How to Treat Dog Ear Infection Without a Vet


Hello there fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will be happy and healthy always, every day, and more. Hey, have you been checking your dog lately? We mean check out her medical condition? If you did then it is indeed a very kind of you, but if you did not then you must know the dire consequences of ignoring your dog’s health. Yup, your dog might look healthy as a horse, but sometimes the disease is hidden and without proper check, it would be impossible for you to identify it within plain sight. Remember, your dog is not immune to any disease, she’s just a dog after all; so, try to check her healthy regularly.

Speaking of health, sometimes we ignore a signs of disease by simply thinking it was just a bug, or a flea, or something that is not threatening enough; when the disease become dire and deadly, then you will realize how fool and ignorant you are; time could not be reversed and your dog might died because of your ignorance. Do not ignore your dog and pretend your dog is okay.

Writer’s friend has a dog, she was busy at her work or something. She’s rarely asses her dog’s healthy and keep saying that her dog is okay. When writer suggested her to bring the dog to a vet. She refused and said that “I only give home remedies to my dog and give her the best natural medicine for her; I say no to a vet.” Yup, she does not trust about any vet and prefer to take care her dog by herself. At first, writer thought she’s just an ignorant person who let her dog to suffer, but writer was totally wrong; she’s the vet, a vet for her own dog, she’s already known what are the signs of any disorder in dog (And yes, she’s right about her dog was okay) and what to do with it.

One day her dog got an ear infection. The infection really made her dog suffered into unbearable pain. Her dog could not stop from one second to scratch his head. He kept scratching and scratching until his head full of brushes. Not only that, there was this disgusting black was coming out of his ear. If she was ignorance, her dog would probably dead right now as the infection created a great stress and those brushes will indeed make the infection more complicated even worsening than before. Lucky for writer’s friend, she’s able to detect it as soon as possible and treat it naturally without any vet help. Therefore, today animallova would like to give you a simple tip on How to Treat Dog Ear Infection without a Vet. So, check it out!

In order to treat the infection without any vet help, you must able to create the medicine on your own. Don’t worry, most of the ingredients are easy to be obtained. However, you must brace yourself at it will requires your passion, patient, finance, and your focus. So, check it out!

The Ingredients

  • Rubbing Alcohol

The alcohol will serve as the infection killing agents who will have no purpose but to kill every ear infection bacteria until their numbers turn into zero.

  • Boric Acid Powder

The powder would need no prescription; you could freely buy the powder without any consent. Also, you could buy the powder on nearby pharmacy.

  • White Vinegar

Yup, this liquid that usually used as additional on culinary, would provide a support to any other ingredients to kill the infection until it numbers reach zero.

  • Antiseptic/Betadine

Don’t forget about this one. The agent who have been helping you to treat any kind of wounds since you were kid. This agent would simply do it’s role as the healer and exterminator (as it would try so hard to exterminate every bacteria in your dog’s ear)

  • A Bottle with Applicator

Yup, you need to drop all of those mixed ingredients slowly into your dog ear’s hole. The applicator will help you do the work efficiently.


After you got all the ingredients, it is time for you to mix them up together and let them be the saviour for your dog’s ear. Check it out!

  1. Pour 180 ml of alcohol into the bottle
  2. Drop 7.5 ml of boric acid into the bottle, then shake it up
  3. Add 60 ml of white vinegar into the bottle, and shake the bottle again
  4. Lastly, pour 5 ml of betadine into the bottle, and shake to bottle for one last time

After the medicine is ready, then you could start calling your dog or reach her, don’t forget to pet her and let her know that you want to help her, before adding the medicine you must clean up all those black wax from her ear; you could use cotton bud or any absorbent that could absorb all of those wax, next you must drop the medicine slowly into your dog’s ear (Don’t forget to calm and pet her) drop the medicine until you her a swishing sound; be ready to see the rest of the black wax, then clean up the black wax again until it’s all clean. Do this regularly until all of the wax’s totally gone. Congratulation, you have just finished treating your dog’s ear infection without any vet help.

However, we recommend you to, do this treatment regularly at least once a month. The routine will help your dog to be prevented from such infection ever again. Also, the routine will make sure that there will be no more black wax coming out from your dog ever again.

Be warry though, if you think the treatment is not working or if you are afraid, then do not push yourself or blame yourself. Simply, go to the nearest vet as soon as you can and let your dog be healed properly. Sometimes we need professional help you know? Good luck!

*Bark away