Signs of Male Cat that Have Successfully Mated

If you’re planning to have kittens, then there’s a few steps to need to do, like vaccinating at least one month before mating, taking you cat to the vet two week before mating to get smear microflora, and also to go to the vet ten days before mating for fleas and worms prevetion. 

To make sure that the kittens are born healthy, therefore the age of your female cat should be at least eight months old, and in a healthy and vaccinated state. Knowing the signs of whetrher or not your male cat have mated is important, because as owner you could prepare the chance of having a pregnant cat. If you want to prevent you female cat from being mated by stray male cats, here are the ways to keep stray cats out of your home.

Here are the signs of male cats that have succesfully mated for you to observe:

  • Rolling on the floor

After mating, male cats commonly would roll on the floor and get angry, because the mating process caused pain around the genital’s area. Besides that, male cats rolls on floor to release all the hormones and over-anxiety that he get from the mating process. This rolling usually last for ten minutes, and maybe in some cases more than that.

  • Cleaning their back

The next sign is, male cats in general tries to clean their back or licking their body, especially the parts that touch the female cat’s body. This is done to remove the female cat’s odor that they got from the mating process. Male cats does this so they can mate with another female cats, because female cats would not mate with a male cat that has another female cat’s odor.

  • Lust cycle stopped

Cat’s lust cycle that have mated usually stopped. The lust cycle itself is an impulse to mate that happens to a cat usually occurs every 1 or 2 months with lust period lasting for a week. Male cats that have mated would not shown any lusting signs, and may even attack other female who wants to mate with him.

  • Sleeps more often

After mating, male cats would lose a lot of energy, which make them sleep more to regain energy. This change of sleeping pattern in cats after mating is a common thing, so there is nothing to worry about. Other than that reason, here are some other reasons why you should not disturbed your sleeping cat.

  • Shows defensive behaviors

Cats that have mated usually shows defensive behaviors or is more sensitive towards other cats, whether it’s male or female to protect itself.

  • Increase in appetite

After mating, cats in general would have increased appetite to regain their lost energy in the mating process, especially for a male cat that have mated with more than one female cats. This lost of energy caused the cat to gain a lot more appetite than usual and becomes voracious, and may even be a cause of vomiting because of overfeeding. This could also be a reason that your cat is eating more but acts normal.

  • Becomes more ferocious

In most cats that have approached mating season, they become more playful and spoiled, thus likes to be close at people. But after mating, they usually turns ferocious and not just at other cats, but sometimes at their own owners. This is caused by some reasons which are: 

Not in lust anymore: Male cats that are not lustful anymore would get mad if other female cat tries to mate with him. 

Still in lust: Even after mating, cats sometimes still have the urges to mate, so they usually would be mad at their owners if they are caged or kept indoors when they still want to meet other cats for mating outside.

  • Meows more loudly

Male cats that likes to meows a lot doesn’t only occur before mating, but also after mating because they are still in lust. These loud cats usually would stop when their lust cycle has stopped.

  • Seems nervous

After mating, sometimes cats would feel nervous. This nervousness not just happens while they’re in lust, but also because of the pain caused by the female cat in the mating process. This nervousness usually would dissipated when the pain has resides. If your cat hasn’t mate but already seems nervous, be sure to check for signs that your cat may be sick.

  • Licks the fur excessively

When cats finished mating, the male’s genital usually would swell a litte. This may cause slight discomfort and would make the cat to licking their genital excessively. This swelling may can’t be observed by us, so physical appearance could not be seen.

  • Often dissapeared

Even if the mated cat is a pet, sometimes after mating the cat would dissapeared a lot, because it may be looking for another spot to stand guard.

  • Entering calm state

After mating season, cats would enter the calm state that may lasted from 8 to 10 days, with a sign that the cat is calmer. But mating season and lust cycle would happen again in the next couple of months.

  • Staying away from female cats

If when in lust the male cats would love to be around female cats, this is not again the case if they have finished mating, which would cause them to stay away from female cats. At this state, give time to your cat to be alone because its behavior would be back to normal on itself.

  • Stop wiggling their tail

A sign that cats are ready to mate is that they have curved tail. This behavior could be seen if you pet your male cats within the lower back area, which will make them to lift their butt and moves their tail to one side. This reflex is done so that male cats have easier access to the female cat’s genitals. This is different when a male cat have mated, which would move its tail to cover their butt.

  • Lowered stress

Lustful cats usually experiences stress which they got from trying to find mating partners. This stress could also be gotten from hearing another sound of mating cats while the cat itself has not mated. But after mating, this stress would usually lowers on its own because the urges has been channeled well.

Signs of male cats that have succesfully mated could be seen from their behaviors that are not of the ordinary. When these signs are seen, you as a cat owner should be prepared to check your pet at the vet so you may know the signs of a cat that might give birth. 

And that is all about our article for signs of male cats that have succesfully mated. Be sure to check our other article on understanding your cat’s basic behaviors and symptons of rabies in cats. See you on our next article!