How to take care of fighting rooster

fighting roosterBeing a farmer is not far like parents. When you have some pets to rise and live together, are not far different like when you have children to raise as well. Sometimes not all the good things run in harmony. An obstacle is something that gets along the way every day. Sometimes is not easy at all to have everything right on track. As a chicken backyard keeper, you will find some event that make you fell obviously confuse in the middle of the way.

Start from the running out of feeding stock, the coop that is deemed too small while you gain more chicken. You will find that is a bit challenging to protect your flock during winter. You will find it is a great experience observing your baby chick grows becomes a young energetic and aggressive rooster thereafter. When all this come probably will emerge some difficulties might cause you looking for any information about to solve any problems. Here are some tips on how to take care of a fighting rooster that will help you minimize the problem when it rises.

7 Actions to take dealing with fighting rooster :

  • Do not run out of food and water

The first things to remember is do not let your flock run out of food and water. This will cause a big problem around. As a living creature, they need to eat to fill them up. When there is nothing to eat so will cause cannibalism for making end meets. Competition will arise in the middle of the community, but feeding less will emerge more problems. So please make sure you never let your company starving, always provide them enough food and let them have an access to grab something around. You will need to pay attention beside a food you prepared for them, let them have naturally forage and peck anything save and good for them. You can spread an eggs shell or just let them peck worm and bugs in the ground to additionally filled them up. This is good for their digestive system though.

  • Considering the volume of the coop

If you have a rooster it is advisable to put him alone in one coop along with about eight to ten hens. This measure is aim to minimize fighting for the girls. Once you set this group in command, do not just let them behind. You need to observe and keep an eye to see any disturbing rooster that will aggressively attack other rooster to take over the group. Do not let this happen. Once this chaos emerge and allowed, you will see the problems arise.

  • Rooster fight because of some reasons

One is triggered by the atmosphere in the coop is too hot. They will naturally will combat and finish the one they think fill the space. They need space to activity of moving or perching. Make sure you have an open window or big hole to provide oxygen enter to breath properly. Too hot temperature inside the coop will trigger an attack from one to another rooster.

  • Provide a dim light or let the coop dark all night

This measure is to provide the rooster calm down and not remove a lot. This measure to give sign it is time to bed. So your boys will sleep better and longer. Less activity inside the coop is lessening the chance of fighting as well.

  • Once you see an inevitable cock fight in your backyard

Let them finish it themselves. You can observe this fight for about three to five minutes. Sometimes it is good action to provide the pecking order. The stronger will become a leader and followed by the surrender. This pattern will stay there which give you time to relax since the possibility of fighting is less. Furthermore this sigh will let them queuing obtain disciplinary action on who will take a lead in pecking order to minimize the crowded during feeding time.

  • If the cock fighting is continuing

After ten minutes fight, you should be careful to stop the fight. You need to observe of the fight will lead you to have a seriously ill boys. You will find their behavior during fight is cruel and aggressive. Next both of them are full of blood and mass of feather and tail. This action from the two roosters will inform you this is fighting to the death. So take an action to separate them. Remove one rooster from the other. Make sure you have protection for your selves. You might need a hard gloves or a goggle to cover your hands and eyes. The aggressive rooster will see you as an enemy while you take his competitor up and go. He might hurt you in anyway, so body protector is essential during this moment. Or you might ask for help from your family member or your neighbor to remove the other rooster and restore the peace in the area. On the other hand if you stand all alone during the time you might need water from the hose or a bucket near you to flood the water into them. This cooling tool will calm them down as well as shock them to stop the fight.

  • Once the tragedy stops

Immediately have one rooster to be observed first. Use your own judgment to prioritize which one is worse than the other. Clean the wound carefully. You can use water to flush the debris or you might soak the rooster in big bucket to clear your vision of the wound. If you have cleaned the scratches, dry it with clean dry tissue or towel. Use the antiseptic powder to provide hygienic wound. Otherwise if you do not have one, ordinary flour is fine too to smooth the hurt. If you find the wound is too serious or the rooster is too weak and looks helpless or you are not able to treat by yourself, go to the vet to get proper treatment as quick as you can.

Sometime cock fighting is very quick and sudden. Even without notice. All you need to do is keep an eye especially when roosters are already has fighting history in the past. This will add more possibility to repeat the unresolved fight.  Hope this tips on how to take care of fighting rooster give another educational insight to you who will need some peace around your backyard roosters and create healthy and happy ones.