Llama Spit on Your Face? Reasons and How to Avoid it

Llama categorized as a livestock animal; there is no report about llama that lived in the wildlife. However, farming sheep, cows, goats, we heard about it all the time, but how about llama’s farming? Actually, not every country has llama, that the prime reasons perhaps you never heard about llama’s farm. Llama was originated from North America and domesticated in South America; the distribution on the present-days was around Texas, California, Florida, Utah, New Mexico, and Missouri. Consequently, if we are not American or lived in America, we couldn’t see this species.

Same as the other livestock animals, llama’s production included meat and fiber. Not as famous as cow meat, lamb meat and goat meat, Llama’s meat had taken people’s attention in their own ways. The unique tasted and textures became their powerful weapon to win the way on the marketing business. Unlike the majority of livestock which also produce milk (cow, horse, goat and sheep), such as goat milk and cow milk, llama didn’t not produce any kind of dairy milk. However, those two productions already make llama’s business earn many profits and advantages more than you ever think.

Furthermore, there’s certain llama’s behavioral you should get used to; llama was famous with their spit. Furthermore, today’s article would discuss all about llama spitting behavior and how to handle it when coincidentally you’ve got llama’s spit. It’s a bit funny though if we think about it, but there are reasons you need to take it seriously. Every species carried disease, even people. So, here we go: Llama spit on your face? Reasons and how to avoid it!

Llama’s History

About approximate five thousands years ago, llama’s descended guanaco was domesticated in Andean Highlands, Peru. They were reportedly used by Inca civilizations which estimated about a hundred AD to eight-hundreds AD. Llama fuction indeed the same as these present days, for the meat, and fiber productions. Also, llama was included into their cultural traditions such as burials of important person for The Moche people (one of Inca’s tribe).

In Peru those days, llama became the vital pack animals to countries which had zero of pack animals. Each llama estimated could carry about twenty-five to thirty percent from their own weight in destination about five to eight miles. Llama couldn’t be ridden except by children. Until these days, some district still used llama as pack animals.

Llama’s Spit

Why do Llama Spit?

Llama spit for showing to another llama their dominance. Furthermore, when llama spitting over lower juvenile llama is form of hierarchy disciplinary. Like cat, would urinate on some places to show another cats of particular places are their regions. Spit behavioral commonly happened to protect their foods. They would spit to make sure no one is come near their meals. In case of female llama, they also use the spit behavior to shown their opponent gender that they were not interested of their mating persuasion.

Spitting behavioral also work form of self-defenses. When llama under the eyes of predators, they would immediately spit their enemy. The strong spurt of their saliva is sufficient enough to keep the predators out of their ways. Sometime they do kick and charging over their enemy as self-defenses. Furthermore, unless a llama feel threaten by human’s presence, there are no reasons for them to spitting people. They knew as a well-behaved animal around people.

However, llama need to be train as well; because in some cases, unwell raised llama would spit to everyone accept people. When you mistreat llama, they would growth with less-trust on people. Consequently, make them spit to people as well as the self-defense of the past.

Types of Llama’s Spit

Llama spit was classified as three types levels. Each level would have shown the intensity, the distance and power. So, be careful my friends, do not up set this animal or you would get the spit all over your body!

  • Shotgun Spit: this spit is at the best performance during the meal. They would spit everything inside their mouth. However, shotgun spit effect would rapidly disappear because of the little amount of juices inside llama’s stomach. But, be aware if coincidentally they chew the oats; apparently oats has a every strong smell – or in other word, it stings.
  • Green Stunner: the strongest spit llama has ever done. Like its name, this spit color is green; it’s resulted from well-digested green sticky liquid of stomach. They would (with all the power) spit directly into their opponent to make them run as far as possible from them. Well, I’m absolutely sure you would too.
  • Air Spit: the air spit commonly would not spit any liquid to llama’s opponent. It just spurt the air bullet as mass control. All you need to do if llama shoot you with this air spit is turn around and hold it for a moment.

Do understand, that all these spits would not harm or wound you. But, it would absolutely ruin your days! Imagine all those sting and sticky green liquid all over your body? One word, NOPE! Furthermore, llama could spit about ten to fifteen feet long! That’s very long distance!

How to Avoid Llama’s Spit?

Just as I mentioned before, llama would not spit unless they feel scare or threaten. Spit is part of self-defense mechanism. So, as long as you didn’t not scare them, you would absolutely fine. However, still I would give you some guidelines to make sure this animal would not attack you.

Know How to Approach A Llama

Llama has a very sensitive smell, they could sense your scent even from a distance. So if you want to bond with llamas, you need to make sure that you do the proper approach method to them.

  • Slowly get closer to them, but stop at several feet away, and let the llama approach you as the final decision; do they want you close to them or they feel uncomfortable with your presence.
  • Make sure your both arms are by your side. Do not make body gesture that would make you look bigger and scary.
  • Lean forward slowly when the llama put their nose to your mouth. This is the way llama says hello to you. This method used by llama to observe you; what are you, your scent, and what do you eat. They would just do it for seconds then would let you go after you are determined as “safe” presence.
  • Do remember, llamas are vegetarian. So, they would determine everyone who eat meat as predator. Furthermore, make sure that your breath is clean from any meat scent to avoid the llama thinks that you are a predator.
  • The last tips from llama spit on your face? Reasons and how to avoid it; avoid eyes contact as possible.

Know the signs of spit also would help you to duck the attack. Ordinarily the signs included: they would pull their ears against the head – back and flat, they stare at you intents, they raise their chins and make a gurgle sound. Then it’s time for you to go as far as possible from them!