5 Rarely Known Reasons of Why Cat Loves Fish

Funny behaviors and cute physical appearance were the reasons why cats become one of the most popular pets around the world. As cat owners, surely there are some habits that needs to be studied about cats, which one of them is how cats love to consume fish, which is already commonly known. Here are the explanation for 5 rarely known reasons of why cats loves fish more than anything.

1. Taurine component in Fish

Cats are actually carnivore that could consume any kind of meats. But so far, fish has become their favorite meat. The first reason is because that fish contains taurine. Cats are mammals that can’t produce taurine on their own. This compound’s purposes are to maintain the rhythm of the heart, sight, reproductive system, and digestive system. This compound could be gotten by consuming fish.

2. Habitual reason

The next reason of why cats loves fish is that it has become a habit for cats to eat fish. This habitual reason actually was the original condition that has been known from previous civilization that cats eat fish. Fish is almost irresistible for all cats, but if you find that your cat refuse to eat anything including fish, then you should find out the reasons of why your cat lost its appetite.

3. Human knowledge

Other reason that makes cats love to eat fish is actually not from the cat’s behavior itself, but rather from the knowledge and wisdom of people that always fed cats with fish. People from time to time always associate fish as food for cats, so this actually refers to the previous reason that makes cat to eat fish as a habit. If you’re looking for other alternative for your cat’s food other than fish, try to make your own homemade cat food by checking it on our article!

4. Easy obtainable food

Fish is a type of food that can easily be obtained and commonly consumed by people around the globe. Because it is commonly consumed by humans, cats could easily get fish from around their neighborhood, whether it’s just leftovers or fish specially prepared as food for cats. Speaking cat’s food, if you find that your cat eat more food than usual but is acting normal, you should find out why!

5. Fish’s leftovers

The last reason that make cats loves to eat fish is because of the habits to give fish leftovers to stray cats. Fish is a kind of meat with sometimes a lot of bones in it. These bones make us hard to finish all of the meaty part, hence, we give it to cats so they can enjoy the leftovers. This habit of feeding leftovers eventually makes both the human’s and cat’s psychology to get used to consider fish as food for cats.

And that is all the 5 rarely know reasons of why cats love fish served with the explanation provided for cat owners. In general, cats don’t just like to eat fish, but they also like to consume other type of meats because they are carnivore. These reasons that make cats eat fish often is actually not good, since cats should only consume once or twice fish per week. This is because there are some risks of consuming fish, which are heavy metal contamination and bacteria on raw fish’s body.

Pet cats should avoid consumption of fish, since not just because for health reason, but also fish could sometimes hurt your cats because of the sharp bones of it. Fish that given to cats should always be cooked, whether by steaming or boiling. If you’re looking for another source of vitamins for your cats besides of fish, go read our article on best vitamins and food to give to your cats.

And that’s is all the explanations about 5 rarely known reasons of why cats loves fish! Be sure to check our other article about bathing tips for cats and tips on feeding your kittens. See you on our next article!