11 Reasons Why Swimming is Good for Dog

A dog not only need a good care of their food and drink, but a pet also love something that make it closer with its owner because some dog is well known as a loyal pet. A dog loves to be pet, having a vacation with its owner, do sport together, and other thing that is related to affection.

This things might be something that you have often hear. There is another activity that most dog will love and already done million times for those who had known the benefits for their dog. Which is swimming. Swimming is a good form of sport and really recommended for any dog.

Not only running which good for dog, but swimming is also recommended. And are you having a pet and wanting to apply this activity with your dog? That is why you need to know what are the benefits of swimming for dog, so that you’ll get to be more interested to do it

Here are 11 reasons why swimming is good for your dog

  • No Injuries

If we are looking for a dog who trained to run like we do, dog could also have a big chance of being injured, because when a dog run, it runs in a solid hard platform such as concrete or a field or on a grass and any other surface. When a dog runs it is trying to hold their body weight which is also happen the same thing to a sportsman such as basketballer, runner, or any other athletes that could cause injuries in their muscle. That thing could also happen to a dog, a dog is more likely to get injured on their feet joints. But if you apply swimming exercise to your dog that won’t likely to happen. Here are 6 Important things you must not do when taking your dog swimming

  • Healthier

Do you know that a dog swimming for 5 minutes equal running for 5 km? Turnout behind an easy-looking sport there are a lot of benefits that your dog can get. By swimming your dog might has a higher points on sports to maintain its physical fitness meanwhile saving time and money.

  • Burn Fats

Every sports is used to burn fats, so as swimming. Burn out fats not only human needs to avoid obesity but dog also needing it, because dog eats a lot of food that contains fats in their daily. Swimming could help your dog to avoid obesity which could lead to other illness.

  • Healthy Lungs

A swimming dog tend to has a healthier lungs because when they’re swimming they’ll get pressure from the water pool, so a dog will automatically breathe with an additional load and inn the end will affect their respiration muscle, it will get healthier and stronger

  • Healthy Heart

Just like the lungs, dog’s heart also will work harder to pump blood circulation to the whole body  when they are swimming, this is also make the dog heart’s muscle become stronger and running or other activities won’t give it significant problem. Here are also 9 Signs to Tell That Your Dog is Happy and Healthy

  • As a Therapy

A dog who suffers sickness or injury such as fall can be treated with swimming therapy, this is called as hydrotherapy. This therapy is done for a dog that has injury in their feet area such as fracture that needs a higher treatment and a good amount of rest

  • Avoid Sickness

A dog that is routinely swimming will be avoided from thigh joints injury which is common among dogs. This thing can make a dog stronger when running or walking or standing and a dog can also do their regular activities comfortably. When sickness already occur here are 5 Homemade Diets to Feed Your Sick Dog

  • Gain More Stamina

Dog can have a better body stamina in a short period of time because just like the writer said before, that 5 minutes swims equal 8 km of running for a dog, that is why they’ll maintain its stamina without doing a heavy sport.

  • Train Muscles

Swimming can make a dog to move their whole body, it can make a dog’s muscle will gain more strength so it definitely can train its strength. A dog will be a lot stronger and less tired.

  • Increase Appetite

Because of swimming, a dog will become more fit and that is also making a dog get excited when it comes to lunch so a dog will get a balance and healthy food consumption.

  • Make Dog Even Smarter

A dog is well known as a smart animal because of its ability to help human more than any other animal have. A dog can be a housekeeper and also a tracker. Swimming helps to smooth out blood circulation in a dog’s body including blood circulation to the brain

You can’t do it immediately, for someone who has a dog and wanting to apply it, you can do it by introducing it first by swimming for 2 minutes on every exercise and increase the duration gradually, if you do it immediately for a long duration it will end up making your dog exhausted.

Don’t do it yourself, it will be better if you involves a dog trainer or a professional who understand what and how to train a dog to swim correctly. Also avoid swimming in any place as at the river, at the ocean, or in a human pools that could bother anybody and cause danger

You have to find a special place for your dog to swim so your dog will be more focus and happier. A dog which you routinely take for a swim will be so happy and will love you because your dog know that you give it the best care for them