Before you Build your Fish Empire, Get Inspired from these Aquarium Designs

Fish point of you, people misunderstood because the measure of their tiny brain they couldn’t recognize you as their owners, but turned out your pet fish remember you! You should be proud and treat your fish better because they do understand you as their feeder and environmental surround them. The thing that you never possibly imagine. This fact should be open up people’s minds that fish is clever as dog in their own world (underwater for sure). Also, the fact that fishes are simpler than other pet and could not disturb your activity should be added as the plus point.

From Betta fish to Spanish dancer fish, variety of fishes available as pet. However, many people do actually love fishes at the first place based on certain reasons. Why not? Do you ever walk in the Aquarium world on the recreation parks? How does those beautiful underwater world did not mesmerize you? From the sharks, rays, dolphins, whales, etc, how this absolute wonderful creatures didn’t struck you heart? How the blue light of massive tank of aquarium shadowed your body, inspired people to create their own underwater world.

If you want of those peoples, you fall in love and strike by the magnificent aquarium with every living creatures that roam inside; before you build your fish empire, get inspired from these aquarium designs. The design would give you tons of ideas how to shape and decor your own aquarium; the things you should put inside to make it look pretty, especially if this is your first time owning aquarium. Furthermore, before you build your own aquarium empire, consider the cost and your finance ability. Do not cross the limit if your budgetary and calculate everything; it’s the most important thing.

However, some of these types of aquariums from the cheapest to the expensive one would become the good balancing comparison that you could choose which one is the most suitable tank to put inside your house. So, here we go: before you build your fish empire, get inspired form these aquarium designs!

1. Common Aquarium

The common aquarium is the most tank you would seen in people’s houses. The square aquarium which place ordinarily in the living room. This eminence of this aquarium is the variety of sizes and prices. You could choose the most suitable aquarium for your house; you could choose the small or medium tank in case your house isn’t too big, and you could choose the large tank if you have enough room in your house. Furthermore, the most important thing is you could purchase tank which is balance with your finance ability.

The final step, to make the aquarium more “alive”. you could design and decorate the tank as you wish. You could put inside rocks, plants, sand, etc to make environment miniature for you fishes. Please, make sure that your fishes are comfortable enough living inside the tank. The ration of supportive ornaments and the tank’s space must in balance; make sure the fishes could swim freely without any limitation of ornaments.

2. A little Eco-system Aquarium

However, what if we only have two little fishes? Common tank would feel to large and expensive for it. Some people ordinarily would choose to keep the fishes inside the bowl (which is I believe many of you already seen it); but, why not create something new rather than a boring bowl? Then you should try a little eco-system aquarium. The material of this tank is absolute easy and cheap.

You could use a transparent jar (to make sure that your fishes could see their surrounding), put a pipe as the oxygen canal, and then just simply put some plant on top of the aquarium as the garnish. However, you could make a little rock-land as the ornament inside the jar. Simple, easy, cheap, but elegant! Are you interesting, my friends?

3. Build-In Aquarium

If you are gifted with some money, what not try to make a build-in aquarium inside your house. Yes, as I said before, it took a lot of money. Build-in aquarium basically was a tank that build-in and planted inside the wall. A wildlife enthusiast named Eli in Haifa Israel had done this in his living room’s wall. Literally, Eli make 3/4 out of the wall as the aquarium. He said he would enjoy the view of his large aquarium in his relax times.

So, why not copy Eli’s idea to be apply on your won house? This could be a very pleasant scenery to watch, and also would be a very wonderful decoration for your living room. About the size, you could arrange and adjust the aquarium as you like; you don’t have to copy Eli tank measurement, just make it in balance ratio with  your wall. However, just like I mentioned before, it took a lot of money; but, hey, it’s worth it, isn’t it?

4. Table Aquarium

Table is one of house furniture which would take a mount of space in your house. It is a little waste of space if we do not use it for another function. Some people do change the bottom of their table as cupboard, but that’s to mainstream. So, why not turn it into another function like aquarium? Yes, folks, you could use your table as a tank! Just like build-in aquarium, this aquarium tank must be make on design because obviously, you couldn’t find it in stores out there.

You could turn the bottom of your table (which is mainly become a waste empty space) as a room for your fishes house. It would be wonderful to see some fishes lives and roam under the table. You could enjoy the view while drink a cup of coffee or tea; not only you, your guest would also love it!

However, this is the end of our article: before you build your fish empire, get inspired from these aquarium designs; just remember my friends, make sure you purchase or build up the aquarium which is suitable with your finance capacity. No matter how much you love underwater world, force yourself into unnecessary thing would only cost you headache. Be wise and everything would be okay!