4 Eye Problems that May Occur to Leopard Gecko

Geckos are spread worldwide in every state, especially the one with warm climate. In swamps, forests, and other nature of the wildlife, you could see this lizard crawl on the trees, bushes, and the ground. Geckos are one of the species that is born with variation of beautiful colors; apparently, this particular characteristic become one among other reasons why a lot of people decided to take them as pet. You might know that actually, lizards – these days – are become popular animals to be pet.

Taking care of geckos need much effort more than you think. You might need to learn about basic cares of geckos first, before you attempt to bring them into your house. Start from housing, know the proper humidity and temperature; knowing the lists of do and don’t food for geckos, and the ultimate diet to keep geckos healthy; how to properly take care of the cage cleanliness, etc. From many gecko species, perhaps one of the most popular species is leopard geckos.

Yes, just like its name, leopard gecko was named based on their skin style pattern which similar to the big cat leopard. They have beautiful polka-dotted black pattern all over their bodies, and one of the most unique of theirs is their big smiley faces. They look so adorable and beautiful. But, however, taken care of leopard gecko come with challenges. Sometime, your leopard gecko ain’t eating; of course, this would be very devastating for you to see them suffering.

I am not tried to scare you, but apparently, that is not the only problem you would face that threatening your leopard geckos; and today, we would discuss about one of the most common problems that appeared in leopard geckos. Could you guess it? Yes, the eyes problems. The eyes problems could be form as a light issue to the serious matter depend on the caused behind the problems. So, are you curious? Let’s start: 4 eye problems that may occur to leopard gecko.

The Reason Why Leopard Gecko could Get Eyes Issues

You need to understand the size of leopard gecko’s eyes are not in the perfect proportion; it’s very large compare to the size of their heads. This particular fact become the reason why leopard gecko easily caught in eyes problems, because its very easy for external and unknown particles entered the eyes. This alienate substances lead to certain problems, such as infections, abscesses, and other eyes problems.

The eyes problem could also occur because unhealthy environmental and congenital aspect of leopard geckos itself. However, let’s see some the 4 eye problems that may occur to leopard gecko.

1. Eye Abscesses

Eyes abscesses is a form of accumulation of trapped white blood cells. All the white blood that trapped in a capsule tissue of the body resulted the encapsulated process. At first, this illness would puncture the actual eyes, entered the net step of infection and then, the last step is the accumulated as an abscess. The abscess cost the eye swells which commonly came from the wound that untouched the eyeballs.

The late treatment would cost much pain and suffer, and even worse, it could lead to the blindness of your leopard gecko. So, please, if you notice a bump that show up on sudden under the gecko’s eyes, make sure you bring them to the vet to identify the cause of the bump. A bite from gecko’s prey, or accidentally your leopard geckos hurt themselves by unconsciously scratch the area, or have been injured by the branch inside the cage.

If you have more than one geckos inside a cage, fight is one of the common wound under the eyes. Immediate response of the wound under the eyes is needed. Clean and take care of the wound as sooner as you could.

2. Foreign Bodies

Foreign bodies disease is the term that have been used to describe a foreign object which entered the eyes. This foreign objects could be anything (unnatural part of the eyes), such as particles of dust, and other alienate objects. Furthermore, when objects that shouldn’t belong in there entered the eyes, it would instantly effect the conjuctiva or the cornea. You must know, that the cornea is the layer that covers the surface of the the eyes.

In short, it’s very sensitive and vulnerable. In case of leopard geckos, these uninvited particles could come from the materials inside the cage: retained skin, food, gravel, or bedding. Unfortunately, these type of materials could lodge and stuck in the socket of the eyes which lead to infection. Some indications of foreign bodies are bloodshot or redness of eyes, extreme tearing, and etc.

3. Eyes Proptosis

Proptosis is the protrusion of the eyeball which could happened to your geckos. Proptosis also known as exophthalmos disease formed as the bulge of eye anteriorly out of the orbit. This disease happened due abnormal of extraocular muscles and abnormality in connection of tissue deposition. If I have to say, this is the worst eye problem neither for human and animal could ever encounter.

If eyes proptosis left untreated of just say too late, it causes the eyelids failed to close even though during the sleep time, which would lead to dryness of corneal – even the worst, it could damage it. For geckos, the eyes proptosis would bring everyone nightmare to you and of course the gecko itself; literally, this disease would make your gecko’s eyelids come out of its socket. One word, horrible. It’s such a horrible unfortunate event that threaten your gecko.

4. Eye Ulcers

Eye ulcers or cornea ulcers in animals are the inflammation condition of cornea which made the loss of outer layer of the eyes. Cornea ulcer commonly targeted dogs and cats, but in some cases it also strikes lizard in particularly geckos. Cornea ulcers not only caused by inflammation, but it also caused by traumatic inside the eyes.

Cornea ulcers would cause so much pain on the host. Furthermore, here are the symptoms of cornea ulcers: scratching or pawing the eyes, tearing, holding the eyes shut, your leopard geckos would constantly try to lick their eyes with tongue, and squinting.