How To Find the Differences Between Parrot and Macaw?

Hello there ladies and gentlemen, the respectable pet owner who always want the best for their pets. Today, we are going to give you a guide about birds, especially about parrot and macaw. Who doesn’t know about parrot and macaw? These birds are very popular to have as a pet, they come in great variety, and pretty easy to get. Some people might be having a hard time differentiating between them. So, how we can differentiate these birds? Let us show you how to do it. In the meantime, you might also want to check out our other useful articles here.

Parrot and Macaw are the most favorite bird to have as a pet. They have great variety in color, smart bird to have, cute, adorable, and they can be pretty easy for you to take care of. For bird lovers, Parrot and Macaw are pretty much different. However, for amateur eyes, some people might get confused and can’t differentiate between parrot and macaw. So, how we differentiate between them? Is there any easy way so people can recognize parrot and macaw in one easy looks without confusing any of them?

How To Find the Differences Between Parrot and Macaw? That is actually a very good question. Parrot and Macaw are pretty similar in many ways, like their diets and habits. However, there are many differences you can tell just by looking at them and paying close attention to detail. If you want to buy a pet bird, and you wanted either parrot or macaw but can’t differentiate them? Here are some guidelines on how you can differentiate between parrot and macaw so you won’t get confused in the future.

Way to differentiate between parrot and macaw

First of all, you need to know, that both parrot and macaw belong to one of the biggest bird family, and that is the Psittaciformes. Birds that belong to this order for examples are macaws, cockatoos, parrots, parakeets and many more. Parrot and macaw are the most popular from this order. Both of them have similarities in their hooked beak, zygodactyl claws, and they also have a flexible tongue.

Even though they belong to the same family and order, there are quite differences between parrots and macaws. So, what are the differences between them? And how to differentiate these two lovely birds?

  1. Distribution

If we look at parrots and macaws population distribution in the wild, we can see that they come from a different country, and have different geographical range. Parrots are in general, widely spread. Parrots could be found in the main southern hemisphere. They are found in many different habitats and not limited to one place. Macaws, on the other hand, they are commonly found in a tropical rain forest, from central Mexico to approximately South America. Macaws natural habitats are in woodland areas or tropical rainforests in Mexico and South American country like Brazil and Colombia. Parrots could be found in a widespread area, mostly on the southern hemisphere.

  1. Classification

Both parrots and macaws belong to the same order of Psittaciformes. For those who don’t know about biological classification, that is the grouping of birds that have similar characteristics and classified as one family.  an order of birds that mainly found in warm tropical areas have a colorful feather, mainly eat seeds, nuts, fruits, bugs, and nectar. Parrots actually are a grouping of birds that include macaws, cockatiel, parakeets, and a cockatoo. So, basically, macaws belong to the group of parrots. Macaws are actually parrots but not every macaw is parrots.

  1. Their nesting habits

Parrots in natural habitat live in burrows. They make their nest in closed burrows where it is safe from any predator. Macaws, however, they live in hollows of the tree and sometimes in riverbank holes. Macaws make their nest in a hollowed tree trunk, and they make their nest for their mate. If you are planning on buying pet parrots or macaws, try to make a comfortable nest for them as close as their natural habitats.  Both parrots and macaws have only one mate for their entire life.

  1. Their Diets

Parrots and macaws have pretty much similar diet. They eat mainly of nuts, seeds, and bugs found in the forest. Parrots mostly feed on seeds, fruits, nectar, bugs, and also grains. Macaws actually have larger diets range than parrots. Aside from feeds like seeds, nuts, and insects, macaws could also feed on stems, palm fruit, nectars, flowers, and leaves. However, the most favorite feed for macaws is Brazilian nut which is getting rarer these days. This is also the main reason why macaws are getting rarer and getting near extinction because their main diet which is Brazilian nut is getting rarer.

  1. Their looks

Parrots and macaws have very similar looks. In the eyes of amateur, maybe they can’t differentiate between parrots and macaws. However, If you pay attention, there are many differences you can see. To make sure you don’t mistake parrots for macaws or macaws for parrots, you can see from their appearances closely. In general, they are similar as they have similar beaks and claws. If you look closely there are many differences like parrots have their head covered with a feather, while macaw has barely feather on its face until their base of the beak. Macaws have longer tails than parrots. Their body size is also pretty different. Macaws are generally larger than parrots. Parrots have a wide range of size, from pygmy parrots to larger size parrots.

So, that’s it on How To Find the Differences Between Parrot and Macaw? Before you are planning on buying parrots or macaws as your pet, keep it in mind that most of parrots populations are diminished, and most of the macaw is critically endangered. They have very slow reproduction cycle, their natural habitat is destroyed and that is why some of them are protected by laws. Know what you are buying before deciding on buying parrots or macaws as your pets.