How To Treat Infertility Problems Of Dairy Cows

Both of dairy cows and beef cattle mostly has same problem if we talk about reproduction. Even dairy cows usually has special treatment to solve any problem, basically both of them has similar characteristic and solving method.

If we talk about infertility, well, many factors that causes this problem. It can be their genetic, cells, hormone, or moreover their food. The bad nutrition can also cause the infertility. Infertility itself is a problem that caused female cow won’t be able to pregnant. As mentioned before it can come by the mom’s problem like womb condition, cells, and hormone. Even high factor can come by the mom it doesn’t mean that the papa isn’t contributed to this problem. The low quality sperm can cause infertility over cow and that’s why it is important to choose both male and female cow which has high infertile by this problem.pregnant-cow

Dairy cows can also infertility as same as beef cattle. Infertility here can cause by disorder and disease, both of the womb and the uterus. To know more about how to treat infertility problems of dairy cows, here is the way.

The Tips

Here are some notes for you who face infertility problem over dairy cows:

  • Make female dairy cows on heat is different story with make them married. The effort that you need to make your cow heat must be bigger than just married them. That’s because heat may can be stimulate but it depends the cycle. The cow has their own time to entered heat cycle and we can’t force it. And to married them all we can do is just prepare the male cow which in heat too. That’s absolutely different story and of course different problem even married usually beginning with heat.
  • Married the cows is different story with make the female cow estrus. Estrus ad heat as same similar thing. As mentioned before that if you want to married your cow, all you need is just prepare the male. But it is different when you talk about make your female cow estrus, because they have their own cycle. The heat may be stimulated but if it isn’t the time, well how much stimulate pills that you insert to their body is never work.
  • The infertility female dairy cows can still marry but she can’t pregnant. The main thing that you should know about infertility is the female cow which can’t able to pregnant. Just can’t pregnant. And why they can’t pregnant, is caused by disease or disorder. Actually they are live normally, they still can sleep, eat, poop, or something but one that they can’t do is pregnant. How did you know that the female cow is infertility? It’s by they are already married for more than 3 times but didn’t show the symptom of pregnancy. That’s called infertility. May people say that infertility is abnormal, but as physically they do normal. They can marry but can’t be pregnant.

The Symptom

And here are some symptoms which show that the female cow is infertility:

  • The female cow is already married for 3 times but the sign of pregnant is not showing.
  • In generally, the normal female cow would pregnant after two times married.
  • The female cow didn’t show any symptom of heat or the heat period is random. Sometimes is so long and short.
  • The female cow which had infertility that caused by disease usually coming out the dirty liquid from their vagina.
  • And the normal female cow which is in heat, usually coming out the transparent liquid from their vagina.

The Treatment

Here are some treatments that you can do to heal or maybe as prevent act to avoid infertility on your dairy cow:

  • Being selective to choose cow seedling which has high quality is must to doing. That’s because to looking the high quality output of our livestock and to beginning we need the high quality one to support that. It’s all about the beginning. Better start something good to earn something good and that’s already affect to livestock business if we want to practice it well.
  • Artificial insemination. Artificial insemination is the most general way to solve infertility problem over cow. The farmer usually doesn’t care about the cow’s condition and more focus how their cow is still productive even the cow is infertility. Well it is not a mistake. As we know the female cow who had infertility is still normal as physically. They still can produce the cells and hormone but they just don’t be able to pregnant. So how to make them still giving birth without any pregnancy process is by artificial insemination. Beside it is for make a baby cow, this way also known effective to avoid sexual disease transmission to each cow. If you decide to use this way, make sure that male cow is high fertilization. Because if both male and female is low fertile, well this method has no affect. Don’t forget to note and manage all the business which related to this fertile problem like the dairy cow condition, the heat, and the symptom both of fertile or infertility.
  • Cross inside marriage. Cross inside marriage is still an effort to being selective in dairy cow seedling, cross inside marriage can being the right choice to get high quality cow seedling. Married a couple cows which still had family connection produce the new similar individual. If the parents come from good quality, so does the baby. But you better don’t use this method commonly because this method can also produce bad individual if you too often use this.
  • Food repair. Solve the infertility problem can also by their food. We call it food repair because there are some transformations that you could do over their food. Add the ingredients which can stimulate the ovary activity over the food. You can also add ecg 3000-4500 IU, GnRH 0,5 mg, PRID/CIDR and estrogen. Food repair must be still your first focus because the bad food management can caused infertility for the long lime. You can imagine how lost you will got if infertility infected your dairy cow, right?
  • There is therapy to solve this problem called prostaglandin therapy. This therapy can stand alone without giving GnRH (Gonandotropin Releasing Hormone) if there is corpus luteum.

That’s all about how to treat infertility problems of dairy cows that you should know. Basically as mentioned before that there is no far different to treat both of dairy or beef cattle because they are same cow but it is yes if they are have their own specialist on what they are produce. One thing that you should put on your mind that even the technology has right movement which comes some profits for us, basically if you are not manage your livestock well, the technology can’t giving you anything.