Is it Necessary to Give Natural Supplements for Rabbit?

Supplement helps to balance the nutrition that entered to objects . Both human and animal need balanced nutrition to stabilization the works of all body organ system. And, supplement also rebuilding the system immune that already broke or just make it stronger. The nutrition source can be earned from nutrition food but unfortunately not everyone has right food to earn nutrition because of lifestyle. So to keep the nutrition to still balance, the strategy that should be given is consume supplement.

One question that may be appeared on your mind is it necessary to give natural supplement for rabbit when we remind that their food is already high of nutrition? Besides, they aren’t human who usually have unhealthy lifestyle which is logically rabbit don’t need those supplements right? Moreover their supplement is made of natural ingredients, is it become too much for them, isn’t it?

Okay firstly we need to make differences between food and feed supplement to make it clearer. Food is something that must be ate by them as daily and twice per day. This is purposed to fulfill their necessary as life creature which need drink and food normally. And the feed supplement is additional feed such as nutrition like vitamin, mineral, or amino acid. The feed supplement purposed to complete or decrease the nutrition that usually didn’t completely available on their food. So the key of this problem if you ask is it necessary to give natural supplement for rabbit is surely yes, because the main purposed of supplement giving is to make their nutrition become completer.

As we know that supplements here is natural supplement. Almost surely there is no disadvantage effect by this supplement. This is advantage side that you will get if you using natural ingredient than chemical.

Now let’s move on why you need to give it to your rabbit? According to research by Misriadi in 2013 said that these three components is commonly deficit. These three components are:

  • Vitamin. Vitamin is the nutrition component which really sensitive over light, humidity, temperature, and acid and base. The stability of vitamin also depends of the time safe. The facts about unstable vitamin which contained on the rabbit food which make the supplement giving become necessary. The most commonly vitamin that added to supplement is Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K, riboflavin, pantotenat acid, choline, and niacin. The Vitamin C also commonly added inside into rabbit food or drink. As the source of Vitamin A can be used Vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin A acetat, and fish oil. You can used the result of sterol activation inside the plant which planted by ultraviolet light as Vitamin D2 source. For Vitamin D3 source can be used sterol activation inside animal by ultraviolet light like fish oil. And for Vitamin E can used active compound of Vitamin E like dl alpha tocopheryl acetate. And the last for Vitamin K can use MCBC and MPB.
  • The time when you give vitamin also should be managed because their function is really matter. Over vitamin will not give high impact for your rabbit productivity. That’s because the gap dose relatively high and the over vitamin will be throw by body. But for vitamin which soluble in body fat like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K if you give it too much for a long time will broke their liver because these vitamins is safe there. Besides that, over Vitamin D also make calcium deposition problem on their bone.
  • Mineral. Mineral is one small an-organic compound which made the life creature body included animal. This component should be supplied by external because the body can’t produce it. As their growth, there are some kinds of mineral like organic mineral which mineral which combine with another organic compound like amino acid, organic acid or polysacarida.
  • Amino acid. Amino acid is monomer from protein. As single feed ingredient, amino acid isn’t available in nature but available by made. Metionine, licyne, treonine and tripthophan are some amino acids which usually supplementation. Those amino acid is essential which can’t be produced by rabbit own body so that’s why their existed should be supplied from external.

Time table

Giving supplement to your rabbit should be watched the dose. It is not main food that you can give every day but there should be gap that give they absorb the nutrition. Besides, it also used for avoiding over vitamin that may happen to your rabbit. Also, you need to watch right mixing process method once again in order to avoiding too much nutrition.

The benefits

Here are some benefits that your rabbit got by natural supplement giving.

  • Increase the absorb process of protein.
  • Avoided by any deficit vitamin and mineral
  • Avoided by malnutrition that caused by bad food or lack of nutrition on it
  • High appetite so increase their weight and growth in short time
  • Increase the productivity of your rabbit
  • Increase the quality of their meat for you who has rabbit livestock
  • Keep their healthy and survive for stressed and disease

That’s all about natural supplement for rabbit. So the conclusion that we can got is it’s necessary to give natural supplements for rabbit but remember to manage it to avoid over nutrition inside their body. It is good to fulfill their nutrition but if it’s over, it could be make problem as mentioned before like liver and bone problem. So the key of their nutrition necessary is time management of giving it. You must know when you need to give them supplement and when you need to stop to giving it. Remember, the key is balance, not make it over.