8 Signs of Dog with Trauma That is Easily Recognized

A dog is an animal that we often met the most. Even on a daily basis, this animal is pretty familiar. There are quite a lot of people would take care of their beloved pet, and even a lot of people will put a lot of affection to their dog. So, why still there are a lot of people who would treat them badly?

Although there are a lot of people who would take care of a dog by giving them good treatment and care, there is still a lot of people who have the heart to hurt it. What’s even worse is that it is making a dog to have severe trauma. We are going to talk about what are the signs of a dog with trauma.

In general, the definition of trauma is a physical and psychological reaction with causes stress due to an event, incident or experience in the past that happened spontaneously or suddenly, which makes the individual be shocked, scared, unconscious, and a permanent memory. Base on James Drever (1987) said that trauma is every wound, hurt, or shock that happens to an individual physical and psychological health and could cause a serious breakdown.

Types of Trauma

Based on types, trauma is divided into 4

1. Psychology Trauma

Trauma is an effect of an extraordinary event or experience which happens spontaneously to the individual who isn’t able to control a sudden and that could cause permanent damage to an individual mental endurance generally. This type of trauma could attack an individual in a whole

2. Neurosis Trauma

This is the type of trauma that comes from the central nerves damage (brain) of an individual that is caused due to an impact by a hard material or a hit in the head. The implication, an individual will bleed, irritate, etc. The trauma sufferer usually will collapse and unconscious for a while.

3. Psychosis Trauma

A type of trauma in the form of disruption that comes from a physical condition or problem of an individual, such as handicapped, amputated, etc.

4. Diseases Trauma

Trauma Diseases is a psychological illness, this type of trauma is considered by psychologist and medic as a disease that comes from an outside stimulus that the individual is going through spontaneously

Signs of Traumatized Dog

1. Different from usual

Its behavior will change when they are traumatized; you can see these signs easily from any sides and a big question mark will come up. There are a lot of people who thought that the dog was ill which caused it to act not normal

2. Not Friendly

Another sign of trauma is a dog isn’t so friendly. It is really sad to have a traumatized dog. Whether how close you are with your dog, we can’t resist trauma. Dog’s behavior will have a slight change than usual, and we can’t even ask them to play with anymore. All of this happens because of the dog’s psychology condition has been messed up and frail.

3. Remain Silent

A dog that has trauma will spend more time silent, not so playful. This could be a dominant sign and common things that dog will do when they are traumatized

4. Afraid with your close one

When most dogs will stay calm and chill when they see you with your friends or family, on the other hand, a dog with trauma tends to feel scared. Their behavior will have slight changes even to you as an owner. The feeling of worry will show up and make them feel uneasy to other people even though it had seen them before

5. Loss of appetite

Dog’s appetite will start to decrease, it’s just not usual. Maybe to fix their appetite might take a short or long period of time. This only will happen when a dog has severe trauma.

6. Likely to be alone

Dogs with trauma likely to be alone and staying away from their friends or you. Trauma that the dog has could make them uneasy and need their time alone. Trauma could affect dog to be scared with the other dog, and cause them to show an abnormal behavior. If that happen you have to heal the trauma and Ways To Teach Your Fearful Puppy Gain Confidence

7. Daydreaming more often

Not only humans who can daydream, but a dog could also show a sign of daydreaming. When a dog is alone and it doesn’t close its eyes with blank looking.

8. Don’t want to be touched

A dog will not want to be touched, if you are trying to pet them then they’ll stand up and leave

8 Signs above needs to be taken care, it is better to read 3 Ways to Help Your Dog Regain Confidence After Trauma. If there is not a well care for the dog’s trauma it might occur for quite a long time and your dog might get into a certain disease that is also dangerous for human. That is all that we can inform, hopefully, it will be useful.