Do You Have to Hate a Rabbit in Your Garden? Here are 2 Kind Things to Do

There are three types of rabbit on this earth: first is rabbit’s breeds to pet at home, rabbit as business purpose, and the wild rabbit. These three types of rabbit is exist surround your environment, or perhaps you’re one of people who coincidentally keep rabbits for particular reasons above. People who love rabbits would keep them as a pet, which is very reasonable; rabbit was one of the most popular pet among animal’s lovers. There is also people who breeding rabbits for industry purpose. Usually, those peoples are the owners of farming rabbit’s business which is raise rabbit for meat or just sell them again.

You could check this article: 2 important differences of pet rabbit and farm rabbit to learn more about the differences between both of them. We already understand the two types of rabbits above, but how about the third one – the wild rabbit? Wild rabbits lived in the wildlife which is sometime have been seen around our neighborhood. Surprisingly, although this “wild animal” is not very dangerous (aggressive) towards people – unless they were scares and feel threaten – a lot of people often hate them. The reasons? Well, as we know the habitual of untamed animal, they look for their own food.

The thing with wild rabbit, they often jump into people’s garden and eat their plants and of course cost destruction around the garden. Their naughty behavior apparently upset people, caused them to react (the garden’s owner) aggressive toward this little creatures. Some owner would put a watch-dog to hunt this creature that try to eat and destroy their garden. We could not blame those people though, but rather than do something rude and harm those naughty rabbits, why we just do another options that would not harm those rabbits?

So, today we would tell you some ideas to handle these naughty creatures to stop roaming your garden. Here is it: do you have to hate a rabbit in your garden? Here are 2 kind things to do!

1. The Repellent

The first method you could use to make sure wild rabbit do not cross your garden is repellent. If you’re afraid of repellent product sold out there contained dangerous substances, good news for you my friends, you could make the homemade repellent by your hands! Here the recipe of easy repellent to prevent the invasion of wild rabbit:


First, you could fill up water into the a container approximate about a gallon measure which is usually need about four  liter of water. Suggested to use warm water, because it helps all other ingredients mix faster than normal temperature water. However, don’t worry though, ordinarily water still could be use.

Dish Soap

The next step is poured out a little amount of dish soap into the water, approximately about fifteen ml. Why use dish soap? Dish soap is not as dangerous and strong as other chemical, so a bit amount of dish soap would not harm the wild rabbits or even your plants. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the ingredient you’ve made would stick to the plants, and this is the function of the dish soap – to stick the repellent ingredient to the plants.

Red Pepper and Hot Sauce

No one is resistant with spicy, including the wild rabbits. You could add the red pepper and hot sauce to the container. Approximately about a spoonful of each ingredient which is about fifteen ml if you use a gallon of four liter. You could adjust al the ingredient based on the size of the container you used. Close the gallon and shake it until all the ingredient mix well.


The other spicy ingredient that would be an effective repellent is garlic. You could add about five crushed garlic to the repellent potion. Close the gallon and leave it under the sunlight to speed up the mixture and textures of the potion.

Move the Repellent

Move the repellent potion into spray bottle. You could adjust the size of the spray bottle with your garden; the larger garden would need a lot amount of repellent. Spray bottle was sell freely, and you could purchase it based on your need (mainly in gardening stores). Make sure that you purchase safety bottle which didn’t used chemical product before. It could harm both of the wild animal or your pet, the plants, even people who coincidentally eat the plants.

Spray the Potion Regularly

The last step is spray the repellent potion regularly, in every early morning. Ordinarily, rabbit’s invasion would happen during the night, so you could start spraying the plants before the sun goes down. When rabbits smell the unpleasant potion and the “bad” taste, they would immediately retreat and stop eating your plants.

Monitor the place which use by rabbit as the entrance, and it is effective to spray the “gate line” to prevent the rabbit enter your garden. This method work like a border line, which in many cases work well and prevent the rabbit entering the garden.

2. Fences

The last method of do you have to hate a rabbit in your garden? Here are 2 kind things to do; is build up the fences. Yes, in very make sense isn’t folks? Why would you waste a time if there is the easiest way to prevent those naughty creatures enter your garden? However, create the chicken fences wires with the hole about  two point five cm for each hole – the smaller hole would block the gate for rabbit to jump in.

Place the fences around the whole garden; bury the fences at least four to six inches deep in the ground (the deeper the better) as prevention in case the rabbits would dig holes as the entrance. The next step is bend the buried fences around ninety degree outward, and leave approximate about two or three feet (above surface) in case you lived close to the jackrabbit.

If you could make some prevention without hurting those wild rabbits which is only try to look for some foods, why not use it? The last thing I check, you could also give them free food! Rabbits are smart animal; if you give them food rather than let them roam your garden, eventually they would look for you whenever they got hungry rather than  roaming along the garden – still, you need some prevention, because they were naughty furry creatures!