4 Best Comfortable Cages for Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders actually was classified as the wild animals. They were lives freely and blend with the wildlife. But, as you might understand, people’s desire would not be calm even by the wild nature. I mean this “desire” was the urge to keep some animals – although sometime it’s considered as dangerous – as the companions. Yes, it is eccentric, but it is what it is. However, but in sugar glider’s case, it’s quite safety though; because we do understand that sugar glider would not eat you alive.

Although this species is harmless, you must know that sugar glider is included at the list of exotic animals which is (depend on where you live and stay right now) at some countries, continents, and regions, legal permissions are needed. Not only sugar glider, an iguana, a snake, are few of animal’s species which needed legal permission (once more again, it’s depend where you live). So, if you want to keep one of sugar glider, it is a wise move to check local requirement and law about exotic animals – just to make sure that you’re not break any law.

Furthermore, being sugar glider’s owners that mean a lot of homework awaiting you. You must fill yourself with all the nursery and proper necessities to support sugar gilder’s quality of life. Such as foods, what kind of food you do and don’t feed to them; the hot topic surround the internet about is it safe to feed sugar glider with raisins. Also, the nest preparation such pouch for sugar glider, and one of the most important thing: the cage.

For today, we would specialize out topic into the cages. What kind of cage that could the best home for your beloved sugar glider? One thing for sure, the best cage able to provide comfortable, warm, and safety feelling. So, without further, here are 4 best comfortable cages for sugar gliders!

How to Choose A Perfect Sugar Glider’s Cage

The Size

The first matter you should pay attention is the size of the cage. Sugar gliders are social animal, they could get boring or even more – stress, if you let them stay in a small cage. So, the formula is the bigger the better – and of course, it has to adjusted with your financial ability.

Consists of Several Floors

Sugar gliders are used to lived jump between trees, could you imagine if they could not do their favorite routine inside their new home? That is why, providing the similar environment would be an important matter; choose the cage with several floors must become your priority.

Metallic Construction

To make sure the safety and prevent your sugar glider to run away (because sugar glider could be very sneaky), you need to make sure that the cage was made from metallic construction.

4 Comfortable Cages for Sugar Gliders

Furthermore, we are about to give you 4 examples of sugar gliders best cages and review from the people who owned it. These cages could be found in pet stores and online stores, pick one as you like!

1. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Actually, Midwest deluxe critter nation is one of the best cage of sugar gliders on market. This particular cage made based all the requirements that sugar glider needed. First, it has adjustable shelves; this design give you the options to customize the configurations easily. It also equipped with caster wheels on the model which is would help you move it around ti wherever you want.

Moreover, it has two doors that give you full access to the cage during the cleaning and the feeding time. With a large of space and three floors, I am pretty sure that your sugar glider would enjoy living in the new home.

2. Prevue Pet Product

Having the best cage would make your sugar glider’s life full of enjoyment. One of high quality cage for your sugar glider name preveu pet product is made by metallic construction and consists of three floors. Preveu model is friendly, safe, and simple. There are no gaps and pinch point on its metal because of the well-making process.

Actually, preveu is not only design for sugar glider, it also could be a cage of small animals, such as small rabbits, hamsters, small guinea pigs! The cage is design in lightweight and rust resistant which is give you guarantee that this prevue would last for a long time.

3. Prevue Hendryx Flight

Prveu hendryx flight is a large cage with simple design with high quality materials. This cage able to give your sugar glider amount of space they needed which would give them the similar feeling as in their natural habitat. But, one of the difficulty you would encounter is that the process of setting up the shelves.

Because, you have to put the shelves manually in their slots. But, the benefit is that you could adjust the leveling of each floor freely. At the bottom of the cage there is a large pan that could be the storage for your sugar gilder’s support tools. Furthermore, it also has large doors which become the way in and out during maintain of the cage and feeding time. Compare to other models, prevue hendryx flight doors are the most accessible.

4. Yescom Double Deck

The last but not least, is the yescom double deck cage. Yescom has a very stern metallic construction with high quality of materials. Yescom does a great feature powder coating and prevent the rusting with the body. It equipped with the caster wheels that would help during the re-placement of the cage, and then lock the wheels into place you desire – just that easy and anyone able to do it.

Yescom double deck has multiple bench, perches, and ladders as the interiors, that would be the amusement for your beloved sugar glider. With two side of doors as the way in and out, and four feeding bowls place in different spot, you don’t have to worry anymore that your pet would starve!