3 Ways to Cross Color Breed Cats that Might Worked

Among pets that are commonly domesticated, cats still have numerous lovers, thus making it one of the most popular pets. The attraction that cats have makes them very appealing as pets because of their physical appearances and funny behaviors, and also their sweet and innocence face. Other than that, some people also like the colors […]

6 Ways to Make Laying Hen Cage from Wires that are Strong and Safe

Chicken is one of the livestock that have been consumed this far as one of the source of animal protein that is needed by a lot of people. There are two kinds of chicken that could be farmed, which is the broiler chicken and the laying hen. Even though they’re both chickens, the farming process […]

Signs of Cats that Wants to Play

Cats are smart animal. They can express a variety of emotions like fear, sad, jealousy, or love. Cat owners should know whether or not their cat is happy and want to play or not. Here are signs of cats that wants to play with the explanations provided. Loves to play In general, cat likes to […]

17 Important Signs of Scared Cats

Cats are one of the most favorited pets aside from dogs. But sometimes owners don’t know the signs of some problems in their cat. Just like humans and other animals, cats are also susceptible to fear. The solutions are not that different from dogs. If you noticed that there’s some behaviors that your cat shows […]

13 Signs of Nervous Cat You Should Know

There are some few signs of cats that experience nervousness that we need to know as a cat owner, since because it can answer some of the unanswered questions that about cat’s problem in general. If you noticed that your cat is experiencing nervousness, you should take immediate actions. Here are the signs of nervous […]

Signs of 1 Week Pregnant Cat

Pet cats, as like other mammals, could reach pregnancy state to produce offspring. As a cat owner, you must know the signs that may occur on your pets when they are 1 week pregnant. As in humans, recognizing the 1 week pregnancy on your cat could help you prepare for the coming of the new […]

Signs of Male Cat that Have Successfully Mated

If you’re planning to have kittens, then there’s a few steps to need to do, like vaccinating at least one month before mating, taking you cat to the vet two week before mating to get smear microflora, and also to go to the vet ten days before mating for fleas and worms prevetion.  To make […]

5 Rarely Known Reasons of Why Cat Loves Fish

Funny behaviors and cute physical appearance were the reasons why cats become one of the most popular pets around the world. As cat owners, surely there are some habits that needs to be studied about cats, which one of them is how cats love to consume fish, which is already commonly known. Here are the […]

3 Causes of Sudden Death in Cat That Needs to be Avoided

Cats have become one of the kind of tamed animals that could be easily found on common neighborhood whether as stray or domesticated pets. Cats are still one of the most favorited pet animal because of their cute physical appearance combined with their funny behaviors. Sudden death conditions in cats whether it’s feral or domesticated […]

6 Reasons Why Sleeping Cats Should Not be Disturbed

Cats happens to be one from many animals that becomes our pets mainly because of its physical appearance anWhy Sleeping Cats Should Not be Disturbedd funny behavior. As a cat owner, surely knowing their activities is very needed as part of maintaining and caring for it. Cats behavior that is commonly noticed by their owners […]