8 Beneficial Animals to Raise on A Small Farm

There is a lot of beneficial animals to raise on a small farm. For the beginner, a small farm is a suitable business that don’t need an expensive fund. It can be beneficial to run on a small farm, and it also can save more time than raising the animals on a big farm. Beneficial animals to raise on a small farm can be a good thing for the breeder. How To Do Cattle Farming for Beginner is a good choice to read, in order to raise the animal on a small farm.

The beneficial animals to raise on a small farm means that it can makes money faster than other animals that need more fund to raise. Beside the option of the animal that is beneficial, we need to know the ways to do the business so that the small farm can last long. The things you need to know as a breeder are the animals need the healthy food, a good care so that it creates the best product,etc.

If you are a beginner on running a small farm, it is better for you to raise the animals that is easy to raise, the cheap feed, because it can save more money and get more benefit. The beneficial animals to raise on a small farm is recommended for you, especially if you are a beginner. 6 Effective Tips For Beginners On Raising Broiler Chickens also will help you to know more about the good ways to raise the animals. Here are the beneficial animals to raise on a small farm.

1. Rabbit farming

Many people might think that it is hard to raise rabbit. But, if you ever raise the rabbits that has a strong immune system, such as flamish giant, new zealand, and dutsh, you will be happy for the benefit that it makes. Raising the rabbit is really easy, especially if you have enough experience on rasing the rabbits. The result of raising the rabbit as the farm animal is the new born rabbit. Once rabbit deliver the babies, it can reach 6-8 babies with only 30-40 days pregnancy time. It is a benefit, because for each babies, it cost around 30-40 thousands rupiah. 7 Things Your New Rabbit Is Trying To Tell You is helpful for you, because it makes you know more about rabbit.

2. Catfish farming

The catfish farming business is one of the favorite thing to do by many people lately, because it is really easy to take care on, also it needs a small fund. It also needs a small space, because it only need a pond made by tarpaulin, barrel, etc. in 40-50 days, you can enjoy the money from the catfish. Other consideration is that the feed is cheap, because it can use the feed waste without decreasing the nutrient level of the catfish.

3. Red ants egg farming

A lot of people who farm the birds can also make another business opportunity by farming red ants egg, because it is the bird’s favorite food. Red ants egg farming also don’t  need an expensive fund, because you can only use the jar for the its living place. The food also pretty easy to give, not like the other big farming, that need an expensive cost.

4. Cricket Farming

It is the same as red ant egg farming, the cricket farming is also easy to do with a cheap fund. This is also a good business opportunity, because many people raise the birds. Cricket is also one of the favorite food, especially in order to take care of the bird’s voice to make it better. You just need to buy the seed or the cricket egg, and then breed it in a middle sized box.  You don’t need to worry about the food, because it is very easy to find, such as the dry leaves, cassavas, and vegetables. The cricket farming is also recommended if you have a small fund to raise a beneficial animal.

5. Worm farming

You might be confused, why does worm farming beneficial? Because worm is easy to raise and easy to find anywhere. Worm is needed for the food of any type of fish, especially the fish for consumption, such as catfish etc. The worm that can be raised are the lumbricus sp or the earthworm. It is cheap for the place of breeding, and the food for the worm also not expensive. We can use the cattle manure for the worm’s food.

6. Warbler farming

After we talk about the food, now it’s time to talk about the bird. The business opportunity of the warbler-a.k.a song bird, is pretty famous. This is because there are many song bird contests that is hold every month, offering the song bird with the best quality as the contestants. Become the warbler breeder might be the alternative choice, because despite the expensive cost of warbler, the right care also make your bird be a winner, and also open the opportunity to make your bird has the expensive cost. You can choose the lovebird, canary, etc to raise on a small farm.

7. Chicken farming

Breeding the chicken is beneficial to do on a small farm, because it doesn’t need a special treatment and expensive food. By breeding the chicken, we can get both the meat and the egg. The meat and egg consumption are really on going and be one of the favorite for the people. We can also produce the other food, like mayonnaise, etc. 6 Effective Tips For Beginners On Raising Broiler Chickens is good for you to know, in order to do the chicken farming.

8. Duck Farming

Duck is also the alternative animal that is beneficial, which is a favorite animal to raise on a small farm. The runner duck raise on a small farm only need a little fund, but also need the long time to take care, because the duck’s food is a little expensive. The egg produced by the duck can be sold, and it makes the benefit for us.  We can also turn the egg as many food, such as salted egg, etc, so that it will be beneficial for us.

Choose one of the beneficial animal , then keep focusing on that

That is the article about beneficial animals to raise on a small farm.   This is also a good business for a beginner, with the cheap fund and easy way to do. But, if you want to have a better and more income, you should choose one of the animal, and focus on raising the animal you choose. Choose wisely, based on your ability and your farm’s environment. Hope that after you read this beneficial animals to raise on a small farm article, you can get the inspiration and be success on your business. You can read A Guide for beginners to start broiler farming, so that you can know more about the good ways to start your own farm.