Let’s Protect these Top 6 Most Endangered Animals in China

More and more animals nowadays are getting endangered due to several factors: exploitation, habitat destruction, and others. China is one of the countries which experiences many of its animals are getting endangered. It is really sad to see those animals get their endangered status. Also meet these native animals China. What are the endangered animals […]

How to Encounter the Problems of Endangered Mammals

Today, we are facing a problem with endangered animals. The list of the species is going on and on. We know that endangered species is a type or group of organisms that are at risk of becoming extinct. The main reason why the species become endangered are due to the loss of habitat from the […]

Reasons Behind the Sumatran Tiger’s Population Decline

As widely known, Tigers are considered one of the most popular wild animal species. Their brightly tinted furs and beautiful eyes have captured the hearts of many. Unfortunately, this magnificent beast has officially been marked as an endangered species that is at a high risk of extinction. There lies many causes to this, that is […]

Let’s Get Closer with Sea Turtle

Turtle is an animal sea which can find in all oceans in this world. As the scientist research, turtle has been exist since end of Jura’s Era (145-208 million years ago), same like dinosaur. Turtle has a couple of legs as rower which give them power in the water. Even though all his life spends […]

Let’s Get Closer with Bawean Deer

Bawean Deer (Axis kuhlii) is a kind of deer which can found in Pulau Bawean, Middle of Java Sea. Administratively, this land belongs to Gresik, East Java, Indonesia. This species is rare and classifying into critical rare by IUCN. The populations are around 300 tails in wildlife. It lives in small colonies which including female […]