What kind of diseases can you get from dog saliva? Here are the answer

A dog is a man best friend. Although a dog is a loyal creature, great pets and can be our cutest lifelong companion, there can be many disease and complication that caused by your pooch. A dog can carry many diseases and harmful pathogen. Many dangerous pathogens thrive inside a dog, and it can be harmful to our dogs, and for us the owner. Like it or not, and conscious or not our dog can carry one or many harmful viruses, pathogen, or bacteria that is contagious and dangerous for anyone around them.

It isn’t our dog fault that they can carry one or some of the harmful pathogen. To make sure that our dog doesn’t harm any people around them, you need to identify if your dog has one of the harmful contagious diseases. Make sure you need to keep your dog hygiene, make sure you take your dog to veterinary to routine check and make sure your dog is healthy, happy and clean.

Dog saliva is one of the most common media for many harmful pathogen and bacteria. There are many kinds of disease that you can get from the dog. You need to be careful as there are many dangerous pathogens that a dog can carry in their saliva. What kind of diseases can you get from dog saliva? Here are the answer!

There are many kinds of diseases transmitted through dog saliva

Bacteria and virus can thrive in anywhere, but one of the thriving environment for them is on the dog body, especially in their saliva. Dog saliva can carry out one or more dangerous pathogen that can potentially harm anyone around them. In a healthy dog, a few bacteria won’t cause any harm, but if the dog has a certain health condition like allergies, and deficiency in the immune system, the pathogen can grow into much more dangerous and becoming hostile for the dog, and for anyone around them.

Some of the dangerous pathogens can turn any tame and cute dog into a rabid and dangerous dog. One of the most notorious diseases transmitted through dog saliva is rabies. There is also another disease that can be transmitted through dog salivae such as Campylobacter infection, Tapeworm, Zoonotic Hookworm, and many more.

In a developing country, these diseases are highly contagious, very dangerous, and can be deadly. In the developing country, where there is a population dense in one very limited space, one infected dog can transmit into many other people, resulting in a disease outbreak that can be very deadly if no one pays attention and take immediate action. To know more about these contagious diseases that spread through dog saliva, we have compiled you with this information that we hope to help you.

1. Rabies

Just like we said earlier, the most infamous and notorious dog disease is rabies. This disease is one of the most deadly neurological diseases that transmitted through infected dog saliva, often through a bite from one infected dog to another dog, or infected dog to human. This disease can prove to be deadly both for human and dog.

Rabies virus can cause a dog to have sudden behavior change, causing them much more aggressive and also progressive paralysis. This disease is quite deadly for any dog and human but proved to be quite simple to be prevented as there is a vaccination for this virus.

The symptoms of human that got bitten by infected animals are, the heavy headache, sometimes followed by bloody diarrhea and vomiting, nausea, infection on the bitten area, ache on the joint area. The best way to cure this contagious disease is to seek out immediate care

2. Bartonella henselae or scratch disease

Bartonella henselae or some people called it a scratch disease, is a disease that can be transmitted via fleas and fleas dropping that carry out through dog’s saliva and sometimes cat scratching. If the contaminated dog lick on the open wound or you are being scratched by contaminated pets, then there are high chances that you will get a scratch disease.

Though quite contagious, this disease isn’t dangerous for our pets, as they aren’t any signs of dangerous symptoms for any infected pets, however, the bacteria seems like to grow on puppies and kitten stage. There are most likely no sign of this bacteria on our pets at all, however, if transmitted to human bodies, it can prove to be quite nuisance disease.

Infection of this bacteria can lead you to severe headache, exhaustion, low appetite, can lead to fever or anemia, and the wound can become swollen and really painful. If you are getting scratched, bitten, or lick on the open wound by your pet, consider to use antibacterial on the wound to prevent any infection.

3. Campylobacter Infection

Campylobacter infection is a pretty notorious disease that caused more than 1 million illness in America only, and more than 2 million throughout the world every year. This disease is transmitted via infected dog or cat lick, contact with infected dog poop and urine, and can also be found on undercooked poultry. This bacteria isn’t really harmful towards human, but if you ignore it, there also a chance that it will develop into a very aggressive and harmful disease that requires you to seek out immediate medical attention.

Some people can recover from this disease at home on their own, but there is also some case where these bacteria become severe and causing the patient to need medical attention at once.

There is some outbreak of Campylobacter infection in the last few years located in the United States. The Campylobacter infection, infect more than 100 people in multi-state, requiring a medical facility to act quickly to find and stop the transmission of this disease.

The people that are infected by this disease will mostly show up the symptoms like anemia, fever, headache, sometimes diarrhea. A dog that is infected by this bacteria actually show no sign at all, but puppies can have a fever and diarrhea if suffer from this bacteria.

Did our article help you? Hopefully, it can help you to be a better and responsible pet owner. What kind of diseases can you get from dog saliva? Here are the answer to that question.