do this, two of it was lack of toys and exercise, which turn your cat to make things around them as replacement of less-interested environment – on purpose to entertain themselves.

If you had a cat pet, then you have to prepare yourself to spend some quality time to play happily with your cat at home. There are some fun games to play with your beloved cats at home. You need to make sure that your cats isn’t bore, especially if you leave them alone at home. You can furnish them with some toys that could keep them busy before you come home. Some toys aren’t cheap, so you could outsmart this issue to make easy diy cats toys: make one for your baby.

Homemade toys would be cheaper than buy toys – also, it would teach you to enlarge your creativity while taking care of your cat. Why providing these entertaining toys and games are very important? These things would escalate the cat live-quality – ensure that he would live happy and healthy as long as they live. Isn’t that our primary goal of keeping cats? Plus, it is our duty as the owner. So, today we’re gonna give you some ideas – what kind of toys you can make it at home: easy diy cat toys: make one for your baby!

1. Catnip Yarn Balls

Catnip yarn balls would be the first of the list of toys you could make at home. It is very easy my friend, you just need yarns and a small ball (from plastic or cork or Styrofoam). All you need to do is wrap the yarns around the ball until all the surface of the ball is covered. You could glue the yarn if you afraid that your cat nails will unravel the yarn.

You can bring this toy wherever you go to accompany your cat during the journey – also, it didn’t consume place in your car! So, pretty easy isn’t it, Folks?

2. The String and Feather Toy

The main materials to making string and feather toy is sting and feather. If you bore with the mainstream feather, then you can make the fur from plastic of fabric – make sure you feather look-like shape it (commonly they will shape it like a bird feather). You can choose different colors to make it attractive and beautiful.

The next step is tie the string to the feather – one string could be fill with two feather or more (it’s up two you) – and then hang it to strategic places around your house that could be reach by your cat. Well, if your cat did not interest on it, then you can use it to decorate your house!

3. The Whack-A-Mole Toy

Who doesn’t love whack-a-mole game? Even i love it (and i am a human). Then you can try to make this toy for your beloved furry cat! The materials for this toy is simple, you just need some unused cardboard and a round canned drink (obviously). All you need to do is perforate the upper surface of the cardboard according to the canned shape. Make – at least four holes to turn it as a fun game.

Finally, you can play it with your cat! Make them catch something that pop up from the hole. Believe me, it would be very fun to see your cat focus trying hard to catch something.

4. The Palace From The Cardboard

Basically, cats would jump in into everything that have a hole. So, why not you make them a toy based on this nature unique habit of your cats? Then, you can build a cardboard palace for your cat! Yeah, make your cat live like a royal by make him a palace which they could use as a base camp, or just a place to hide.

First step is make a blueprint of the palace in the cardboard – a complete sketch of the main door and windows. After that, you could start perforate those sketch one by one – and oh, please make sure that the palace is big enough for your cat to walk inside of it. Tada! The palace is ready for your royal cat!

5. The Cat Wand Toy

The last toy you could make it at home is the cat wand toy. I bet everybody already know what is the cat wand toy. Cat wand is the very common toy you should have as a cat owner. The only issue about the cat wand is, it easily destroyed by your cat. Your cat will shatter it with his teeth and claw every time he plays it. Imagine, how many times you should buy this wand, and how much it cost if you calculate it for a long period?

Yes, it’s not cheap. Therefor, why not you begin to make this wand by yourself? It’s very easy – all you needed is a wand, some fabric, and yarn. Cut the fabric in the same long and shape (it’s more beautiful if it’s in colors), tie the fabric with the yarn, and the last step is tie the yarn with the wand – it’s finished. Then, all you need to do is swing it in front of your cat, and everyone – you and your beloved one – will happy!