7 Astonishing Hybrid Animals Exist in the World

Hybrids, in biological term, are the generation of a cross between two or more different populations, both phenotypes and genotypes. The purpose of hybrids is to produce new individuals who possess the superior characteristics of their parents.

In this age of sophisticated technology, hybrids are not difficult to be done. In fact, around last year, Japan was experimenting with hybrids with human and animal embryos. Interesting, isn’t it? Now, hybrids have been carried out on plants and animals.

For animals, hybrids are usually done if the animals are still in one genus, for example, lions and tigers that are still in the same genus Panthera. Are you curious about what kind of animals that are hybrid? Before further reading, here’s everything that you need to know about animal crossbreeding.

Let’s get to down below if you are curious baout what hybrid animals exist in the world.

1. Zonkey

Zonkey is the result of a cross between a zebra and a donkey. Zebras and donkeys still belong to the horse family.

These animals are the result of a mating between male zebras and female donkeys, while the results of mating male donkeys and female zebras are called Zebadonk.

This crossbreeding is popular in Mexico. Zonkey is more likely to look like a donkey with a striped pattern on its fur. Zonkey fur is mostly brown or gray.

The striped pattern on the zonkey can be seen in the lower leg, where the feathers are lighter colored. Its head and ears are large, making it more look like a donkey than a zebra.

Speaking of zebras, do you know that zebras made a little appearance in The Lion King movie? They are not main characters but you can check the main characters in list of animals portrayed in The Lion King.

2. Liger

Liger is the result of a mating between male lions and female tigers. Do you know the differences between a lion and a tiger? Here is the reference–the differences between a lion and a tiger.

Liger is the largest cat on Earth, weighing more than 410 kg. However, this big cat is not a species that appears naturally in the wild. The physical characteristics of the Liger are its skin, which has faded spots and lines like a tiger.

However, the color of the body’s skin is a slightly brownish yellow, similar to a lion. The male Liger has a thin mane like a lion. Liger can make the sound of a lion as well as the sound of a tiger.

3. Tigon

Opposite of Liger, Tigon is the result of a mating between male tigers and female lions. In terms of size, Tigon is not as big as Liger. Tigon has an average size like a lion. Scientists breed Tigon less than the Liger.

The shape of the Tigon is more like a lion, while the color tends to resemble a tiger. Tigon also has an orange color and has stripes. Tigon can also make the sound of a lion as well as the sound of a tiger.

4. Grolar

Grolar is the result of a mating between polar bears and Grizzly brown bears. Grolar is a rare hybrid that has occurred both in captivity and in the wild. Grolar was discovered at the North Pole in early 2006.

Grolar has cream and light brown fur, which is a mixture of polar and grizzly bear colors. Its snout is long like a polar bear, but its body is muscular like a grizzly. For more references about the polar bear, check out this article about the distinctive features of a polar bear.

5. Cama

Cama is the result of hybrid mating through artificial insemination between male Arabic camels and female llamas. The results of a crossbreeding were first held in Dubai in early 1998.

The physical characteristics of Cama do not have a hump. Its nails are split like a llama, and it has ears and a long tail like a camel.

The purpose of the crossbreeding was to produce descendants who had camel power, but their emotions could be controlled like llama. Let’s hope people won’t get confused between llama and alpaca because differences between llama and alpaca have been told there.

6. Jaglion

Jaglion is a very rare hybrid animal. Jaglion is a cross between a male jaguar and a female lion. Currently, one of these endangered animals lives in the Ontario animal sanctuary, Canada.

Jaglion has a light brown fur color like a lion but has spots like a jaguar. The results of this natural hybrid can give birth to dark-haired Jaglion and look as scary as jaguars.

7. Beefalo

The crossbreeding between buffalo and cattle has long been done, even since the 18th century. One of the most well-known is the result of a mating between Australian local cattle and bison or buffalo from the United States in the state of Queensland.

Beefalo is said to have a bodyweight of up to 400 kilograms at the age of 2 years. The results of this hybrid make beefalo beef become lean and is claimed healthier.