9 Advantages of Keeping Iguana as Pet

There are always challenges to pet unusual pet like reptile animals. People who not prefer with reptile may be has some questions for people who love this unusual kind of animal, such like ‘are they don’t scare with it? Are they bites the owner mostly? Are they didn’t feel disgusting when see the face?’

All those question actually will be answered as normal as when cat lovers pet the cat in their home. They are surely feels so usual when other people choose to avoid this animal. It’s all about our own preferable, that’s no wrong about that. Being different is not a big sin, right?

So what’s makes people pet an iguana in their house? Is it just to fulfill their want or there is another reason behind it? And what’s the advantage of keeping iguana as pet? Let’s go to the explanation. All what’s written below is generally the reason to pet iguana. It is so subjective and can be different with yours.


1. Herbivore

Many people may don’t know that iguana is herbivore. They just eating fruits, flowers, leaves, and grains. They are also can eat some insects but that’s not their mainly food. As we know that those things can we buy in the market. The price is also not much expensive, not like the other animal which is must to feed with special thing. That’s so safe your money a lot. This makes some people pet them at home because it is impossible to attack them. They do can bite you but it is not really bite to eating you. Talk about their food, did you know that they spend their food for long times? That’s because their metabolism process is so slow. So by this fact, you don’t need to eat them up every day right? It surely can safe your money and energy because you don’t need to cut up the food for them. So practical.

2. Loveable

Iguana known well as animal which easy to getting used with people. Unlike another reptile which still bite their owners, iguana relatively easy-calm while together with people moreover their owner. It is yes if iguana also can bite their owner but their bite didn’t really bite to eat them up. Their bite is relatively means to know the owners. It is like ‘curious bite’. They can sleep calmly beside their owner. How cute it is, right?

3. Long lifespan

Iguana can live for 20 years old. Some of them known can live until 29 years old. But still, if we talk about old and lifespan we have to compare it with our treat method. How we treat our pet will determine and will contribute to make your pet living longer. You better avoid them from everything which able to threats them like stressor. As we know animal which takes on the cage and living in our home surely does the re-adaptation process. If they can’t pass the re-adaptation will be appear some trouble. It is also for iguana which since born living with you. Don’t take them into place which makes them stress will help them living peacefully. Beside lifespan, their body also growth really huge. They can one meters length or more. That’s why you need so much big cage beside to facilitating their move, it also used for their growth.

4. No hair

Did you ever imagine if iguana has hair above his head? Hahaha it’s so funny if we imagine it isn’t it? That’s why people put iguana as their pet. For people who allergic with hair or they have some disease that makes them have to avoiding hair, the iguana will be good choice to pet animal with no-hair.

5. Education value

There is much education thing that you can get with just pet an iguana. The knowledge about livestock, temperature, food and many more will you got when you pet an iguana. The historical animal research like dinosaur can you introduce to your kids that iguana is their far family. If you love science, iguana can be your good object research.

6. Appearances

Iguana is a beautiful animal. Their body color is same beautiful as another animal which has feathers like cat, and bird. Iguana has some types with their own special colored. The one which also popular is green iguana. The body is mostly green with some orange touched on some point. Iguana is an exotic animal which include as art animal, not surprise that they choose because their beauty and unique body pattern.

7. Can be train

Not only dog or cat, you can also train iguana. They are smart animal, actually. Iguana can be train to using toilet or use some place to be their toilet. They are also train to do some tricks. You don’t need to worry when they lost because iguana can find the way to back home. Of course you need energy and patient to train them same as you train dog and cat. If you want to train them easily, you better pet them since he was young or still being in egg. It is more effective than you put them while he is adult. It doesn’t mean that the adult can’t train, but beside he didn’t getting used well to you, but the adult one has their own want. Moreover if he enters marriage period or heat. It became harder to train them up.

8. Loves the sun

Iguana needs the sun. They need UVA and UVB light form the sun to help them absorb the nutrition clearly. The UVB light uses to stimulate chemical reaction in iguana’s skin to produce Vitamin D3. This vitamin uses for calcium process inside their blood. This fact, you don’t need to move round the cage. You can put them outside your home to absorb the sunlight. Just place it outside and don’t need to get in, they are no problem with that. That’s all what they need.

9. Economic value

Some iguana farmer tells us their profit when raise iguana. Iguana is rarely animal which used for livestock. But their economic value makes some people raise them. Their cheap food is one of all the reasons why people try this way. As we know that iguana is herbivore animal. Their food is so cheap and easy to find around us. Even treatment for their eggs is little bit complicated, the budget and the profit which you earn is so far different. To solve the ‘eggs treatment problem’, you can do it yourself incubator. The steps is so easy don’t worry about the tools because it still easy to find. You can gain higher profit depend on how beautiful the body pattern of iguana itself. From 25-40 eggs which iguana can produce of their one heat period, there is 1-3 ‘great eggs’ highest quality. The body pattern is beautiful and their colored is so light, also the lips is red like using a lipstick. So if you able and want to gain some profit by using them, be an iguana farmer.