5 Steps To Do When Taming an Iguana

All kind of animal that we bought or catch from outside must be wild. But did you know that the things that called wild are their defense effort? All creature instinct will automatically fight while they are on threated situation.

The fight thing that will be appeared on each animal is different. Some uses claw, bite, tail, poison, or maybe their horn. It’s all depend what’s on their body.

But who is like this bad thing from our pet? Every owner really hates this side. The way if you don’t want to face it is by pet them since he was born. Treat them since it baby will give you more advantage than bought or adopt it. Beside they are can getting used with you easily, also you can know their character very well so you can more sensitive while there is some changing of their trait.

You don’t need to worry if you can’t something above. Now there are some methods to taming your pet, especially if your pet is Iguana. Iguana is wild reptile animal which recently become pet animal. Many people begin to keeping it at home for some reasons. They believe that iguana bring some advantage and also easy to treat.

Of course you need to be patient and need of more energy to taming iguana. It doesn’t mean they didn’t be tame but you just need time longer moreover if you pet an adult one. So now, let’s jump on how to taming and iguana.

taming an iguana

The steps

1. Choose the baby

As mentioned before the easiest way to have a good pet is put them since they was a baby. Iguana baby might not too popular because their exotic color not too explored. Besides, the baby treatment is more complicated and spends a lot of money. That’s the risk which makes why people choose the adult one because their treatment more simple and the color is begin to stand out. But let’s think about the advantages that we earn while choose them since baby? Even the treatment budget more than adult, the stickiness between you and him can’t be replaced with anything. The treatment method is also easier and between you and him don’t need to be re-adaptation.

2. Design cage

Many iguanas can’t survive with their new life at your home and to avoid it, you need to decorate their cage as same as their original wild life. You need a really big cage with some perch inside it and some leaves or plant to makes them feeling like home. Don’t forget to place the cage near with pool. Also, you need to add some land and hiding point space if you feel your iguana is in heat.

3. Know their trait

Iguana will do something if they feel treated. Treated here means if they face someone who never he knows and close before, including you. Iguana will stare at you and straight up their head perfectly. And their tail will move around into left and right. This means that iguana is watching you and put their attention for you. You should know this trait in order you get closer with them.

4. Talk to them

You need to more talk active when you around iguana. The more he hears your voice, the more they know you and getting used by your presence. You can also use green, yellow, or orange to catch their attention. Those colors is similar with their food, they might think you are the food. But don’t worry, iguana is herbivore. They can’t eat meat. It is purely used for catch their attention, not being their bait. Your voice that they are heard while you talk to them makes they can identify you easily. You can guess the next, right? Yes, they will be tame.

5. Touch them

Giving them touch means that you accept their presence. They also assume that you love them much and never hurt them by the touch that you giving. The more soft and lovable touch you can give to them, the more the can feel that their new place is safe and they can getting along with it. The point of touch you must be giving here is how you can transfer ‘feel safe’ for them. The more they feeling that your home is safe place, the more they trust and become tame quickly even the adult one.

If your iguana is already tame, you can let him life inside your home freely without any worried they can eat or broke something.

Some tips

Here are some tips you should do while you are in taming process over Iguana.

  • Throw away your scared

You need to free you scared feeling when you tame iguana because the more often they bite you, the more you getting used with it. Think that that’s the challenge risk which will be fun if you passed it. That would be more motivating you than you think that when they bite, they hurt you. That’s why many people think that pet them since he was baby is more advantage than put the adult. Beside they are easier to be tame, their bite is not as hurt as the adult. But it’s all about your choice. Basically iguana still can be train when they are baby or adult. They have their own special thing.

  • Comfy interaction

To be tame iguana surely you need interaction each other. The interactions you can start with touch and talk. Even they can’t understand what you said, iguana still know you well by identify your voice. They can hear you even you don’t know where are their ears. As same as voice, if we talk about touch you need to do it well. Touch your iguana as soft as you can. Don’t give scary and shocking touch because they can bite you with reflex. Uncomfortable touch and sound will scare them much and increase their stress.

  • Consistent and patient

Do the taming steps above as routine as you can. Do it every day is better than you practice it in one day for long time. The point is routine and don’t forget to balancing between taming train and rest. You still need to give them some rest if you think the process getting monotonous. The stuck will make them more sensitive because they feel so locked and too attend. You need to be patient because the tame process isn’t instant mode. You need to repeat it in much time until you pet understand what’s you mean. As long as you can enjoy the process, you couldn’t feel forced to do that. The result that you looking for is waiting for you. Something big never gain with easy way, isn’t it?

That’s all the steps to do to taming an iguana. The fast and slow process totally depends on you. So that’s why you need to do some evaluation to investigating why your iguana isn’t tame for long time while the steps you did is appropriate. Don’t need to hurry, just enjoy the process.