Beware of these 7 Smallest but Deadliest Animals on Earth

Our world is full of amazing creatures, but it is also full of deadly creatures that are dangerous. Deadly creatures are not always big and huge, even the smallest creature like mosquito can be deadly to humans.

Never underestimate the power of small animals, as they may bring humans to death. Despite their small size, they have some powerful “guns” such as poisonous bite or sting.

There are also smallest animals in the world you need to know. Some of them are dangerous while some others aren’t. Let’s take a closer look at these 7 smallest but deadliest animals on earth!

  • Mosquito

Mosquito may be the smallest animal mentioned here. But, the power is huge! It can kill humans. Mosquito-borne diseases, including yellow fever, dengue fever and malaria account for the death of two million people every year.

Mosquitoes also spread the parasites causing lymphatic filariasis (LF), one of the world’s leading causes of disability. This disease is also called elephantiasis, as it causes swollen limbs to become very big. Read more about diseases transmitted by mosquitos.

All mosquitoes may look the same, however, not all species of mosquitoes are harmful. The most well-known and dangerous species are Anopheles, Aedes and Culex. Aedes aegypti is the single species that spreads LF, Zika dengue, yellow fever and more. Many more mosquitoes do not even consume human’s blood.

  • Poison Dart Frog

Don’t get tricked by the bright color this frog has. Poison dart frog has bright color that looks enchanting, but it can produce enough poison to kill up to 10 humans!

Poison dart frog lives mostly in humid and tropical environment of Central and Latin America. Poison dart frog is also listed as one of the innocent looking animals that are deadly. It may look cute and innocent, but it can bring you to death if you touch it!

Think twice before deciding to touch its back as the batrachotoxin with interfere with the electrical signals in your body. As a result, it will cause arrhythmias, cardiac failure, and even death!

  • Australian Box Jellyfish

This creature is mostly found across the northern half of Australia, particularly in Queensland. The box jellyfish washes up on the shores, specifically after heavy rain and high tide. Once the victim is stung by the jellyfish, it will inject hypodermic-like needles venom from its tentacles. \

The venom will attack the victim’s cardiac and nervous system and it will cause cardiac arrest, paralysis and even death! Some box jellyfish are known to be more dangerous than others, but the Australian ones are famous for being the most lethal.

Also see the other most dangerous animals in Australia and you’ll find the box jellyfish there!

  • Harvester Ant

Another small creature that may kill you is harvester ant. Harvester ants are able to kill humans fast by poison. It only takes a few hundred stings to kill a human.

The stings are compared to 1,500 of honeybees. Once a single harvester ant stings human, then the others will follow as they smell the alarm pheromones in the sting. As a result, death will be really fast!

Despite its deadly sting, harvester ant is known to play an important role in the dynamics of plant community. It acts as a seed dispersal agent or seed predators or both.

  • Deathstalker Scorpion

The deathstalker scorpion is known to be the deadliest species of all scorpions. It accounts for 75 percent of scorpion-related deaths. The poison contains neurotoxins that will be likely to kill children and the elderly. The venoms can be detrimental to humans as they cause pulmonary edema if they are struck.

  • Blue-ringed Octopus

Blue-ringed octopus’s body is only around 5 cm long, but it is equipped with the venom that is 1,000 times more powerful than cyanide. It can even bite you through your wet suit!

Once a human’s bitten, he will get muscle paralysis and respiratory arrest. He will also lose the senses, motor skills and vision. Unfortunately, there’s no known cure yet for the tetrodotoxin, however, when an artificial respiration starts immediately, the victim still can be alive. There’s a good news about this creature: once you don’t bother it, it won’t bother you.

  • Assasin Bugs

Assassin bugs will creep you out as they have two types of venoms. The primary venom will be injected to the prey which will stun them and liquefies its organs.

Then, the assassin bugs will suck everything out through the proboscis. Then, the secondary venom will be used for larger predators. Once it is injected, it will create a great localized pain and result in a patch of dead tissue.