8 Reasons A Rabbit Run Away From Home

The rabbits playing around at the backyard. It looks very cute, right. They seem comfortable with the environment. So, what are the reasons a rabbit run away from home? Why he does not like to live around at your home? Below here are the 8 reasons a rabbit run away from home. Let’s checks it out.

1. Lots of sounds

A quiet place is a suite place for a bunny to live and grow. This calm environment is love most by a bunny. So, before you choose them as your pet you should check the several important facts of rabbits before you decide to pet them. Rabbit is the fluffy things that easily frightened. They easily afraid about things that can threat them, the loud sound. Bunny is not like the loud sound, they think that loud sound is the same as an enemy. So, if you don’t want your rabbit to run away from your home. You should turn all of the sounds such as television, radio, computer, and all of the things in low sound.

2. Injured by another animal

Do you have another pet? Well, if you have another animal in your homes such as dogs, cat or snake. You should be aware. Keep this in your mind. Do not let your bunnies alone even they are in outdoors. For more information let’s check on how to find your lost rabbit outdoors. Rabbit is a herbivorous animal, they can be eaten by predators all the time. So, it is absolutely right if their predators in your home, they should be run away from your home. Predators can injure your rabbit, they can bite them, even they can eat all of your rabbits. It is so tragic.

3. Rabbits and children

Next, the rabbits and the children. The children love to play with animals. But sometimes, when the parent does not accompany them and not teach them how to treat them right, it can be a dangerous thing. Why? The rabbit could have such things that make them stressed. The example is, your children holding the rabbit forcefully, pulling the rabbit ear, even pulling the rabbit’s body. These things could make your bunny stressed. While the bunny in stress, they always fear and frightened. If this moments always go by doing, they will run away from your home.

4. Fear about something

Fear and frightened always express by the bunny. It always does because they are herbivorous. They do not only fear lots of high sounds, predator, and children. They fear something that can make they fear such as your bad behavior. Sometimes, as their owner, we can do such a thing that we don’t realize if these things make them afraid. What are they? Take out the bunny forcefully from the cage, rub him hard, even pull out their ear in many times. These things are very forbidden to do on our rabbit. They can be stressful and no times longer he will run away from your home.

5. Always feed them with fermented food

A rabbit really needs full of proteins, fat, and carbohydrates for their health. Well, if you really his good owner. Do not feed them with fermented food, it is really forbidden and it can make your rabbit be unhealthy. They can die with the along times. So, what are the best food that should feed to our rabbit? Fresh vegetables, some nuts, rabbit dry food (pellet) and fresh fruits. Treat your rabbit in once month with their favorite foods. Make a food list for your rabbit, then it could help you to control their food.

6. Dirty cage

It is not even just hamsters do love clean, see on how to clean your hamster cage easily. All animals do love clean, including a rabbit. Keep the rabbit’s cage clean as always. Make a schedule when you will do clean their cage. Do this once or twice a week. It belongs how many rabbits do you have. What will happen if we don’t do clean their cage? The smell of ammonia can make them aggressive. This act can make them run away from your home. Some rabbits can have several diseases that could make them worse. One of them is rabbit get to lose the appetite, so here is common of causes of rabbit losing appetite that you should know.

7. Uncomfortable

Uncomfortable is a common reason that your rabbit will run away from your home. Why the rabbit feel uncomfortable with us? okay, you might see these. First, they feel uncomfortable because you do not love them. You just see your rabbit as an animal, not your friends. If you see them as friends, you will take care of them with much love, right? Second, you are not know how is the behavior of your rabbit. Is your rabbit like you or happy with you? How to notice your rabbit that he loves you so much? You can check on several ways how to make your rabbit love you. This information may help you through. Finally, the size of the cage could make your rabbit uncomfortable. The cage is too small, make your rabbit can’t move well, it is so uncomfortable. There is no ventilation, so they can’t breathe well. This can lead the rabbit to die.

8. Always stay indoors

The final reasons a rabbit run away from home are they didn’t ever to live at outdoors once. While you forget to closed his cage door even your door. They see it, it might they to run away through to the outdoors. Released a bunny at outdoors always make the owners worried, right? Now, is no more. With the proper way, you could release them with no more worried. How? Take your fence gate and placed it on your backyard. Do not let your bunny alone. Keep watching them at their side. Let them play at least one hour. Do these several days in a month. With these, your bunny will become happy and they can’t run away from your home.

Well, hopefully, the above of what are the 8 reasons a rabbit run away from home could help you. These tips taught us about how to be a good owner of them. So, please be nice, love them as much, treat them in a proper way, and be a good owner of them. Take care of them as their friends.