Finest Humidity for Crested Geckos: Don’t Miss it!

Taking geckos into your house require a lot of preparation, plus well knowledge about all the proper nursery of them. Born as undomesticated animal that live among the wild nature, geckos are used to with environmental of it. Bringing them home mean you need to create as similar as possible with their natural habitat. All decoration and furniture: the plants, and support tools for daily life of the geckos such as food and water containers, also a place for basking. All the mesmerizing vivariums mostly was full by all those furnitures.

Most of the time, vivarium or terrarium is the best tank to be a new cage pick by owners. You could purchase it on pet stores or online stores with variety of materials and size. Furthermore, not only the new habitat; as captivated animal, geckos could not forage their own food, they absolutely rely on you as their only provider. You should know that there are some do and don’t for geckos list of foods. So, at least, you should educate yourself about the ultimate diet to keep geckos healthy.

However, prepare yourself to handle particular situation associate with diet which surprisingly frequently happened to gecko that your gecko ain’t eating. Some health problems also occur causes by a lot of different things; it could be from the inside organs, such as failure or abnormality process inside the body; but it also could cause by external substances such as viruses and bacteria. One of the most common and a good matter to concern is eyes problems.

You need to be very careful: monitor your beloved gecko and if you find any abnormal physical features or habitual, it is very wise to immediately search for professional help. Furthermore, there is one important thing you must arrange inside the cage as one of the requirement to help your geckos health, the humidity. Every single gecko species has their own requirement of humidity although fundamentally all of them shared the same temperature requirement.

Gecko primarily distribution is around warm climate areas worldwide. As I mentioned above that every species has specialty requirement to fulfill. So, today, we would talk about the humidity guideline for crested geckos. For your information, crested geckos are one of the popular pet species among other famous species such as leopard geckos, Tokay geckos, and common house geckos. All those species included crested geckos could be found on breeders and pet stores (but however, this option is quite rare).

Without any further my dear friends, here is the finest humidity for crested geckos: don’t miss it!

Crested Geckos Care Requirement

Generally, crested geckos was housed in plastic terrarium with standard cage’s size estimate about twenty inches gallon tank, and the screen top on it. This measurement used as standard size requirement for an adult crested gecko. But, however, the larger tank it’s better because you would give the gecko more space to move and have his own activities; plus, larger tank would have a better display and a lot of space to decoration.

Inside the tank, you should arrange some of requirement such as lightning and temperature, and most importantly, the humidity inside the tank. Adjust all these matters accordance to the proper guideline to support the life quality of your beloved crested geckos. However, let’s jump into deeper explanations.

The Lightning

Every living creature need light, included this nocturnal animal gecko; all of gecko’s species needs it. Moreover, they do enjoy basking during the day! Based on the UV Tool guideline, crested geckos has particular need of light per day that need to supply. Per day, crested geckos should receive at least during the summer times approximately fourteen hours each day, and during the winter about ten hours per day.

These rules are made to help maximize the function of circadian rhythm regulation and appetite establishment inside the body; also, it improves activities of your crested gecko. Therefore, these methods are highly requirement to overall health of your beloved crested geckos.


Temperatures should be adjusted with the place function inside the cage itself. For the basking area, the proper temperature that needed is about twenty-six to twenty-nine Celsius degrees or about eighty to eighty-five Fahrenheit degrees. For cool area, you need to arrange it at twenty-one to twenty-four Celsius degrees or about seventy to seventy-five Fahrenheit degrees; and for nighttime temperature is about eighteen to twenty-two Celsius degrees or about sixty-five to seventy-two Fahrenheit degrees.

Note this: these temperatures should be fulfilled no matter what circumstances! The constant temperatures bellow twenty-two Celsius (seventy-two Fahrenheit degrees) would cause some health issues, such as lethargy, illness, and loss of appetite; constant temperatures above twenty-nine Celsius degrees (eighty-five Fahrenheit degrees) would cause your crested geckos stress and even worse, they could get the heat strokes!

The Humidity

Crested geckos growth in the number fifty to eighty percent of humidity. You could easily maintain the humidity inside the tank by controlling the moisture-retentive substrate and daily mist. Do remember, that constant moisture inside the tank encourage the fungus, mildew, and mold to appear which would infect your gecko and threat his health. Therefore, make sure to keep it dry around fifty percent before you misting again every single maintenance.

Furthermore, misting also one of the method to keep your crested gecko stay hydrated all the time. Geckos often time prefer to lick from the droplets of plants and tank’s wall rather than their own container. Furthermore, generally the mist happened once in evening each day, and this also depend on the humidity setting arranged inside the cage (properly and improperly). Sometime it also occurs in the morning; so, during these times, your gecko would roam the cage to drink from the droplets of plants or simply just lick the wall of the tank.

Keep in mind my friends, we encourage you to avoid to use softener, distill, and filter on the misting water, because the tap water contained with vital and important substance, the minerals. Consequently, you need to clean the water spots daily – but, hey! That is absolutely worth it! So, that is the end of the finest humidity for crested geckos: don’t miss it! Goodbye my dear friends!