How To Make Your Own Rabbit Food?

Food is essential thing which needed by all creature. Human, animals, plants, need food to earn energy to do daily activity. For doing the activity, the only right food isn’t enough, right. We need to eating food which has high nutrition that needed by our body.

Talk about food, rabbit is herbivore which loves to eat some vegetable. The vegetables like carrot, cabbage, and broccoli are their favorite food. Not only vegetable, rabbit also likes some smooth fruit like banana, melon, and papaya.

Nowadays, pet owner loves to be in competition to increase the weight of rabbit. They claimed that rabbit is cuter and healthier is looked by their fluffy body. Here are some steps to make your own rabbit food to make them become fluffy by right way and the matter is health friendly.


Why you have to try to make your own? There are two main reasons:

  • The cheaper price. Making your own rabbit food will be more safe your money because you will get the cheaper price than buying finished food. Rabbit likes vegetable which as we know that the price is lower if we buy it one by one. Even we have to little bit busy by make it by yourself, at least you know what’s your rabbit favorite food by all the foods that you giving. Beside, you will find new experience by make it.
  • The practical side. If your house is really far from pet shop, well make your own rabbit food will be more advantage than have to go far away to buy their food. Besides, not every rabbit loves finished food. They may didn’t like the taste or even the nutrition that contained inside it isn’t balance enough to fulfill their necessary of nutrition. If your rabbit didn’t want to eat it, you have to throw it away, right? That’s actually called wasted. Beside it has more economical point by make your own rabbit food, you can also compare and balancing their nutrition needed.

The Steps

Steps A: Single rabbit food

Single rabbit food is made your own rabbit food by using only one ingredient, for example only using the vegetable or only using fruit. If you want to make this kind of food make sure that you only use one ingredient and don’t mix it between fruit and vegetable. Here is the example of single rabbit food using cabbage:

  1. Choose the fresh cabbage. You can use the withered one but don’t using the rotten.
  2. Wash the cabbage using clean water. Using flowing water is better.
  3. Chop the cabbage. Chop the cabbage into pieces. Make sure the piece isn’t too large so your rabbit can eat it easily.

Steps B: Mixed rabbit food

As the name, mixed rabbit food is made your own rabbit food by combine it with some ingredients. This food usually mixed the main rabbit food and additional food. The kind of food can be mixed between vegetable and fruit. Here is the example of mixed rabbit food using carrot and broccoli:

  1. Choose the fresh carrot and broccoli. Make sure that it is really fresh and not rotten.
  2. Wash the carrot and broccoli on flowing water.
  3. Chop the carrot and broccoli. Watch the dose while you mix it. You better using 1:2 to make little bit wet food finished so one carrot and two broccoli. Don’t add the broccoli stem because it will make bitter tasted finish. You don’t need chop it until smooth, the hard chop is enough.

Steps C: Alternative rabbit food

Alternative rabbit food is made your own rabbit food by using alternative ingredients like livestock food. It is usually using pallet food which actually can you make by yourself. Here the example using combination of mix rabbit food becomes alternative food:

  1. Chose the ingredients. You can use fresh carrot, cabbage, broccoli, and banana.
  2. Wash it all and chop it. You don’t need to chop it smoothly because all the ingredients will be processed on pallet machine.
  3. Add dreg of tofu and put it into pallet machine.
  4. Safe it in dry and cool place.

Some tips

  • Make sure that all ingredients are fresh. The thing that you must watch is the freshness of all ingredients. The more fresh ingredient that you use, the more quality the food that you produced. Also, the nutrition is still guaranteed.
  • Look for rabbit food supplier. Because this is daily necessary, it is matter for you to find rabbit supplier to make you easier for looking the ingredients. Usually food supplier will give you special price if you being their member.
  • Using withered ingredients are allowed but using rotten ingredients are prohibited. Withered ingredients are still tolerance and still good consume even the nutrition is decreased. Different with the rotten one which unrecommended consume and the nutrition is getting lost. If the health food can caused our rabbit sick, so how if we using bad ingredients? Getting worse, right?
  • Testing food. It used for observe your rabbit are they like and want to eat their food or not, and look over their reaction.
  • Small research. It is close similar with testing food but the difference is you look over the ingredient that you could use for next food. It is like experiment, honestly.
  • Washing all ingredients. Before you process it, wash all ingredients are important thing that you couldn’t skip. Washing it in flowing water will help you to remove the bacteria. Using soap is better enough to loss the pesticide.  After washing it all, dry it perfectly to avoided bloated rabbit.
  • Throw away the dry or withered part. As mentioned before you can use the withered ingredient but don’t using the rotten one. To process the withered one, you just need to remove the dry or withered part.
  • Don’t using the half of rotten ingredient. Basically the whole rotten fruit or vegetable is already ‘poisoned’ but still waiting to be really rotten perfectly. So to avoiding your rabbit from poison substance which produced by rotten fruit, you better throw it away.
  • Prepare the food as you needed. To avoiding wasted money, time, energy, and ingredient, you better make a limited food. After that do testing food to observe their reaction over food that you make by yourself. If your rabbit seems like ‘hate’ it or just let it away, you will not too lost when you throw it away.
  • Time management food. If we talk about rabbit food, as we commonly said that the key is how you can manage it. If you pet more than one rabbit, you must feed it together. Give their food three times per day also help them to fulfill their daily energy. Don’t forget to place their food into special container complete with the drink water. You can also rolling their food into A-B-C step for two days once for example.