Natural Remedies for Ear Problems in Cats

Have you ever seen a stray cat with chopped off ear? Indeed, ear problem seems to be very common among cat. This body part is one of the most vulnerable spots to suffer from disorder. Moreover, these disorders can store other diseases that will endanger humans.

What exactly causes ear problem in cats? Here are few of the causes.

Causes of Ear Problems in Cats

Some causes of ear problem in cats are as follow:

  • Mite infestation
  • Mange infection
  • Bacteria infection
  • Skin Abrasion
  • Allergy
  • Tumor

And many more. While veterinarian help is essential, you can also use these natural remedies for ear problems in cat.

Natural Remedies for Ear Problems in Cats

Here are several natural remedies you can try at home.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

The first natural remedies for ear problems in cats you can use is apple cider vinegar. This is a remedy you can easily find at home. Based on apple cider, the substance can help to balance the chemical inside your cat’s ear.

To treat your cat with apple cider vinegar, apply some of it when you clean your cat’s ear using cotton bud. The composition and ph of apple cider vinegar helps to maintain a condition where bacteria does not hang around too easily in your cat’s ears, especially for Persian cats. Do it regularly for better result.

2. Green Tea

Another natural remedies some experts recommend is green tea. Green tea has antioxidant that will help your cat’s ears to regenerate faster, especially after self-mutilation. Moreover, green tea will help to calm infected area around your cat’s ear.

To use green tea as natural remedy to heal ear problem in cats, make a pure green tea liquid just like how you make tea in general. After that, give your cat few drops of green tea in the ear. Do not immediately swab the ear using cotton swab and let the system absorbs nutrient from green tea first. If it is successful, your cat will have better ears than when they got disease. You can also use home remedies to treat cat wounds if it turns out your cat has more serious problem .

3. Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin olive oil is a good natural remedy for a cat with mites infestation. Due to the shape and moisture of cat’s ears, they have become ideal place for mites to grow in it. These mites will cause unpleasant disturbance to your cat and you will need to see signs your cat is sick and need attention. You can see your cat keep scratching its ears. Furthermore, there are some whitish substances in your cat’s ears that are manifestation of mites.

By rubbing olive oil to your cat’s ear, it will help to kill mites living on the surface and outer part of the ears. When using olive oil, apply using clean cloth instead of cotton swab. Rub it gently so you will not hurt your cat.

4. Almond Oil & Vitamin E

Similar to virgin olive oil, almond oil combined with vitamin A is a good combination to get rid of mites on cat’s ear. To get vitamin E, you can buy pure vitamin A supplement. After that, mix vitamin E with almond oil. Almond oil has the ability to kill mites as well as make the skin healthier along with vitamin E.

Aside from some benefits of vitamin E, almond oil is also good to treat inflammatory skin. However, do not overuse them as too moisture ears can also invite other species to manifest within your cat’s ears.

5. Yellow Dock Root

Have similar use with virgin olive oil and almond oil, yellow dock root is also good to get rid of mites. This root is from yellow dock plant that is not common in some areas but natural herbs stores may sell it. To use yellow dock root, extract the substance by boiling it until third of the water left.

After that, apply the substance to your cotton swab before cleaning your cat’s ears with it. Learn ways to remove maggot in kitten if infection gets worse. Clean at least once until three times a day depend on the severity of ear problem. If your cat continue suffer from mites infestation, contact your veterinarian to deal with it.

6. Organic Honey

Organic honey is a good choice to massage your cat’s ears. Not only it helps your cat to relax, but it also help to treat infection and bug infestation. The one that you need to use has to be pure organic honey and not the processed one.

Processed honey has no effect for your cat while organic one still contain the substance needed to treat your cat’s ears. Use the honey to massage the outer part of the ear for about 30 minutes. Repeat this everyday until your cat gets better.

7. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a good choice for inflammatory ears. It will help to cool down thr burning sensation of inflammation and to prevent infection to get worse. To use aloe vera, pick one that is still fresh and apply it to your cat’s ear.

Do not use cotton swab since inflammatory ears are vulnerable to pain even by a single puncture. Instead, just apply ti gently to the canal and outer part of the ear. Make sure there is no allergic reaction from your cat. Repeat this action for a week and see the result.

8. Garlic

Garlic combined with olive oil is a good bacteria killer. Moreover, garlic has good anti inflammation effect that will help to soothe infection in your cat’s ear. To use garlic, peel the skin of the garlic away and cut it into two. After that, wash the garlic without any soap.

Rub gently the garlic onto the outer part of the ear. Notice if your cat start to feel burning sensation. If it feels too much to handle, add olive oil for gentle ointment. Repeat this treatment once a day and see if there is no allergic reaction from your cat.

Treating cat’s ears with natural remedies should be done with enough care. You may also need to know tips on caring sick cats at home for beginners.

Moreover, some disorder need diagnostic first from veterinarian. If your cat starts to show signs of ear problems, take your cat immediately to veterinarian to make sure what kind of disease your cat has.