How to Take Care of Leachie Gecko: Appropriate Standard

Hello my dear friends, welcome back to AnimalLova! My friends, do you ever interesting to pet a lizard? There are many popular lizard around the world that could be a good choice to pick as pet; one of them is geckos. Yes, geckos are one of the most favorite lizard to keep at home by all the lizard’s fans. Geckos spread in variety of species, such as leopard geckos, crested geckos, Tokay geckos, and leachie geckos. You might ever heard one of the name, aren’t you?

All those names I mentioned previously was the famous species of geckos, which become the most preferable choices for majority of people. There’s a lot of requirements you need to provide and fulfill as the main duty of gecko’s owner. First of all, you need to build new habitat as new home for your beloved geckos. You need a cage which mostly would use such terrarium or vivarium tank, and available in different type of materials, such as plastic, wires, and glasses.

Then, you need all the furniture to decorate the tank to be a perfect miniature of wildlife. Here are 4 inspiring decorations for your gecko’s terrarium. After that, you need to arrange the humidity inside the tank to support the overall health of your beloved geckos. Move to another subjects; as gecko’s owner you have to know the ultimate diet for to keep geckos healthy. Most of geckos are insectivorous, consequently, you need a full stock of insects in your house as well-diet menus daily.

The last task you should beware is about some illness and disease that could strike geckos; one of the most common issues surround geckos are the eye problems. Monitor gecko’s daily behavioral and physical characteristic, is there any changes you could notice would be a wise move to predict earlier the percentage of illness that might threatening the health of them. Yes, overall, you need to understand the proper guideline to take care of geckos to ensure the quality of gecko live.

Furthermore, talking about the nursery, we would give insight information on how to take a good care of gecko – particularly, the leachie gecko; one of the most bizarre species among others. So, without further do, here is how to take care of leachie gecko: appropriate standard.

The Giant Gecko

The official name of leachie gecko is the newe caledonian giant gecko which is in Latin called as Rhachodactylus Leachianus. Yes, the leachie name was taken from the Latin one. Leachie geckos was recognized as the most largest living geckos on earth and most the largest genus of geckos. Furthermore, the body’s length from head to tail is about thirty-six centimeters (fourteen inches) – yes, it’s totally massive size for a gecko.

This lizard have unique physical characteristic: they have loose skin, small and stumpy tail, with heavy body’s weight. Most of leachie gecko shaded in gray, mottled green, and brown. Furthermore, giant geckos displayed communications form as hisses and whistles to the increment of the intensity form as grumbles and growls.

The Housing Guidelines

The first thing you must prepare is the gecko’s housing. Leachie geckos are known as arboreal species; they spend their whole daily live among the shades on top of trees and branches. The perfect cage must contains with the three elements of three stage of live of leachie gecko: the hatchling, juvenile, and adult. However, let’s learn deeper about those three stages of leachie gecko’s live.

  • The Hatchling: hatchling stage need a proper measurement of cage: the proper size is about five to ten gallons enclosure, but don’t worry it’s already the maximum numbers. Surprisingly, this size would increment of comfortable feeling and also help to develop appetite in geckos.
  • The Juvenile: during the juvenile stage, you need around ten to twenty gallons cage. You could apply this measurement to the cage: 16L x 16W x 20H; this is the maximum measurement of leachie gecko’s enclosure.
  • The Adult: enter the stage of adulthood, giant gecko would reach the maximum size of his body. So, at least you should provide him twenty to thirty gallons. Based on ZooMed proper guideline, the proper size of cage must be 18 x 18 x 24 calculations of measurement. But this numbers are too large for only one gecko. However, we would recommend you to minimize the number become 18 x 18 x 18 of calculation measurement.

Humidity, Lighting, and Temperatures

Generally, leachie gecko would live around seventy-two to eighty Fahrenheit degrees temperatures all the times. If this species experience the drop of temperature around sixty-five to seventy Fahrenheit degrees, it would block the ability of egg’s production. The best guideline you should remember is never let the temperature drop below sixty-five Fahrenheit degrees and above eighty-five Fahrenheit degrees.

Furthermore, the finest humidity for giant gecko in proper humidity cycle is about sixty to eighty percent. Keep in mind, this species is more vulnerable on bacterial attack than other genus, so keep the cage dry and prevent some material’s mist is an important task. You could let the humidity below sixty percent to let it dry the cage. Then, lighting is one matter you need to maintain properly. A good lighting would help the color’s development on your gecko. But, however, it’s always better to provide them with natural sunlight and reduce the use of artificial lighting.

The Proper Diet Guide

The last but not least from how to take care of leachie gecko: appropriate standard is the proper diet guideline. Yes, foods are the sources that keep every living creature survive and live. So, it is very important to organize the best food for your beloved gecko. If most of the geckos are insectivorous, apparently leachie geckos are entered the minority class as the omnivorous one. They could eat small mammals, insects, and nectar and fruits.

Mainly, the juvenile would feed with robust crickets, but during the adult, they might be less-interest in crickets but they do keep eat pinkie mice and roaches, also meal replacement powder. Let’s dig deeper about these three primarily foods:

  • Live Foods: as I mentioned, giant gecko would become less-interesting in cricket during the adult stage, it might associate with the lazy characteristic of theirs to hunt the prey. One other fact, leachie geckos are sensitive; they could easily unease with hyperactive behavior of crickets. So, while they get older, offer them pinkie mice (twice a month) and roaches (weekly) would be a good idea.
  • Meal Replacement Powder: most popular product of meal replacement powder is Repashy Superfoods. This product was contained human ingredient and reviled the used to help geckos problematic of the owner who didn’t provide the proper diet for their geckos. Meal replacement powder would help to balance all the nutrient inside gecko’s body.
  • Weekly Routine Schedule: mainly, giant geckos would be feed around four times a week. We could offer crested gecko’s fresh diet menu three times a week, and the touch of nature, the fruits as addition in the last day of feeding.