Before You Jump in, Know what Animals are in Swamps

A lot of time, as a kid I frequently thought to try jump into a swamp whenever I passed it. Thankfully, I’m not brave enough to do it. We should understand that swamp is a part of the wildlife and wilderness which for sure become the natural habitat for some species of the wild animals. So, before you jump in, know what animals are in swamps are the wise thing you could do as prevention if something unpredictable happen. We do understand some of those species are scary animals that capable of harm people. The best option if you still decided to jump in is brought some people to assist you – never go by yourself.

So, what is a swamp? Remember, swamp is not a forest whether both of it have the same scenery – it is a forested wetland. Ordinarily swamp formed along with large river because the need of large amount of natural water, but there are also some swamp formed on large lake’s shore. The basic water that filled the swamps are the sea-water, fresh-water, and the brackish. There are two different types of swamps you need to understand. The first one was called swamp forest and the second one was called shrub swamp. Moreover, some places around the world such as Mississippi, Amazon, and Congo being reported owned some of the largest swamps on earth.

Inside the swamps, you could found diversity of plant life such tupelo, and cypress. It also has a dry-land protrusions or commonly would call as hammock, and was covered by aquatic vegetation. The swamps apparently has a bad reputation as unproductive land because there is nothing people could do in this area beside trapping or hunting. However, today article: before you jump in, know what animals are in swamps – would be the place to discuss the diversity of species which shared the same ecosystem and lived in the same “home”.


Beware or being eaten. Same as other wild-places, some untamed animal also roam in the world of swamp. Yes, one of the inhabitant of swamp is the carnivore alligators. Alligator is the giant reptiles whose spent most of their time in the water. This animal normally would choose the side of brackish to the fresh water side of the swamps. Furthermore, two types of alligator that have been recognized was the Chinese and American alligators.

The Chinese alligator normal body size approximately about one point eight meters (six feet). and the American alligators approximately about three point five meters (nine-teen feet) and weight around two hundred seventy kilos (six-hundreds pounds).


Beaver is a semi-aquatic large rodent that owned flattened tail. One fact is, beaver is a professional swimmer. They could swim underwater approximate time about five-teen minutes, and capable of swim around five miles per hour. Beaver was spread in North America, and some countries of Asia and Europe. This animal build their lodge form the mud and stick which for the dome-shape and the entrance underwater.

Apparently if this animal wasn’t sure enough about the depth of the local pond, they would cut some trees to build up a dam as form of the deep pond. The most spectacular thing is that beaver could estimate the depth of their dam – lest less-deep than its requires which on the consequent blocking the entrance of the lodge. However, beavers cut all those trees with their strong teeth.


Precisely. What would you think that this animal is out from the list? As long there are coppice, water, and delicious prey this animal would always be there. Whether it’s venomous snake or regular snake (which still dangerous) was the common inhabitant of swamps (also some other reptiles). There would be many variant of snakes you would meet, so, just make sure you’ll be thoughtful and aware of you surrounding.

Moreover, if you think that only “small” snakes that you would found in the swamp, then I am sorry for drag you from your dream, because you would also meet with the great Anaconda in this place (especially in Amazon). The best advises that I could give to you is take a look all those trees and bushes, commonly snakes loves hangs and hide at those places. Also, do not touch anything before you make sure it is safe and clear (no animals on it).

The Common Snapping Turtle

The nocturnal animal called the common snapping turtle was included in the lists. Furthermore, if turtle widely known as harm-less animal (like the majority of sea turtle and land turtle), unfortunately this is not the case with the common snapping turtle. This species widely known as an aggressive freshwater creature that could be found in canals, ponds, and streams. They were fear-less and no doubt at all to attacked people if it’s needed.

The the largest numbers of proliferation of common snapping turtle was in North America. However, the average life span of common snapping turtle is about thirty to forty years. As the omnivores species, this turtle could it meats and plants, such as: dead animals, frogs, small fish, even snake.


Classified as the crustaceans family, crayfish also called as crawfish, crawdads, and the freshwater lobsters – and yes, they are related to shrimp, crab, and lobster. Reportedly, over five hundred forty species distribute world-wide, and around one hundred fifty species was founded in North America. Furthermore, crayfish lived in ponds, streams, rivers, and swamps, and other habitat contained of freshwater. The majority of crayfish was aquatic species, but there are some species which recognized as semi-aquatic species.

The crayfish is omnivore animal, they eat decay organism, other animals, and plants. Some of the examples of their diet menus are: plankton, worms, snails, insects, other shrimp, and some species of water plants. Being part of the food chains, some animals which become the predators of the crayfish are: perch, eel, chub, (many other fishes), mink, snake, otters, and us – people.