5 Effective Ways to Stop a Dog from Breaking Stuff

Dog is an animal that’s mostly taken as a pet because of its cuteness and because most people believe that is the smartest and the most obedient animal. Although it has a delicate behavior, several dog sometimes could behave badly by destroying things around them. To avoid dog from breaking stuffs, a dog owner need to put a little bit of effort. Here are some ways that a dog owner could do.

Understand the Causes

Before we decide the right way on how to stop a dog from breaking stuff, we need to know what cause the dog to do a thing that a dog owner hate the most. Some causes that make a dog breaking stuff are;

  • Depression, when a dog feel stressed or depressed they will start breaking stuff to express what they feel. So here are 15 Effective Methods to Treat Depression in Dog; Trusted
  • Feeling Lonely, another cause which can make a dog start to break stuff is when they have spent too much time lonely without a someone to play with. Here are How To Train A Dog To Be Home Alone
  • Love the taste and smell of stuffs, some dog normally like a particular stuff because of the taste and smell of that stuff. There are a lot of stuff that attracts a dog, such as wood, slipper, furniture, etc.

Don’t Immediately Blame or Timed-Out

Next step that is need to pay attention and avoided by every dog owner is not to lose temper easily at dog or immediately time-outed the directly without knowing the reason behind their behavior. We need to do this to keep a dog’s feeling so they won’t be get emotional easily and also to teach them not to break thing step by step.

Create a Good Relationship Between Dog and Owner

To make a dog more obedient to what the owner said, then the next step that need to do is creating a better relationship between the dog and the owner it could be by playing fetch with a stick or train a dog to have a certain skill. When playing outside you also need to pay attention on Outdoor Dangers That Will Threat Your Dog While Playing Outside A good relationship also could be reach by showing affection from the dog owner toward the pet.

Create a Safe Environment for Your Dog

Dog that often bite and break stuff around it could also cause by the uncomfortable environment and it makes a dog become quite depressed, bored, bark easily and break things. To handle and avoid the dog’s bad behavior then the owner need to create a comfortable and friendly environment that is full of love for the dog. Often ask them to play and not letting him by itself could be the right step to make a dog feel comfortable.

Get Rid Off Things that Became a Dog’s Target

The last step to stop a dog from breaking stuff is by keeping stuffs away from the dog that can potentially broke also by not giving the dog a plastic toys that could make it wants to break other stuff.

That’s all some information on things you can do from dog to break stuff around it easily that every dog owner need to keep an eye on.