4 Inspiring Decorations for Your Gecko’s Terrarium

Are you interesting to keep gecko as pet? Well, perhaps for most people it’s an absurd thing, but ignore them, pals, you are not the only one who attract to this species. These days, geckos are become one of the most famous pet lizard on the world. However, there are varieties of popular species you could choose, from leopard geckos, crested geckos, to the Tokay geckos; pick the one that more suitable with you. But, it might be a little hard to found geckos in the pet stores, so I suggest you to come to breeders directly in case you have decided to bring the gecko into your house.

Furthermore, I encourage you to learn more things about geckos before you bring them home. Educate yourself to the ultimate diet to keep geckos healthy; yes this is very vital to know exact foods to boost gecko’s health state. Moreover, talk about the health, you also should be prepared for some of illness and disease that could strike your beloved geckos. One of common illness that occur in geckos are eye problems. Yes, it could be just light issue, but keep ignore it would lead to something dangerous.

So, always careful to any kind of abnormality – physically to behavioral of your geckos. Bring them immediately to veterinarian of you notice any strange things occur. Furthermore, there’s one more thing to think about: the cage. Ordinarily, geckos would keep inside terrarium or vivarium. The cages also build from variety of material such plastics, wires, and glasses. To pick the perfect cage, it strongly related to the type and species of geckos themselves. For the examples: vivarium for leopard geckos mostly is the glass one.

In the other hand, crested geckos are most suitable to plastic terrarium than other cages. Therefore, I suggest you to choose the cage based on the need and capability of your geckos. Furthermore, when the cage is ready, you need to arrange the finest humidity inside the cage, to support and help geckos in overall health. However, to build the habitat inside the cage, you need a lot of furniture inside of the cage.

Search for ideas would be the best option in case this is the first time for you keep geckos. So, now, we would give you 3 inspiring decorations for your gecko’s terrarium!

The Furniture

Before we give you the decoration ideas, we want you to prepare the furniture you would use to decorate the terrarium. My friends, you must know these three elements that should be inside the tank: the hiding places, the jumping and climbing materials, and the last is water accumulation system. These three things are a must requirements inside the tank. So, here are all the materials you needed to create spectacular display of terrarium:

  • You need vines, branches, artificial flowers or plants, live plants, cork tube or bark, PVC pipes, moss, bamboo, and foods and water containers.


You need two types of plants inside the tank: living plants and artificial plants or flower. So, let’s found out the best plant that suit for gecko’s new habitat materials:

  • living plants: the queens tears (billbergia nutans), urn plants, nidularium, earth stars, tillandsia, guzmania lingulata, copperleaf, sword bromeliad, Chinese evergreen, maidenhair fern, bamboo, bird’s nest fern, zebra plants, ponytail palm, spider plant, rosary vine, jade plant, cissus, holly fern, codiaeum variegatum, dragon plants, monolena, prayer plants, peace lily, and etc.
  • artificial plants: well, actually you could add any artificial plant you prefer inside the cage. These are needed need to add in case you didn’t have well lighting to keep living plants, and basically it’s look very attractive and beautiful to decorate the tank.

3 Inspiring Decorations for Your Gecko’s Terrarium

1. The Cliff Look Alike

Basically, the cliff look alike decoration is inspired by the cliff shape of the wildlife, and it’s pretty easy to make actually. All you need to prepare is stones or rock that have been engraved as cliff and put it as the background of the tank. Make sure that the stones was fill all the tank so it looks like cover all the sides of tank.

Furthermore, you could put some trunk to make it similar to the desert type of scenery; if it available pick the trunk that colored in brown. For the last touch, put some plant inside the tank to beautify the tank’s appearance. Taraa! The cliff look alike habitat is done!

2. The Green Waterfall

The green waterfall would be spectacular idea for your beloved gecko. It absolutely look natural and magnificent at the same times! But, yes, I have to say this habitat would need extra intensive maintaining from you. However, all you need to prepare is cork flat background and then use rocks as the background. Place water tube between the rocks to make it looks like the water fall from the rock.

Then, you could decorate the rocks with the green plants. All you need to do is cover all the rock or cork surfaces with the plants. It would be so much better if you pick vines as the plant furniture for the rock; because it would look more natural. However, because the water would fall down, you need to add a place to accommodate all those waters. So, you could build a “lake” under the waterfall; and that’s it, the perfect green waterfall is created!

3. The Dense Forest

This idea would be the most common yet still mesmerizing everyone who see it. The dense forest would be one of the most suitable decoration for your gecko’s terrarium tank. You need all the plants, branches, and trunks you have to put inside. Place cork flat as the background, then you could use trunks or rocks as the main support for others furniture such as plants, flowers, and little branches.

Some owner would add ropes in different spots of rock, and some people would put a little cottage on top of the forest. Shortly, you could design and put anything you like to make the habitat look alive and wondrous!