How To Build Your Own Chicken Cages For Your Farm

Chickens have become a popular option for animal breeders within the business, due to their low maintenance and costs. Considering these two benefits, with the additional perk of having a constant high demand in the market, it’s no wonder that breeders give their 100% in maintaining a good farm – which includes the construction of their cages. If you’re considering on joining the business, be sure to read through this article to find out how build your own chicken cages for your farm!

1. Know Your Type

The first step of construction is idealisation. There are multiple types of chicken cages that are fit for different needs, but the common two are:

  • Open Cages: They have wide set gaps that allows natural air to flow in and out through the cage. This type of cages are one of the most common ones found in Indonesia, as they are cost friendly and efficient.
  • Closed Cages: Unlike the other, closed cages do not have wide gaps on their walls for circulation. Instead, they installed high-tech ventilation within their walls to ensure that these chickens are raised well in a sanitary environment. These types of cages are mostly found in high-tech breeding farms in big corporates.

2. The Right Measurements

The next step is to create your measurements. Ideally, a chicken cage should have the height of 2m and the length of 1.8m – though it depends on the size of your chicken. The chicken cage should be built in a tilted fashion that allows your farm to comfortably move around. Additionally, it should also be built in a location that corresponds with the direction where the sun rises to the sun sets: that favours their internal clock to crow during sunrise.

3. Blueprint Your Design

Before the actual construction of the cage, be sure to carefully blue print your chicken cage design as a guide. Your blue print does not have to elaborated, just as long as you understand where the design’s direction is heading and could construct an action plan around it.

4. Construction

The last and final step is the actual construction of the cages. Use the blueprints that you have designed as a guide, and be sure to gather as much needed tools as you can. If you need to, ask for help of your peers to construct your ideal design of the cages. If you start with several separate pieces and assemble them towards the end, you could ensure that every nook and cranny is built carefully and in detail.

So there you go, a simple tutorial from us on how to build your own chicken cages for your farm! Be sure to read through more related articles and do more prior research on how you could construct the perfect cage that’s dependent on your needs. Good luck for your construction, and enjoy every process!