Ear Infection on Rabbit; Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

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As for today, let’s start with our animal care article shall we? Today’s we are going to talk about rabbit, especially on how to take care of rabbit’s most sensitive part. Amateur people might not know about what is rabbit’s most sensitive and valuable part. The most sensitive and valuable body part for rabbit is their ears. Rabbit have flappy, big, and long ears, however their ears are very sensitive and can suffer lot of diseases and complication. One of the most common problems for pet rabbit is rabbit ear infection. Rabbit ear infection is one problems that can cause lot of other diseases that can harm rabbit. If you want to have rabbit for your pet, then knowing on rabbit ear infection, their symptoms and how to take care of them is essentials. Let’s know more about Ear Infection on Rabbit; Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments you can do yourself at home.

What causing rabbit’s ear infection? How to treat them properly?

Rabbit is one of the most common pet mammals. They are small animals that won’t need much space to live and easier to take care of compared to bigger pet mammals such as cats or dogs. Rabbits are also furry pet that can be very cute and cuddly. This make rabbit one of the most popular pets around the world, however their popularity is still losing to cats and dogs. However taking care of rabbits aren’t as easy as you might think. There are many things to consider such as their cage, their feeds and their rabbit’s ear infection. As for today’s what we are going to talk about is the rabbit’s ear infection.

So, what is rabbit’s ear infection and what are the causes of rabbit’s ear infection?

Rabbit’s ear infection is an inflammation of rabbit’s ears. There are two kinds of ear infection for rabbit, the middle ear infection or Otitis Media and Inward ear infection or Otitis Interna. This rabbit ear infection mostly happens on the ear canals of rabbits. This problems may look just simple and harmless, however if you don’t treat them properly they can result in various problems for your rabbits. The causes of rabbits ear infections are many, however there are some most common cause of it such as:

  • Rabbit Ear Mites Infestation

Mites are one of the most common cause of infection in mammals. Not just rabbits, but also other mammals such as cats, dogs, cows, sheep and many more. Mites are parasitic insect that lives on the fur of mammals or human hair. A parasitic mites feast on the blood of larger animals, that’s why mites infestation can be very annoying. Rabbits ear are prone to mites infestation, and therefore should be dealt with properly.

  • Friction causing external wounds

Rabbit are active animals and you can’t make them stop jumping or be quiet. Active and healthy rabbit will jump around and prancing around anywhere on the lawn. During their happy prancing and jumping, sometimes accident happens and your rabbit might get injury. When your rabbit ears are injured, there can be a chance that it will manifest into rabbit ears infection. External wound need to be taken care of properly, especially if the wound is located in sensitive part like ears.

  • Candida or a fungal yeast that grows in Rabbit

Fungal yeast are problems that many pet animal might get. Fungal yeast mostly grows on warmer humid climate, but there is no denying that there are also chances colder climate can grow fungal yeast too. Fungal yeast or Candida is a mushroom organism that grows on the fur and skin of larger animals like rabbits, cats or dogs. Fungal yeast also grows on the warm place like rabbits ear, promoting ear infections for rabbits. You need to know how to deal with fungal yeast infection if you think that your rabbits have fungal yeast problems on their ears.

Now, What Should We do About Rabbit’s Ear Infection?

Now, we know about what causing rabbit’s ear infection and what should we do If our beloved rabbits are happen to be infected by it? First of all, you need to determine what might causing the problems at the first place. Knowing what causing the problems will help you diagnose the problems and choosing the best options to heal your rabbit’s ear infection. If you are confused on what might causing the ear infection on your rabbit’s try to look at it closely, ask for help from expert people, or you can also ask your vets. Once you pinpoint the problems of your rabbit’s ear, here are some solution you might search for it.

If you try to ask your vets, then the first treatment you should do for ear infection is by using antibiotics to treat any bacterial infection on rabbit’s ear. Your vet will prescribe the antibiotics along with some anti-inflammation for your rabbit’s ear infection. Sometimes, if the ear infection is getting worse, X-rays might be necessary to check up on the spot of infections. To prevent infection in the first time, you should always keep your rabbit’s ear clean and if your rabbit is wounded, make sure you treat its wound with anti bacterial agent. If your rabbit have mites problem, then anti parasite spray and injections might cure its problems. Now you know all about Ear Infection on Rabbit; Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments properly.