My Iguana have Eyes Problems! Stay Calm, Learn the Problems and Treatment

Welcome back to AnimalLova, folks. Shout out to all reptilian lovers, because today we would talk about my iguana have eyes problems! Stay calm, learn the problems and treatment. Yes, just like our title, we would help all of you to look closer to every common eyes problem and disease that could strike your beloved reptile, iguana. As an owner of animal, that would be frustrating to see our animal suffer, especially because they cannot talk to us and vice versa (obviously).

By the way, iguanas, chameleons, snakes are the common reptilian that permitted to keep as pet; for snakes, of course some of the species, not all of them – especially the venomous and large snakes for the safety reasons. Although all these reptiles are classified as wild animals, does not make some people retreat to take care of Iguana. Although I am scared of reptiles (every reptile), I could understand why some people love this animal. Their attractive color fusion of the skin, the sharp eyes, all the sturdy body structures, and a lot more, enough to make people fall for them.

Despite the amazing facts of iguana, of course, there is disadvantage of keeping iguana as a pet and the advantage of keeping iguana as a pet. Both of materials that would always attach to all animals. Furthermore, as an iguana owner, you must know every single aspect of your iguana, all the necessary they need to keep them in a perfect state of health, eyes included. Do not be nervous, and panic. If you saw any unnatural or unusual things happened to their eyes, take a closer look and observe it first. Do not be rush on conclusion of dangerous disease, especially when you were panic!

However, to give you more understanding to what kind of problem that might had attack your iguana, here is: my iguana have eyes problems! Stay calm, learn the problems and treatment!

The Iguana’s Eyes

Most part of reptilian eyes share similar structures as mammalian, they have vitreous humor, a lens, sclera, retina, and cornea; but, instead having a moving eyelid, all lizards and snakes has this spectacle eyelid which during every shed of event, would shed the top of the layer. Furthermore, mammalians has smooth muscle inside the iris, but reptilians had striated muscle inside their iris; because of this particular designed, examination of the inner eye structures by dilating  the pupil by drugs is quite difficult.

The method that vet would use is almost similar with the birds eyes; with movable eyelid, they could use non-depolarizing relaxant to the reptiles. In some particular cases, the need of curare and injections might be arise. Furthermore, crocodiles, chelonians, and lizards species, has the third eyes, which is commonly known as nictitating. Whit this particular structure, it makes the examination way more difficult, because their eyelid was designed to automatically slides due to protect the eyes. But, don’t worry my friend, there’s eye’s veterinary specialization called ophthalmologist that would help you cure reptile’s eyes diseases.

Common Eyes Problem in Iguana


Not only skin, parasites also could cause eyes problem for your beloved iguana. The mites are usually attack spectacles species. Ordinarily, problem caused by parasites didn’t cause any tearing of swelling symptoms; it would cause some shedding problems. This problem mostly attack a captive wild iguana and other reptiles or the breed of captive ones. However, the mites usually could be found snugged around the eyes area. Mites are hardly killed creatures. But, don’t worry, here are some tips to cleat all the mites form your buddy iguana:

How to get rid of mites: the mites not only attack your reptiles, but also their surround environmental. Actually, there’s a lot of treatment products of mites on stores, but we would give you a simple step so you would not confuse. First, you could kill all of those parasites from the environmental by toxic pesticides (don’t forget to move your iguana in other safe place). Do note this, clearing the environmental with herbal and less toxic chemicals would not effective. So, just blast it (the place) with strong pesticides.

For your iguana, you could deep-bath with diluted Betadine in a warm water: pour down the enough Betadine until the water change tea-like. Wash it gently all over their body, and be careful with the eyes. Dry and put your beloved one in a warm place while the tank is being treat. Contact veterinary for further information would be great. Good luck!

Distended or Swollen Eyes

The swelling eyes in every reptile, basically was associated with the infection inside the eyes itself. It also could happen behind the socket or behind the eyes, the long period of swelling eyes without any treatment would lead your lovely iguana in serious states of condition such as removal of the eyeball (enucleation), retinal detachment, and blindness. In Chameleon, swollen eyes happened because of the infection of eustachian tubes.

The treatment: unfortunately, the swollen eyes only be treatment by professional. You nor other people except the vet could never determine this problem. The only way your iguana get the proper help is to bring him to the vet, especially the reptile vet.

Bloodhound and Droopy Eyes

The bloodhound eyes are dangerous sign of a serious disease, especially in green iguanas; it is a sign of a chronic kidney failure. In other types of species, it also related to other similar pattern of disorders. If you see your most beloved reptiles ever exhibit this kind of symptoms, you must rush them in the vet as soon as possible. There is no other options or choices; because the urgent situation that might happen to your animal.

The symptom doesn’t have to seen in both eyes – right and left. Sometime, it also could appear in one particular side of eyes. Watch your iguana carefully and frequently; monitor their diet, give only the best and healthiest food. No matter what, the most important thing if this symptom ever come up in you iguana is to rush them immediately to the near vet.