Is Iguana Expensive Pet? Know which Iguana at which Price

The amazing facts of iguana makes people love this animal. Classified as reptilian, iguana exhibit common extraordinary appearance of reptiles, such as scales of layers, and beautiful colors gradation which, of course bring pleasure to all the exotic animal lovers. Even though a lot safer than other reptiles (snakes, large lizards, etc), still you need to be careful around iguana, especially when you had child. Iguana is not originated as domestic animal, they lived in the wildlife around other wild animals.

Apparently, iguanas was captivated from their natural habitat by people whose end up being raised them as pet. Quite eccentric – I know – but, thanks to those people (which I don’t know whom), now raising iguanas as pet is become common thing to do. Even more, people have raise iguanas for business purpose (trading business). If, coincidentally you are interested to pet this lizard, this time we would talk about some iguanas and the trading prices for different species.

Diverged in variant prices, is iguana expensive pet? Know which iguana at which price would help you choose the perfect on for your pocket and home! Yes, from the cheapest one to the expensive one, every species and types of iguanas are waiting for you to bring them to the new home. But, first, to remind you my beloved friends, keeping iguana as pet need total commitment. You have to be a good owner because just like another pet animal, there are certain diseases that haunted this animal; from skin problems to eyes problems.

Your responsibility is needed. That’s it my short warning to you my friend. So, we would go deeper to the price of iguana and how much it cost to pet an iguana (all the necessities). Without further do, here is: is iguana expensive pet? Know which iguana at which price.

The Consideration Aspects

What is that mean with consideration materials? Well, you need to understand that a lot of time iguana’s prices could be effect some considerable aspects, such as weight, age, and height. In other words, the size of an iguana could affect to the cost. Average iguana commonly would grow around six feet in length and the weight is about 20 to 30 pounds or about 13.5 kg which also depend on the gender. You could see the healthy iguana has these characteristics such as curious and confident. So, if you see those certain behavior on the iguana, it’s mean that it was an healthy one.

Support Equipment

  • License: in some countries you needed legality and license to be an owner of iguana; even more, some states in USA are disallowed this particular animal to keep as a pet, such as New York and Hawaii. So, check to legal requirements in your state because iguana is included into exotic animals. If you just keep them without a license, the authority would give you penalty estimated about $200,000!
  • The tanks or Cages: if you are beginners and decided to purchase a baby iguana, 20 gallon long tank would be enough for your new iguana. But do remember, your iguana would keep bigger time by time. Furthermore, an average young iguana’s size is about 18 inches and it would keep growth. Consequently, it’s better to purchase a big tank, so you would not need to buy a new one when your iguana in its maximum size. The cheapest iguana tank or cage is about $40 exceeding to the price around $1000.

The Types of Species and Prices of Iguanas

There are many species that sold freely on stores or farm. Just like we discussed above, its depend on the size, age, and gender. So, we would give you some of the list of iguanas and the price of them. Just for your information, iguana was diverged estimated about 48 species; and obviously, we would talk about all the 48 species because some of them are keep being a wild animal in the wild-nature. However, we would give you the list of the common iguanas which already keep as pet:

The Green Iguana

The number one of the list of the most common iguana being a pet is green iguana. Yes, green iguana become the most famous iguana among others. Just like its name, green iguana body would dominate by the light-green color with brown and black color in its back. This peculiar species easily found in stores and animal markets.

A lot of green iguana owners claimed that this species was very easily to taken care of, and the most special part is that this species not yet being protect by the legal laws (in Indonesia); so, it’s pretty easy to pet it even without a license. Green iguana market’s price is start from Rp 450.000 to Rp 2.000.000. The smallest one approximately about 30 cm is sell to the number of Rp 250.000. In USA, the market’s price of green iguana is start from $15 to $25.

The Red Iguana

In the second place is the red iguana. The red iguana become one of the most common iguana that raised as pet. Red iguana looks similar with the green iguana, only has the different color; it was split into two main colors: first one is the red flame, and the second one is red flase. The red flame has the brighter reddish color than the red flase most likely to be darker. Some of red iguana also has the green color mixture, which commonly called as green iggy mix red.

The market’s price of red iguana in Indonesia is about Rp 600.000 to Rp 3.000.000; in the USA the red iguana is quite bid in quite high price, it’s start from $400 to $500. Of course, it would save amount of your money if you purchase the little one, Be smart people!

The Blue Iguana

Another different color of iguana but share similar shape like both of others. A lot of people take their interest to this iguana, who would not? This beautiful blue color is displayed all across their bodies. From blue lagoon to the pacific blue become the color variant you could pick.

The price of blue iguana in USA market is about $350, and the anxanthic iguana is about $400 to $500. In Indonesia, the market’s price is about Rp 3.000.000! Yeah, it’s pretty expensive too in Indonesia. But at least, it’s worth it, isn’t it guys?

The Rhino Iguana

The rhino iguana would be the last species we would discuss today. Just like the name, rhino iguana displayed the tough and hard appearance; it also size bigger than other species of iguana. However, don’t judge the book from its cover, people; despite the terrifying out look, rhino iguana is classified as herbivorous species. So, do not be afraid this animal would swallow your finger (well, that is scary imagination).

Furthermore, in USA rhino iguana is available from $250 to $260, and in Indonesia, this animal is sell around Rp 1.000.000 to Rp 3.000.000. Are you interesting to buy one of them, people?