8 Signs of a Loyal Dog that You Should Know

A dog is one of the easiest animals to be trained or educated. This animal is usually known for its intelligence and consideration towards its surroundings. There are a lot of people who take a dog as a pet, especially dog with a good fur breed and you may even find dog owners in your city
Maybe you were also one of them, the dog lovers. How do you know that your dog is loyal to you or their owner? Or maybe a dog who is loyal to their couple.
So, here are some signs of a loyal dog that we are going to talk about in this article. As an owner, definitely you have to know how big your dog love is to you. Because basically dog isn’t so much different compared to a cat which is also easily loyal to its owner or couple when they feel comfortable.
Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to recognize the signs of a very loyal dog. Some dog’s character represents its loyalty towards its owner. Here are some signs that you should know

8 Signs of a Loyal Dog

  1. Different character compare to others
    One of the most dominant signs if a dog is loyal is their difference in character compare to other dogs or animals. These signs are easily recognizable. The behavior that a loyal dog have is they tend to be around their owner.
  2. Close-relationship
    Second, a dog’s behavior that becomes its sign of loyalty is their incomparable close relationship with their owner. Take an example of a cat, they will stay close to their owner wherever they go. Moreover, we were talking about dogs which also intelligent and educated.
    Dog tend to stay in touch with their owner. Because of their loyalty, they keep being obedient and their closeness only happens at certain places. For example, at home maybe a dog tends to always follow the owner’s daily activities and it doesn’t happen outside the house unless it is ordered.
  3. Obey
    Also, there is a dog’s behavior that is not less interesting and shouldn’t be forgotten is that a loyal dog will always obey orders. Of course, it may not happen to every dog, only some of them, obviously. Even there is still a lot of trained dogs that might not be loyal to their owner. A loyal dog will be easier to obey orders, which they always try to do their best to make you stay close and happy with them.
  4. Being Sweet
    Being sweet might be a common thing for a pet, and the same thing also happens to any kind of animal who already feel comfortable with their owner. It means that a dog that is loyal to their couple might have the sign to have a sweet character. Maybe there is a time when you are chilling and your dog comes to lick or tease you. It means that they are trying to be sweet to you.
  5. Willing to be sad
    Sad, sometimes there are some owners who easily get angry at their dog. It could be a sign that your dog is willing to be sad. Maybe you had ever angry at your dog when they made mistakes, and they will remain silent. It’s because a loyal dog will stay silent and listen to you while their eyes are watery.
  6. Wait patiently
    As you see whether it’s in real life or on the movie that you watch on television. There are lots of dogs who are loyal to their owner and we can see that from how they wait for their owner. If the owner goes to someplace (doing regular activities and not so long), or the owner goes to work then the owner’s habits will be easily memorized by the dog. Later, 15 minutes before you go back home, your dog will have been waiting for you
  7. Friendly
    A loyal dog definitely a friendly dog, and it is just undeniable. But it doesn’t mean that a friendly dog is a loyal dog, but the one who is loyal definitely friendly.
  8. Urges to Help
    Another intelligence that dog has is their urge to help others. For example, a police dog who works for the officer, its job is to always help polices and it’s really easy to corporate within tracking people down. Just like your dog at home also said as loyal when they have the urge to help. After you get home from groceries shopping or anywhere, and you have a bag to carry, then they will help you to bring it. We also need to know that not every dog could adapt easily to strangers. If you have been trusted by the dog to be their owner, so don’t ever even once trying to abandon or make them sad. Lucky you if you have a friendly, obedient and loyal dog. Because there will never be a loyal dog who can easily accept their new owner

That’s all 8 signs of a loyal dog that we should know, hopefully, the information can be useful 😉