How to Train Your Cockatiel to Talk Faster

Folks, let me elucidate the definition about faster in here – in the case of how to train your cockatiel to talk faster; faster in this particular case of training cockatiel is the fast time which is needed by you cockatiel pet to learn. There is no quick method or shortcut way to make your cockatiel talk faster. They learn it in their own period of time – and unimpeded. Train the cockatiel talking always take a time. All you needed is patience and consistent training.

You need to understand that cockatiel isn’t the most active talker, so it will take times for them to learn short phrases. Not only talk, there are incredible tricks your cockatiel can do. Cockatiel also known as a lovely bird to be pet, wherefore of their personality traits. If this is your first cockatiel you’ve ever pet, then perhaps you must know how to make your first cockatiel happy, one of example the thing you could do is given the best food for your cockatiel.

Perhaps, you would wonder which one is better to train, male or female cockatiel? Practically, it would be easier to train male than female cockatiel – because they had designed by nature – gifted become a clearest talker than female. Male cockatiel need to communicate by call the female for mating, this basic nature makes them has bold vocalization. Don’t worry though, female cockatiel could be train to talk too, but – perhaps it would take longer than male.

Therefor, today, we will show you how to train your cockatiel to talk faster (which is depends on their capacity), to help you in case you don’t know what you need to do. So, here we go!

1. Make Them Comfortable

Make them know you

First thing you can do is, make them familiar with you – know that you’re their owner. Gradually interact with them daily to interlace the bond between both of you. You can’t train them if your bird still “wild” – you need to tame him. Let him adjust with his new place, then you can begin to train your cockatiel.

Perhaps, you have no idea on how to tame your cockatiel, in that case, you could try consult with the veterinarian or someone who had experienced. Rather, you just walk by yourself and fall into a wrong method.

Take care of his health

To generate a good voice, you need to provide all the good amenities for them such healthy foods, comfortable cage which is composed with enough space for all his movement. Also, don’t forget to bringing him regularly to medical check up, because cockatiel bird could loss a voice too – and trust me, you won’t that happen. When your cockatiel isn’t in a good condition, he would prefer to keep silence try to communicate with you.

Make sure his happiness

Express your affection for him by devote much attention, because all that matter on this talking training is you gain his attention. Attention is part of mental stimulation which is one of the main success factor to reach the target. You can also give him some toys and let him enjoy and please himself with it, don’t forget to keep praise him whether he’s talking or not in order to stimulate his brain.

Always place your cockatiel is a place his comfortable the most during the lesson. It could help your cockatiel to be more less-stress and relax when learning some words.

2. Make Your Cockatiel Repeat Words

Choose quite places

During the lesson time, try to choose quite places which could make him focus on you without any destruction. Birds could be sensitive and easily destructed by visual things surround them. To solve this problem, you could cover his cage with a fabric or something else (make sure is not transparent) to help you eliminate the visual distractions.

Only one phrases at one time

Do not ever try to teach your cockatiel more than one phrase at a time. You have to make it as easier and short as possible. The longer words you gave, the longer times he need to remember the phrases. First step, perhaps you want to teach him his name – and repeat it frequently in from of him. It is suggested that only teach your cockatiel one or two words which is a simple words and contain high pitched tone when you say it.

You need to adjust the words with cockatiel’s high pitch voice so, if you try teach him words in low tone, high possibility your cockatiel would not make it.

Focus on his favorite words

Note this: your cockatiel would not repeat something he’s not interested or physically he couldn’t repeat. Remember, he’s still an animal, he can say everything that human do. So, make sure you only teach him words he like and interested. How to tell that your cockatiel is interested to the words?

You can tell it by heed his body language. Two thing for sure as a form of excitement and interesting feeling is growing pupils and crest up. Watch his eyes while you teach him a word, and if the pupils grow bigger, then it’s a sign that he enjoyed what you said to him.

Increase the phrases

Keep repeating the words over and over until he nailed it, then you can go to the next step. You can teach him more words, but – still – a simple and clear one and it’s very exciting to hear our cockatiel can speak more than one word too. So, you can use some method to make him learn another thing:

  • You can make them learn some notes! Yes, could make them sing notes by whistling some simple notes regularly. It’s a pleasant thing to hear your beloved cockatiel sing something everyday. But, let me warn you, after mastering a whistle, your cockatiel probably would choose whistling rather than talking. Why? It’s just a bird’s nature – whistling for a bird is easier than talking words.
  • You can teach them words while giving a delicious treat. Try to repeat some words every time you gave him a treat, and your cockatiel would see this as an enjoying thing. Soon or later he would say the words when the treat on its way.