Mesmerizing Vivariums for Leopard Geckos

Leopard gecko is one of the most popular gecko’s species to keep as pet. People love their unique pattern and color; and yes, it’s true that leopard gecko’s skin’s pattern is similar to the big cat leopard. In the wildlife, gecko’s distribution is spread in the warm climates areas, such as, in swamps, rainforest, and etc. When you decided to keep a leopard geckos as pet, you would bear a lot of duty to ensure the life quality of your pet animal, in this case is leopard gecko.

As insectivorous species, there’s a list of do and don’t for geckos to be feed, and you must understand it. The ultimate diet to keep geckos healthy must be learn; because good metabolism inside your leopard body would help her to build a strong immune system to block bad substances to control her body. If an healthy gecko (which have always been taken care in a proper way) – she could still ill, what would happen if you’re not properly taken care of your gecko’s body?

Beware and monitor your gecko every single day: disease, illness such as eye problems that may occur to leopard gecko lurking at every moment. Furthermore, foods are not the only thing to pay attention of, there is also habitat matter to think. You need to create the best habitat that suit with the characteristics of your beloved geckos. Taking care of gecko’s house isn’t as simple as you think, my friends; a lot of details need to be done properly to create a healthy environmental.

Most of the time geckos are kept in the vivarium cages. Generally, there are two types of vivariums product out there: first one is made from wire and the second one made by glass. Of course, the glass vivarium prices is more expensive than the wire one, but it also more safety and strong than the wire – plus, more attractive. Therefore, now we would tell you all about leopard gecko vivarium cages and the proper guide to set it up. So, here is mesmerizing vivariums for leopard geckos.

Vivarium Materials

One thing for sure, before you bring your new leopard home, you should pick the right tank to be her new habitat. The most comfortable and safe, also, of course everything must be balance with your financial ability. Purchase one of the best without exceed your own budget; don’t worry my friends, vivariums are available in variant sizes and materials. So, you could just pick the perfect one based on your budgetary.

However, it is true that vivarium available in many different type of materials; but let me tell you this, that mostly, the one that should be the perfect one – particularly for leopard gecko’s species is glass vivarium. Glass vivarium also widely known as glass terrariums; there are variant prices of glass vivariums out there: from the cheap one to the expansive one, everything is available. Ordinarily, the price would be adjust with the glass quality and size. The best advice: if you only keep one gecko, it would be better to pick the smaller vivarium.

The glass vivarium able to keep your leopard geckos stay where they are. Note this: leopard gecko couldn’t climb on glasses, consequently escape is not an option for your pet animal. However, why glass vivarium is more recommended than the wire? Apparently, wire vivarium hold more risk than the glass. First, wire vivarium incapable to hold the heat well, and second, wires are easy to climb, especially for this natural excellent crawler species; impact to the increment of escape percentage.

The Furniture of Habitat

If we talk about the mesmerizing vivarium for leopard geckos, all that captured in our mind is how to decorate the tank look alike leopard gecko’s natural habitat. Moreover, there are varieties of furniture available on pet stores or online stores to decorate inside the vivarium. Well, we all do know that geckos – all geckos – was originated as wild animals. They lived among rocks, bushes, and trees; they like to hide and lurk their surrounding behind those objects.

So, you might have to steal the idea and bring it to your pet new habitat to provide their lovely and favorite activity of hide and seek. Create the unique style of your own miniature wildlife inside vivarium would be very fun and pleasant. Certain things that would support the natural activities of your gecko such as crawl, climb, and move must be add into it. Also, provide furniture that lure your gecko to be active prevent gecko for obese. But, however, these are some of the areas that you could create inside the cage:

  • Water and Food Container: don’t ever forget to put these materials into the cage my friends. These two are crucial matter you cannot forget. The best container for water is a shallow flat bowl which you could replace it daily. Monitor the containers frequently: if you see insects and fecal matter pollute the water, change it immediately. One thing to remember, avoid the using of deep bowl; deep bowl is hard to access and a lot of time, your gecko need to plunge or drown herself to the container for a drink; and it’s dangerous.
  • Basking Area: it’s not only accessory but basking area is one of the need of your beloved gecko. Decorate the basking area with flat stones or woods that have direct access to sunlight. Arrange the level of the materials not to high, so your gecko would easily climb, plus, to prevent the burning skin by the direct contact with the sunlight. One more thing, make sure that the rocks and woods surfaces smooth and didn’t contain any pointed sharp part.
  • The Plants: yes, most fabulous and magnificent furniture to add into the tank in plants. Plants are the material that would buttress the appearance of the vivarium – look gracious and beautiful. All the mesmerizing vivarium contained a lot of plants inside. Pick the plants with low maintain requirements and have beautiful appearance; different species and size of plants. But, first make sure that your leopard geckos are allergic to all those plants.