5 Disadvantage of Keeping Iguana As Pet

If we talk between advantage and disadvantage, it will be walk side by side. There is always two thing that opposite each other, positive and negative, good and bad, and black and white. But all those things didn’t mean that we need to avoid it. All we can do is still be careful and minimalize it. The minimalize way we can start is getting used with them. The purpose to keep an animal in our house is makes them to be our friend. The more we are letting them, the more that animal far away with us. If they feel far with us, it will make us harder to train them. They are will more aggressive and uncontrollable.

All animals had their own aggressive side that we are never know when it appeared. If you beginner to pet a reptile like moreover iguana in your home, you need to be careful and considerate the things below to make sure that everything safe when you put them at home. This information below also gives for you who already in veteran level during pet iguana.

Here are some disadvantages or risks of keeping iguana as pet

  • Their bite

The most generally risk being pet an iguana is bite by them. Even they are herbivore which can’t eat meat, they still can bite and their bite is dangerous. The impact bite is different. There is bound and until need to be surgery. There is case which proof that their bite needs to be surgery. A man called Guntur needs to be surgery in his finger after bites by iguana. But you don’t need to worry because their bite habit is depended of their character. Not every iguana will bite you.

They just no getting used yet with you or maybe you unconsciously did something that threat them so they have to do defense thing like bite you. If you pet him since he was young, maybe he has a lot of time to getting used with you so he will not bite you even you do the wrong thing over him. If you already pet since he was young but still bite you, well he maybe on heat period. Heat period popularly cause animal more sensitive. So know your iguana trait will be more effective than just blame them bad animal.

  • Clawed

Clawed by our pet maybe something which usually happened. Every animal which has nail does can be clawed. It uses for defense when they face a threat and uses for climb in the tree. This point can be minimalizing with cut their nails so their clawed is not too hurt our skin. Or if you don’t have any time to do it, before you lift iguana you can use long gloves of long sleeves t-shirt to protect your skin.

  • Disease attack

All life creatures should ever attacked by disease, so does iguana. Iguana has high change to attack by some diseases. Some disease caused by bacteria and virus also move toward iguana. It usually caused infection. Not only cause by hygiene, but it also caused by shedding process which is not perfectly passed. Basically if we talk about skin disease problem in iguana, all their body part has same chance to be attacked, moreover their spike. Their spike mostly attacked by fungal. Their bone also can be attacked of disease. The disease calls osteodystrophy. If your iguana attacked by this disease, their low jaw will swollen and soft. Their foot will be swollen too and they will be low appetite.

Your iguana also chanced to attack by parasite. This parasite is actually deadly disease not only for iguana but all animals among universe. The parasite will attack from the inside of their body such like blood and digestive track. This disease is caused by food factors. Iguana also attack by worm. Worm is not just attack mammal. Lack of vitamin D also caused disease for iguana. Iguana will leg paralyze when they lack of Vitamin D. They can earn Vitamin D by sunlight, that’s why iguana loves the sun. Beside to strong their bone by Vitamin D, the sunlight affected to help iguana absorb the nutrition from their food.

Another deadly disease that can attack iguana is bladder stone. Bladder stone is like blockage in the body of iguana. It causes their tummy bigger and like there is stone inside it. This ‘stone’ will blockage the digestion system. You need to do surgery to remove this ‘stone’. Well, whatever the disease that can attack your iguana, you better keep their cage cleaning and give them some vitamin commonly will help you to decrease this risk. Besides that, you need to do the good step how to take care iguana as suggested by people which more experience. Because if your iguana is already hurt, the treatment repair will spend your money a lot.

  • Need more patients

The patient means here is you need to be careless with whatever people said. Some people may call you weird because you pet a scary animal in your home. You may receive some hate speech of it. But just go ahead. Never think of what people said. Beside, you are also need extra patient and energy to treat iguana moreover when they still not getting used, heat period, and treat their eggs.

That’s three period is the most tired times while you pet iguana. To solve it, you need put yourself to getting used with them. Increase the frequent to play with them will be one of best solution. Don’t forget to looks some information if you are still beginner moreover about period symptom and eggs treatment. Learn about how to train them because basically iguana is an animal which can be trained.

  • Accidently sell

It is mostly happen during the popularity of iguana increased. Many owners which already treat and love their iguana since he was born. They love and treat them so well. But while it getting older and able to show their exotic side, somebody buys them even the owner doesn’t have any purpose to sell it before. It is doesn’t matter for buyer to spend their money only for iguana. It isn’t fair for any iguana’s owner because they will lose their stickiness. Even they can refuse it, their logically will said yes if people want to bid in high nominal for iguana. Still, their stickiness and love for their pet will broke in to pieces when they have to leave each other. By this we can learn that money can’t buy love, dear pet owners.

That’s all the disadvantage of keeping iguana as pet. Those things above can be worst if you don’t care about it. Even if it can be minimalize, but still something that should be come has to come like disease for example. Once again the thing about disadvantage is so subjective. It can be same or far different.