Your Dog Suddenly Seems Tired? Here Are 6 Causes

tired-dogYour dog suddenly seems tired, don’t want to play with you, and your dog seems just to want to sleep and lay down on the floor? That means your dog might be lethargic. Lethargy in a dog means sluggishness, dullness or drowsiness that usually you see in your dog. You might think that it is just because of the weather, or your dog just wants to rest a bit. But actually there are many reasons for lethargy and there is even a scientific cause of lethargy you should know about.

Lethargy will cause your dog to lose their playful or cheery energy, and becoming much more sluggish, drowsiness, and they just refuse to do anything such as walking session, eating, or even playing. The normal happy dog should be always happy to get walking and playing session, but if your dog seems lethargy, it will cause your dog to refuse walking session with you.

There is much cause of lethargy, from the weather is too hot or too cold, your dog is too tired after the long walking session, or it can also be the common symptoms that your dog is suffering from certain illness. If your dog seems suddenly tired, and lethargic, you should be worried about your dog’s current condition, and your dog’s health. Do you think your dog suddenly seems tired? Here are 6 causes.

What causing the lethargy, and what should we do to our beloved pooch?

Sudden tiredness, drowsiness or sluggishness can be caused by many things and factors. To determine which factors causing your dog to be lethargic, you will need to examine your dog carefully. Try to see what is wrong with your dog. The cause of lethargy can be many things, but the most common cause for this sudden tiredness are these followings.

1. Infection

Your dog can become lethargy if your dog is getting an infection on their body parts. It can be a bacterial infection, leptospirosis, distemper, parvovirus, kennel cough and many more. Infection is actually pretty dangerous for your dog, as it can cause many more complication, not just the lethargy. Your dog might be lethargy because of the infection.

Lethargy is usually just an early sign of infection. The more the infection spread on your dog’s body, it will cause more harm to your dog, becoming much more lethargic.

To cure an infection, there is much anti-bacterial medicine that can be used. You will need to cure infection quickly to avoid the spreading, and ease the lethargic state of your dog.

2. Food Poisoning

Food poisoning for a dog can cause our dog to become suddenly tired and lethargic. Food poisoning can also cause more harm than lethargic, it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and many more complication our poor pooch can suffer.

If your dog is eating new brands of foods, eating without your supervision, and eating any foods that can cause poisoning in dog’s stomach such as chocolate, garlic or onions, your dog might get food poisoning, causing their stomach to hurt, and make them tired easily, no mood to play, and that is lethargic state.

3. Anemia

Anemia is not very common for every dog, but every dog has a slight chance to suffer from anemia too. Sometimes, anemia in a dog is caused by fleas, parasites, an infection caused by fleas or lice, intestinal parasite, and many more. It is now quite easy to cure anemia in a dog, however, it can make your dog become lethargic, without any mood to play with you, always drowsy, and just want to lay down.

To help anemia and alleviate your dog tiredness caused by it, you can give them high-quality foods, like chicken breast, and bacon. It will help them by giving much energy, while also improving their moods. If you think your dog is suffering anemia for too long, you should contact your approved vets right away, as it can be dangerous for your dog in long terms.

4. Trauma and Pain

Any past trauma can cause your dog to be suddenly tired and doesn’t have any mood to play with you. This is a common occurrence on a newly adopted dog, especially if you adopt stray, feral dog, and some dog shelters. Just like a human being, a dog can also get past traumatic stress disorder, that causes them to enter a lethargic state, losing appetite, losing any moods to play, and afraid with anything.

To help alleviate your dog post-traumatic stress, you should show your dog warmth attention, giving them a warm place, giving every need like foods and water, and try to make your dog comfortable around you.

5. New Medications

Some medicine that you acquire on vets, or buying them separately can also cause your dog to lose their mood for playing, and suddenly getting tired. Some medication like vaccine, oral or anal medication, or even castration can sometimes cause your dog to be suddenly tired and lethargic. It is sometimes a normal side effect of the medication, as inside the dog body requires a lot of energy during their recovery. What we can do, is just let them rest, giving them good quality foods, giving them a warm place, and make sure to give much-needed attention to our good boys.

6. Old ages

Well, if your dog has lived long enough, they will become very old with very little mood for playing, walking, and anything that requires a lot of energy for them. It is perfectly normal for every dog that is old enough to become lethargic from time to time. Let them have their peace in their old days, let your dog sleep, and getting rest, as they can be very tired and sickly at the same time. It is best for your dog to be given much attention and care but don’t push them too much. Any old dogs is always a good boy, now let them enjoy their last days of life with peace.

Now, that is some answers if you are wondering why your dog is suddenly tired. Your dog suddenly seems tired? Here are 6 causes of lethargy in your dog. Hope our article help you and your lovely dog always.