Meet The Smallest Lizard On Earth: Jaragua Gecko

Talking about reptile lizards, of course there are very many types ranging from the largest lizards to the smallest. but this time we will discuss about the small lizard called jaragua gecko. Animal have a fact live like snazzy facts of leopard geckos gather up. At first Richard Thomas and Blair Hedges found a small […]

11 Snazzy Facts Of Leopard Geckos: Gather Up!

Who does not love leopard geckos! They are one of the most popular choices among geckos to be a pet at home, not only because of their colorful skin but also because they look friendly and cute! To know them better, let’s gather up some snazzy fun facts about them. You will understand how lovable […]

Crested Gecko And 8 Facts You May Never Heard

One of the most popular gecko pets is crested geckos. They have amazing personalities so keeping them as a pet would not be that hard no matter if you are a beginner or an advance reptile keeper. Although they are popular with their own spotlight, there are still a lot of facts about them that […]

Nanotechnology For The Sticky Feet Of Geckos: Cool Stuff

Nature is amazing. There are so many things that we can learn from other creatures, including animals like a gecko. Who does not know gecko, right? It is one of the common animals that we use to see, especially after they become one of an option for a reptile pet just like any other common […]

Ever Wonder How Gecko Stick On The Wall? We’ll Tell You

Who doesn’ot know geckos? Geckos are becoming more popular these days, especially to the pet reptile lover. Are you one of them? They are popular not only because of all the patterns and the colors that they have but also because of their ability to stick to the vertical wall, like the Spiderman! But have you […]

Step by Step to Take Care Baby Gecko at Home

What is more lovable than a gecko? A baby gecko!  Lot of us would prefer to have a baby animal as a pet so we can be there to watch them grow day by day and develop strong bond from a very young age, which is something acceptable and lovely. But taking care of a […]

What Gender Is It? Learn of How To Differentiate Geckos

Geckos are not the typical pet that we have at home. But nowadays, they are on the spotlight and start to gain popularity among reptile pet. Geckos are not only they are easy to take care of but they are also lovable because they are exotic. Along with their popularity, you can easily find and […]

How to Take Care of Leachie Gecko: Appropriate Standard

Hello my dear friends, welcome back to AnimalLova! My friends, do you ever interesting to pet a lizard? There are many popular lizard around the world that could be a good choice to pick as pet; one of them is geckos. Yes, geckos are one of the most favorite lizard to keep at home by […]

4 Ideal Substrates In Gecko Homes

Gecko is starting to be one of the popular reptile pets these days. Geckos have exotic skin patterns and colors, and they are easy to take care of! They are considered as beginner-friendly reptiles, especially the leopard geckos type because they are a slow mover and do not prone to bite.  Moreover, there are so […]

4 Inspiring Decorations for Your Gecko’s Terrarium

Are you interesting to keep gecko as pet? Well, perhaps for most people it’s an absurd thing, but ignore them, pals, you are not the only one who attract to this species. These days, geckos are become one of the most famous pet lizard on the world. However, there are varieties of popular species you […]